Historisch verknappter Redebeitrag: CSU-Ministerin verschweigt Nazi-Taten

taz.de – Historisch verknappter Redebeitrag: CSU-Ministerin verschweigt Nazi-Taten
CSU-Ministerin verschweigt Nazi-Taten

Die stellvertretende bayerische Ministerpräsidentin Christa Stewens (CSU) hat an Pfingsten vor einem Vertriebenenverband eine bemerkenswerte Rede gehalten – auch einige Neonazis hörten zu. Vor zwei Wochen feierte die Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen mit tausenden Mitgliedern in der Berliner Messe ihr 60-jähriges Bestehen, als Rednerin war die stellvertretende bayerische Ministerpräsidentin Christa Stewens (CSU) gekommen. Nicht ungewöhnlich, hat der Freistaat doch seit 1978 die Patenschaft für Ostpreußen inne. In deutschen Medien blieb die Veranstaltung weitgehend unbeachtet, die meisten Journalisten waren bei der parallel stattfindenden Feier der Sudetendeutschen. Nur das Schweizer Fernsehen (SF) hatte seinen Korrespondenten Thomas Vogel geschickt – und der filmte Bemerkenswertes: “Die Vertreibung der Deutschen vor sechs Jahrzehnten war die größte ethnische Säuberung, die es je gab in Europa”, erklärte Stewens unter dem Applaus der Vertriebenen. “Und hier heilt die Zeit keine Wunden.” Ab 1944 wurden Millionen Deutsche vertrieben, mindestens 600.000 starben. Laut SF-Reporter Vogel und nach dem Redemanuskript, das der taz vorliegt, wurden allerdings die Kriegstaten der Deutschen von Stewens nicht erwähnt. Für den Migrations-Historiker Jan Musekamp von der Europa-Universität Viadrina ein ungewöhnliches Vorgehen: “Zusammenhanglos die Deutschen als Opfer sehen, das ist nicht usus – alles hat eine Vorgeschichte.” Für einige Teilnehmer des Pfingsttreffens dürfte der historisch verknappte Redebeitrag eine Genugtuung gewesen sein. Deutlich erkennbar waren eine Hand voll Neonazis in der Halle, wie SF-Reporter Vogel der taz berichtet: “Vom Habitus und vom Haarschnitt waren das ganz klar die jungen Rechten.” Auch der Geschäftsführer der Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen, Sebastian Husen, bestätigt der taz, dass “einige wenige” Teilnehmer “ein sehr, sehr rechtes Auftreten” gehabt hätten. “Wer es gewesen ist, wissen wir aber nicht”, sagt Husen und bestreitet, dass es eigene Mitglieder waren. “Wir haben gar keine solchen Jugendlichen.”

siehe auch: Am rechten Rand gefischt. Bei der Feier zum 60-jährigen Bestehen der Landsmannschaft Ostpreußen in der Berliner Messe hat Christa Stewens (CSU), bayerische Sozialministerin und Vize-Ministerpräsidentin des Freistaats, eine Rede gehalten. An sich nichts Ungewöhnliches, da Bayern vor 30 Jahren die Patenschaft für Ostpreußen übernommen hat. Jetzt aber, fast drei Wochen nach dem Auftritt, sorgen Stewens Worte für Aufsehen.

Youths turn on police

Youths turn on police | Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania

TWO Belgian police were in hospital with serious injuries today after clashes with youths in which stones were thrown, houses, shops and cars attacked and nearly 200 people arrested, Belgian media reported.
A total of 14 police and 10 other people were injured after hundreds of youths turned on a police contingent that had prevented a street fight around the Anderlecht soccer stadium near Brussels between fans and local youths, said RTL-tvi television station. (…) Yesterday evening, 400 to 500 teenagers, a mix of Anderlecht supporters and skinheads on one side and local youths of mainly North African origin on the other, duly squared off, but separated by 200 police, including mounted officers.

Former US ambassador escapes arrest in UK for war crimes

The Muslim News – Former US ambassador escapes arrest in UK for war crimes

Former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, was reported Thursday to have escaped from attempts to put him on trial in the UK over alleged ‘war crimes’ committed during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Environmental campaigner George Monbiot tried to make a citizen’s arrest as Bolton ended an hour-long discussion at the Hay Literature Festival in Wales on Wednesday night but security staff were said to have intervened. Monbiot, a 45-year old author, academic and political activist, earlier challenged him on why, in planning, preparing and waging war against Iraq, he was any different from Nazi war criminals condemned at Nuremberg for alleged breaches. But according to the Guardian newspaper, he was bundled out of the tent where Bolton was speaking.

The politics of fear return to Italy

The politics of fear return to Italy – Times Online

Immigrants are under attack from the resurgent Right – and even from vigilante mobs Italy: Italian Carabinieri raid a Romanian Gypsy camp in a Roman suburb.Is Italy succumbing to a wave of racism and xenophobia under its new centre-right Government? To Senada Salkanovic it looks that way: as she cuddles her daughter Brenda, 7, on the step of her shack at a Gypsy camp on Via Casilina, on the eastern outskirts of Rome, she wonders where she and her six children will go when the bulldozers arrive. The rubbish-strewn camp, consisting of wood and corrugated-iron cabins and dilapidated caravans, sits next to a disused airfield and is due for demolition as part of a new crackdown on illegal immigration and crime. Already nearly 40 huts have been dismantled, and 150 of the camp’s 800 inhabitants have left. “Where are we supposed to go?” asks Senada, who came to Italy from the former Yugoslavia 20 years ago. Her makeshift home, equipped with cupboards, a sink and a stove, is neat and well kept, in contrast to the dusty squalor outside. “They say we are all thieves, but I work as a cleaner.”

Petersburg Court Sentences Anti-Fascists

Union of Councils for Soviet Jews: Petersburg Court Sentences Anti-Fascists

A court in St. Petersburg handed down suspended sentences to six anti-fascists after finding them guilty of attacking a far-right rally two years ago, according to a May 27, 2008 report by the web site Jewish.ru. According to the verdict, in September 2006, anti-fascist activist Oleg Smirnov gathered a group of around 29 youths to attack a rally by the Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), which has in recent years emerged as Russia’s leading far-right movement. The anti-fascists attacked the rally, not causing any serious injuries on the nationalists’ side, and then fled as police approached. They were detained soon afterwards.

Hate crimes charges dropped in Russia

Breaking News – JTA, Jewish & Israel News – Hate crimes charges dropped in Russia

Prosecutors in a Russian town near Moscow dropped hate crimes charges against youths who attacked a Jewish school. Police in Bryansk last December arrested one college student and three teenagers in connection with five separate attacks on a Jewish school during late October and throughout November. The youths, who are members of a neo-Nazi gang, shattered all but one of the windows of the Ohr Avner Jewish school and also shouted anti-Semitic threats to students of the school.

HN: FBI blocks Czech extremist website

HN: FBI blocks Czech extremist website – Prague Daily Monitor – 29.05.2008

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) blocked the website of the Czech branch of the most radical neo-Nazi group, Blood and Honour, the daily Hospodarske noviny (HN) wrote Wednesday. “Our U.S. colleagues took the step at the suggestion of British police who monitored the website and considered it terrorist,” Karel Kucharik, head of the Czech police information crime department, told the paper. Blood and Honour is on the U.S. list of terrorist organisations and it openly declares its support for the militant group Combat 18 that originally formed in London, HN writes. Kucharik said instructions for the production of weapons and texts related to Combat 18 were recently posted on the website.

Eurasian Security Services Daily Review

Eurasian Security Services Daily Review
Russian anti-espionage law to suffer changes drafted by FSB – Public council. Rebellious GRU battalion servicemen might be accused of attacking road police in Russia’s Chechen republic. Russian President congratulates FSB Border Service of Border Guard Day, urges vigilance and allertness. Belarus KGB found drugs in Zeltser’s accusation case, they started with forged documents. Radio Racyja journalist not accredited for work in Belarus apparently for commenting KGB actions. Former Polish Prime Minister levies serious charge against country’s President. Czech security services are aware of local neo-Nazis militias and influence on politics – newspaper. United States FBI blocks Czech extremist online site

Nazis Under the Wing of Operation Condor

Nazis Under the Wing of Operation Condor

The ties of the CIA with former Gestapo officials and puppet governments in Latin America working to liquidate progressive movements during the 1960s-80´s have been proven. The forces that participated in Operation Condor —many of them former Nazi officers— were advised by US intelligence operatives. Despite 40 years having passed since that brutal torrent of kidnappings and assassinations, many people continue to decry such incidents and continue looking for their “disappeared” relatives. Writer Juan Gelman participated in the “Rally in Silence” this month. For the last 13 years, this has been held in the center of Montevideo, Uruguay, demanding truth and justice for what occurred during the 1973-1985 dictatorship. Gelman, who is among those who spent years investigating that period, discovered the whereabouts of his granddaughter Macarena in 2000. After several attempts at negotiation, in 2005 he found that the family of an Uruguayan police officer had raised the child.