Jailed Ex-#Atomwaffen Division Leader Needs Some Lord of the Rings – #terror #awd

A so-called charity helping incarcerated white supremacists says John Cameron Denton is looking to get personal letters with LOTR content. The former leader of the supposedly now-defunct Atomwaffen Division (AWD)—the same terror group linked to a string of killings in the U.S.—is currently in prison on federal swatting charges after a nationwide FBI crackdown. He also wants to enjoy some Lord of the Rings during his incarceration. Going by the online alias “Rape,” John Cameron Denton, 26, once led one of America’s scariest neo-Nazi terror groups, but now sits in a Virginia jail cell awaiting trial for carrying out a series of death threats and swatting campaigns targeting journalists, politicians, and members of the Trump administration. Federal prosecutors alleged in one of his first court appearances that Denton even traded child pornography online with another white supremacist. (…) One popular white nationalist blogger, who has been connected to groups like The Base and interviewed its leader, Rinaldo Nazarro (AKA Norman Spear), has written extensively on the “inspiring aryan tale” that is the Lord of the Rings. “Most commenters and bloggers in the white nationalist scene are like the Hobbits,” begins one of his diatribes. Some stereotypical neo-Nazis, in many ways, aren’t dissimilar to what would be described as run of the mill nerds. They spend a frequent amount of time on chat boards, embrace fantasy or occult archetypes, and love to posture about violence. It’s unsurprising that, when faced with a period of time behind bars, they would regress to this position of desperately needing a tap up of Aragorn.

via vice: Jailed Ex-Atomwaffen Division Leader Needs Some Lord of the Rings