#Trump supporter who downplayed the #pandemic and shared anti-vax statements dies of #COVID19

A California woman is begging people to get vaccinated after losing her husband to COVID-19, KCRA reports. According to Mia Vinnard, she and her husband Brad were hesitant to get vaccinated, but now it’s too late. They were married for 12 years. Brad tested positive for COVID in late June and died after battling the virus for two weeks in an intensive care unit. “It all happened so fast,” Mia said. “I wish we would have gotten vaccinated. I mean one simple shot could’ve prevented all of this.” Mia also tested positive for COVID, but she was never hospitalized. “It’s nothing like the flu,” Mia said. “When people say that … it was nothing like the flu.” Brad had a history of sharing anti-vaxxer sentiments on Facebook, calling the COVID vaccine “experimental” and claiming that he stopped getting the flu once he stopped taking the flu vaccine.

via rawstory: Trump supporter who downplayed the pandemic and shared anti-vax statements dies of COVID-19

siehe auch: ‘We waited too long’: Sacramento woman urges others to get vaccinated after losing husband. Vaccine hesitancy, according to public health experts, remains one of the biggest challenges in stopping the continued spread of COVID-19. That’s why a Sacramento woman is sharing about the devastating loss of her husband. She said the two “weren’t sure” about getting the COVID-19 vaccination until it was too late. Mia and Brad Vinnard were together for 12 years, married for nine. (…) Brad tested positive for COVID-19 at the end of June. He died after spending two weeks battling the virus in an intensive care unit. “It all happened so fast,” Mia explained. “I wish we would have gotten vaccinated. I mean one simple shot could’ve prevented all of this.” After starting to get sick June 28, Brad struggled at home for a couple days. He tested his oxygen levels with a home oxygen meter. That’s when he realized his condition was worsening. “He was on the phone with the nurse and she said, ‘Are you reading that correctly?’ and he said, ‘Yeah,'” Mia recounted. “She [the nurse] said, ‘You need to get to the emergency room immediately!'” (…) On July 11, six days before his death, Brad shared his final message to friends on his Facebook page. “His last post was, ‘Please go get vaccinated …. This is nothing nice,'” Mia explained. “That was his last post.” Now, Mia is determined to do her part, trying to protect others, by sharing his story. She said it’s what Brad would have wanted her to do. “If I can save one life for Brad then, you know, it doesn’t have to be in vain,” said Mia. “It’s not gonna go away until everybody’s vaccinated.”

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