Kiel: Hausdurchsuchungen bei Nazis

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Einem Bericht der Kieler Nachrichten ( zufolge, sowie nach eigenen Angaben des “Landeskriminalamtes” haben deren Beamte am Morgen des 28. April 2009 vier Wohnungen von aktiven Neonazis in Kiel durchsucht, denen der Verdacht auf “Bildung einer kriminellen Vereinigung” nach §129 vorgeworfen wird. Dabei handelt es sich mutmaßlich um die offen neonazistische “Aktionsgruppe Kiel”, die in den vergangenen Monaten für die deutliche Zunahme verschiedener Naziaktivitäten verantwortlich gewesen ist. Grundlage der Ermittlungen sind augenscheinlich Äußerungen der beschuldigten Neonazis, nach denen diese in ihrem antisemitischen und nationalistischen Wahn “als geschlossene Front” den “Kampf gegen die „Zionistische Besatzungsregierung“ und „für die Freiheit Deutschlands“ begonnen hätten.

Protests against nationalist march in Helsingborg

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Almost 20 individuals were taken into custody in connection with a demonstration by nationalists in central Helsingborg on Friday. Police intervened when counter-demonstrators tried to protest. Between 70 and 100 people participated in the demonstration, which the Fria nationalister Skåne (‘Free Nationalists of Skåne’) have been granted permission to hold at Konsul Olssons square in central Helsingborg at lunchtime. Considerably more counter-demonstrators, who regard the nationalists as nazis, arrived at the square. The police blocked off the area and called for reinforcements to prevent conflicts.

“Beggar” – Swiss inscription on Romanian Gypsies’ passports

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Swiss authorities launched an investigation to find out which local official wrote the term “beggar” on the passports of several Roma ethnics, the website informs. “It is a felony. These persons are already persecuted in their home countries. Imagine what they might suffer upon their return”, said the president of the Messemrom association, Monica Bonfanti.

Weather – MTI – Hungarian News Radical nationalists call Holocaust a tragic event

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The radical nationalist Jobbik party (Movement for a Righter Hungary) on Saturday condemned the Nazi crimes committed against the Jewry but expressed its disagreement with the idea of a constitutional amendment on banning Holocaust denial. The Nazi crimes committed against the Jews, the deprivation of our Jewish fellow people of their liberty and life were “tragic historical events that serve as a lesson,” Jobbik said in a statement. This was the first time for Jobbik to express its views about the Holocaust after organisations promoting extreme right views, including a 60-member splinter group of the Magyar Garda Movement, held a Holocaust-denial demonstration in Budapest on April 18. The incident generated a political uproar in Hungary. As Magyar Garda was originally formed as a paramilitary arm of Jobbik, liberal Free Democrats leader Gabor Fodor branded the party as neo-Nazi. The opposition Fidesz party proposed a parliamentary committee to investigate why police had failed to disperse the demonstrators. Socialist Party leader Ildiko Lendvai said the Socialists would initiate amending the Constitution so as to ban Holocaust denial and hate speech and make them punishable by law.

Ukraine Witnessing Rise of Radicalism

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As elections approach in Ukraine, controversial historical and linguistic issues are high on the agenda within a country divided along regional and cultural lines. The nationalists including President Viktor Yushchenko, often perceive Moscow’s hand behind this, while their opponents complain that the Ukrainian language and right-wing values are being imposed by the authorities. This confrontation rarely results in violence but this year might prove an exception as the impact of the global financial crisis has hit Ukraine especially hard -radicalizing society. Incidents have thus far included a radical youth fatally stabbed and two bookshops vandalized. This situation may further deteriorate as the government fails to respond to the problem while the Russian media, popular within eastern Ukraine persistently hypes the issue.

Neo-Nazi leader, member jailed on parole violations

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The leader of a statewide National Socialist Movement group based in Phoenix and a fellow member were arrested Wednesday on parole violations stemming from past felonies. Andrew Lee Patterson, 30, is on parole until November 2011 for attacking two homeless men and an East Indian motel owner in 2003. According to court records, during the homeless attack he called the men ”a disgrace to the white race.” Though it was not immediately available why Patterson was jailed Wednesday, he was ordered not to have any contact or association with gang members or be involved in any gang activity. In addition, he was barred from possessing any gang-related paraphernalia which advocates hate or violence toward others Patterson made news last week when he agreed to an interview with the Mail Tribune during which he described his neo-Nazi beliefs, which include holocaust denial and demanding illegal immigrants be deported so the white race does not become extinct. During an interview with a Mail Tribune reporter last week, he suggested that his parole officer most likely was going to place him in jail for having contact with other neo-Nazis.

Dwyer linked with neo-Nazi group: claim

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The Bolivian authorities have claimed that Michael Dwyer, the Tipperary man shot dead by police two weeks ago, was heavily involved in a neo-Nazi terror group Szekler. Last week the Bolivian government released pictures of Mr Dwyer and other members of the group posing for photographs surrounded by guns. The group is also suspected of planting a bomb at the home of a Catholic cardinal in Bolivia, the day before he and two Hungarian terrorists were shot dead. The same terror group which the Bolivians say Mr Dwyer (24) joined last October was suspected of carrying a series of attacks on the homes of Bolivian cabinet ministers, civil servants and politicians since 2006 when its leader, Eduardo Rozsa-Flores, sneaked into the country. One of Rozsa-Flores’ closest associates, also a Hungarian, is living in Ireland and met Michael Dwyer when they worked together for the security firm I-RMS during its contract with Shell. (…) Despite repeated claims that Dwyer was a fun-loving young man with an interest in cars he had a Nazi SS insignia tattooed on his arm. The tattoo was disguised in an elaborate, larger design but is clearly visible on his arm. He joked about it with associates on his Facebook page. Gardai are now investigating the activities of the neo-fascist Hungarians and Romanians in Ireland who have come here in recent years.

Czech rightist extremists launch paper

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The association Workers’ Youth, youth branch of the Czech ultra rightist Workers’ Party (DS), will start publishing a paper, called National Resistance, from this June, chairman of the association Martin Zbela told a rally today. The name is the same as the unregistered neo-Nazi movement National Resistance. The Workers’ Youth has managed to have the paper registered at the Culture Ministry, Zbela said. The paper will be at first a quarterly, later a monthly and it wants to address the youth, he added. Zbela said the registration at the Ministry had shown that the words “national resistance” were not forbidden in the Czech Republic. The Culture Ministry has declined to comment on the affair. The extra-parliamentary DS has recently come to the limelight with its anti-Romany marches in North Bohemia.

Riot police working overtime as unions and anarchists link arms for May Day

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Police use tear gas against protesters during an outlawed May Day rally in central Istanbul. Protesters turned traditional May Day demonstrations into a rallying call against global capitalism as unrest spread through city streets across Europe yesterday. Politicians in Germany and France had been warning that the financial crisis was about to spark social unrest. In some towns the words became reality, even if the skirmishes and petrol bombings felt choreographed.

siehe auch:May Day turns violent in Turkey, Germany, Greece.  May Day protesters clashed with riot police in Germany, Turkey and Greece on Friday while thousands angry at the governments’ responses to the global financial crisis took to the streets in France and Spain. Rising unemployment across Europe and beyond has added intensity to May Day marches as last year’s market crash and banking meltdown roll into the real economy. There were fierce clashes in Berlin on Friday evening and protests in Istanbul swiftly turned violent. Greek police clashed with anarchists. Demonstrations in France and Spain appeared largely peaceful.

Neo-Nazis march through Prague, police do not intervene

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Roughly 70 neo-Nazis protested today in front of the Czech Interior Ministry against the detention of former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke and his deportation from the Czech Republic. The American was due to lecture in the country over the weekend, but police arrested and deported him. Outgoing Czech Human Rights and Minorities Minister Michael Kocáb said today that Duke’s opinions are dangerous and praised the police procedure taken against him. “We want to draw attention to the case of Mr David Duke, who was detained and charged for a crime which in our opinion he did not commit,” Filip Vávra explained when asked what today’s demonstration was about. Vávra is connected to the neo-Nazi movement Národní odpor (“National Resistance”), which invited the American to the Czech Republic. Vávra added that they were protesting against using the police to achieve political objectives. At the demonstration, Vávra collected money from neo-Nazis for legal aid for the former Ku Klux Klan boss. Adam Berčík of the Dělnická strana (“Workers’ Party”) also spoke. Our correspondents tell us that other members of the extremist Workers’ Party such as Martin Zbela, Patrik Vondrák, Petr Fryč and Lucie Šlégrová, also attended the march, . Up to 70 right-wing radicals marched towards the center of town. They originally wanted to march through Letenský sady, across the river on Čechův most and then on to either the Old Town Square or Wenceslaus Square. However, in the end they had to choose a different route, as according to Prague police spokesperson Ján Mikulovský their original march would have brought them too close to the former Jewish town.