Alleged right-wing extremist charged over #blueprint to #3Dprint a #gun – #terror

Counter-terrorism police have arrested an alleged right-wing extremist accused of possessing a blueprint to 3D-print a gun and making “significant preparations” to manufacture a firearm. Mitchell Priest, 26, from Orange, has been charged over the digital blueprint – banned by NSW firearm laws – which was allegedly found on his phone after police raided his home on Friday. Police say Mr Priest had also been importing legal items to be used for manufacturing weapons over 14 months. The investigation into his activities began less than two weeks ago when the Australian Border Force intercepted a package destined for Orange and containing a firearm component. Further investigation by the NSW joint counter-terrorism (JCTT) team identified the man listed as the addressee for the package as a right-wing extremist, police said in a statement.

via shm: Alleged right-wing extremist charged over blueprint to 3D-print a gun

siehe auch: Supporter of ‘ideologically motivated violent extremism’ charged with firearms offence. The man was arrested outside a popular park in Orange on September 10. A man has been charged with a firearms offence after a counterterrorism raid in the New South Wales central west. (…) The investigation to find him began two weeks ago after Border Force officials intercepted a package with a firearm component addressed to a location in Orange. The JCTT said the man had been identified as a supporter of “ideologically motivated violent extremism”. A Nazi flag can be seen hanging on the wall of a bedroom in vision released by the JCTT.

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