Alleged Queens #pedophile #Nazi #Satanist arraigned on #childpornography, #weapons charges – #LockHimUp #terror #ONA #O9A

A 22-year-old Queens man was arraigned on Wednesday for possessing child pornography, trying to have sex with children and weapons charges, according to the DOJ. The FBI received tips in September 2021 that Almeida was posting depictions of violence against children, animal killings and endorsements of pedophilia on social media alongside symbols associated with the Order of Nine Angels, a satanic Neo-Nazi organization. Prosecutors described ONA as a “worldwide Satanist belief-based group which embraces elements of Neo-Nazism and white supremacy” and said members have “participated in acts of violence, including murders.” Almeida posted an image of a cat with a stab wound, a bound and gagged child and himself holding guns among other disturbing images on his now-defunct Instagram account, according to officials. The username for his account was “necropedocel” — a portmanteau of necrophilia, pedophilia and celibacy. Combining words in this way is a common practice among incels — involuntary celibates — who use the invented names to describe the reasons why sex is unavailable to them. In this instance, for example, the name “necropedocel” would imply that Almeida is involuntarily celibate because he is a necrophile and a pedophile. Law enforcement executed a search warrant at Almeida’s Queens apartment on Nov. 23, 2021. They found child pornography on multiple cell phones and guns matching the ones he posted online, according to authorities. It was illegal for Almeida to own a gun due to a 2019 felony conviction for a burglary in Florida. Starting in February 2020, Almeida allegedly enticed two minors to have sex with him and produce sexually explicit videos.

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