Oath Keepers Founder Likens Feds to Nazis in New Jailhouse Rant

Militia leader Stewart Rhodes decries Jan. 6 prosecutions as “a war” against Trump and the MAGA movement, while lashing out at the Oath Keepers who turned on him. Stewart Rhodes is comparing the U.S. Justice Department to Nazis, and denouncing the prosecution of Jan. 6 defendants as “a war against the entire MAGA movement,” an offensive he claims seeks to render Donald Trump ineligible for a 2024 presidential bid. The Oath Keepers founder spoke out in a recorded rant from the Virginia jail where he’s locked up pending trial on charges he spearheaded a seditious conspiracy to prevent the peaceful transfer of presidential power from Trump to Joe Biden by force. The two-minute, seventeen-second audio was published Thursday by the far-right politics blog Gateway Pundit. Rhodes insists that the charges leveled against Oath Keepers and the other Jan. 6 defendants are part of a nefarious plot. “This is about the bad guys targeting President Trump and trying to take him down,” he says. “They’re trying to build a case against him, to indict him and to put him in prison and if nothing else, prevent him from being able to run again in 2024.” Rhodes likens the prosecutions of Jan. 6 defendants by the Justice Department to the actions of the Nazis used to consolidate power in the 1930s. “They’re using January 6th as the Reichstag fire to justify oppression of the MAGA movement,” Rhodes says. In 1933 an arsonist burned down the German parliament building, or Reichstag. Adolph Hitler’s party used the fire to justify a sweeping decree that suspended constitutional rights of speech and assembly, giving rise to the Nazi dictatorship.

via rolling stone: Oath Keepers Founder Likens Feds to Nazis in New Jailhouse Rant

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