Alt-Right Figure #BakedAlaska Broke Terms of His Release To Go To #Washington DC. #Scottsdale #Prosecutors Now Want To Throw Him in #Jail. – #capitol

There were a number of faceless white supremacists at last week’s rally in Washington DC. There were also a number of figures who have become infamous on the internet thanks to their antics. One of those figures is Anthime Joseph Gionet, who also goes by Baked Alaska. Gionet was arrested in Arizona back in for macing a bouncer who threw him out of a bar for refusing to wear a mask. The alt-righter was released on the condition that he would not leave the state. With video of Baked Alaska at the Capitol now emerging, prosecutors are claiming that he has violated the terms of his release and should be thrown in jail.

via hillreporter: Alt-Right Figure Baked Alaska Broke Terms of His Release To Go To Washington DC. Scottsdale Prosecutors Now Want To Throw Him in Jail.

siehe auch: Scottsdale Prosecutors Seek to Revoke Baked Alaska’s Release Due to Capitol Livestream. Scottsdale prosecutors are seeking to revoke the pre-trial release of an alt-right livestreamer after he posted a video of himself at last week’s U.S. Capitol riot. Anthime Joseph Gionet, a former BuzzFeed employee also known as Baked Alaska, is known for his livestreamed videos in which he has marched with white supremacists at Charlottesville and hung out with neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin. Most recently, Gionet broadcast video of himself in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s office during the deadly insurrection that sought to overturn the results of the presidential election by storming the U.S. Capitol. The widely reported video shows Gionet mingling with the rioters and posing with a phone in Pelosi’s office before eventually being ejected by riot police. One problem for Gionet: he is currently facing charges that he maced a bouncer who kicked him out of Giligin’s Bar And Shrimp Hut in Scottsdale last month. The incident, also caught on a livestream by one of his associates, led to him spending the night in jail and catching misdemeanor charges of assault, disorderly conduct, and criminal trespassing.

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