Boise man with alleged neo-Nazi ties, now facing gun charges, sought Idaho prison jobs – #terror #awd #atomwaffendivision

Before a Boise man was arrested in October for alleged gun crimes and was accused of trying to organize a “modern-day SS” on a neo-Nazi message board, he applied and interviewed for taxpayer-funded jobs at Idaho prisons. That same man, 35-year-old Paul Kryscuk, said in Instagram messages made public in court filings that he also … Read more

‘Lights Out’: Neo-Nazi plot to disable power grid allegedly included attacking sub-station in #Colorado – #terror #atomwaffendivision #awd

Xcel Energy has acknowledged to 11 News sister station CBS4 that it is aware of an alleged plot to disable the nation’s power grid, which included a possible attack on an El Paso County substation. The FBI is investigating a neo-Nazi group that is believed to have been planning an attack on the United States … Read more

LUKE HUNTER: profile of a Nazi #terror propagandist – #atomwaffendivision #awd #feuerkriegdivision #fkd #ironmarch

A young Nazi closely monitored by HOPE not hate is behind bars for terror-related offences. Today Luke Hunter, 23, of High Callerton, Newcastle, was sentenced today to four years and two months for seven terror-related offences, including encouragement of terrorism HOPE not hate identified the extremist, who went by various pseudonyms online, during a yearlong … Read more

“#Antisemitisch, klandestin agierend” – Bundesregierung räumt Existenz der “#Atomwaffendivision” ein – #terror #awd

Die Ermittlungen gegen mutmaßliche Neonazi-Terroristen werden weiter abgeschirmt. Die Opposition im Bundestag verlangt Aufklärung. Die Bundesregierung spricht von einer geheim operierenden Gruppe. Die Bundesregierung hat die Existenz der Neonazi-Gruppe “Atomwaffendivision Deutschland” bestätigt. Das geht aus einem gemeinsamen Bericht mit dem Generalbundesanwalt an den Innenausschuss des Bundestags hervor, den t-online einsehen konnte. Demnach handele es sich … Read more

Member of neo-Nazi ‘#AtomwaffenDivision’ sentenced for intimidation campaign in Seattle and beyond – #terror #awd

A 21-year-old Arizona man has been sentenced to 16 months in federal prison for his role in a conspiracy by members of the neo-Nazi group Atomwaffen Division to intimidate and terrorize journalists and minorities in Seattle and the Northwest. Johnny Roman Garza was one of four people arrested by the FBI and indicted by federal … Read more

The New Face of #Terror in the US – #Atomwaffendivision #AWD #nso #NationalSocialistOrder

When the FBI arrested five senior members of the Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Divison early in 2020, it seemed that the terror cell was on its last legs. Under sustained pressure from law enforcement, effective doxing by anti-fascist activists, increasingly revealing investigations by journalists and even deadly in-fighting among members, the group was dying a quick death. … Read more