Boise man with alleged neo-Nazi ties, now facing gun charges, sought Idaho prison jobs – #terror #awd #atomwaffendivision

Before a Boise man was arrested in October for alleged gun crimes and was accused of trying to organize a “modern-day SS” on a neo-Nazi message board, he applied and interviewed for taxpayer-funded jobs at Idaho prisons. That same man, 35-year-old Paul Kryscuk, said in Instagram messages made public in court filings that he also applied to become a Boise firefighter and prepared to take a Boise Fire Department exam less than two weeks before his arrest. Kryscuk — who moved to Idaho in February 2020 — was arrested and later charged in federal court in North Carolina on multiple counts of conspiring to manufacture and ship firearms without a license. Three other men were charged in connection with the alleged conspiracy to manufacture and ship guns: Liam Collins, Jordan Duncan and Justin Hermanson. (…) At around the time of Kryscuk’s applications, he, Duncan and two other people met in the Boise area for live-fire weapons training outside of the city, according to prosecutors. During the training, the group made a video while shooting assault-style rifles, and at the end of that video, the four are seen giving a “Heil Hitler” sign and are wearing skull masks associated with the Atomwaffen Division, a terrorist neo-Nazi organization that is connected to multiple killings in the United States, federal authorities say. (…) In the Instagram messaging logs made public by prosecutors, Kryscuk and Duncan frequently used racial slurs and glorified violence, at one point discussing the shooting during protests and unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that left two people dead and one wounded, allegedly at the hands of 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. Kryscuk and Duncan also discussed the group of men who planned to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat who tried to put measures in place to curb the coronavirus pandemic and received the ire of right-wing groups. The two said that if the group had been more secretive, members “could’ve done it.” The group in Michigan is accused of watching Whitmer’s vacation home and purchasing explosives in the hopes of destroying a bridge that would hamper a police response, according to federal charging documents. The group planned to kidnap the governor, destroy the bridge and escape in a boat, federal prosecutors say.

via idahostatesman: Boise man with alleged neo-Nazi ties, now facing gun charges, sought Idaho prison jobs

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