Ex-#Misfits Singer #MichaleGraves Is a Potential Witness in a #Capitol Insurrection Case After Joining the #ProudBoys


Former Misfits singer Michale Graves is a potential witness in a possible Capitol insurrection trial after joining the Proud Boys last year. According to Reuters, Graves (real name Michael Emanuel) was in Washington, D.C. on January 6th — the day of the riot — to play a private concert organized by a group called “Latinos for Trump” on the request of a fellow Proud Boys member. Graves told Reuters that he didn’t think the Proud Boys were capable of participating in the attack that left five people dead, including a D.C. police officer.
“These guys have a hard time getting an order together for McDonalds,” Graves said of the Proud Boys in the new interview. One of the defendants charged with the insurrection conspiracy and prominent Proud Boy member Ethan “Rufio” Nordean said in a court filing via lawyers on Monday that he had planned to hold a “carefree music party” on January 6th that would have featured Graves. That’s where Graves comes in. Nordean’s lawyers are using the planned party — which never occurred — as defense, stating that the event was scheduled for the same time as the Capitol riot, thus contradicting any pre-meditated conspiracy to “topple the government.” Graves allegedly was supposed to be playing the private party when the Capitol building was stormed by Trump supporters. .

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