Neonazis greifen Info-Veranstaltung an

Am 14. März 2010 haben nach Polizeiangaben etwa 30 rechtsradikale Randalierer versucht, eine Informationsveranstaltung im GAL-Zentrum an der Straße “Güldentröge” zu stören. Dort sollte eine Informationsveranstaltung einer Antifa-Gruppierung zum Thema „Autonome Nationalisten – Alte Inhalte in neuem Gewand” stattfinden. Um 15.50 Uhr war es vor dem Gebäude zu Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Veranstaltungsteilnehmern und der rechtsradikalen Gruppierung gekommen. Dabei bewarfen sich laut Polizeiangaben beide Lager mit Flaschen und Steinen. Aus der Gruppe der Rechtsradikalen wurden zudem Feuerwerkskörper geworfen. Bei den Ausschreitungen ist ein Polizeibeamter leicht verletzt worden. Mehrere abgestellte Fahrzeuge, darunter auch ein Funkstreifenwagen der Polizei sind beschädigt worden. Nach wenigen Minuten flüchteten die Rechtsradikalen zum Bahnhof Kamen. Hier wurde die Gruppe von Einsatzkräften der Polizei umschlossen. Insgesamt sind von der Polizei 34 Personen festgenommen worden. Bereits im vergangenen Jahr waren in dem GAL-Zentrum die Fensterscheiben eingeworfen worden.

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Ultra-right radicals distance themselves from DS, its successor

The Czech ultra-right Autonomous Nationalists (AN) grouping has made a statement critical of the now scrapped Workers’ Party (DS) and its successor, the Workers’ Party of Social Justice (DSSS), which political analysts say might cause a rift in the ultra-right camp and weaken the DSSS. In a statement issued on its website the AN dissociates itself from the DS due to the latter’s “total incompetence and unprecedented betrayal of AN cells’ members, and mainly due to its lack of solidarity and incapability of cooperation.”

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Russian ‘white power’ neo-nazis jailed for murder of African

Nine Russians from a neo-Nazi group that called itself “Simbirsk White Power” were jailed for up to 22 years in connection with the murder of an African, investigators said. A court in the central Russian city of Ulyanovsk convicted three of the group’s members of killing the Cameroonian man, named by Russian investigators as Etizok Ndobe Ernest, in August 2008. Ernest, who had worked as DJ with the nickname Black James, was attacked in a city square as he returned from work. His killers stabbed him repeatedly and slit his throat, an investigator told the Kommersant newspaper. “When investigators identified the people who carried out this cruel murder, it turned out that they were all members of an extremist organisation called Simbirsk White Power,” Ulyanovsk investigators said in a statement.

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Latvia prepares for controversial SS commemoration

“It is treachery. We fought for an independent Latvia and now we are not allowed to go from the cathedral to the freedom monument to lay flowers. Why?” asks Visvaldis Lacis. Looking 20 years younger than his 86 years and still extremely fit – a week earlier he turned out for the Latvian parliament’s football team – the veteran MP still cuts an impressive figure. He must have looked even more striking in 1943 when he wore the uniform of the Waffen-SS. March 16 is “Legionnaires’ Day” in Latvia. Though not an official public holiday, hundreds of people take to the streets to remember the 140,000 men who fought on the German side in World War II. Many choose to lay flowers at the iconic freedom monument in central Riga.

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anm dokmz: unsere Informationen aus Riga: Im Moment liegt ein Verbot der Rigaer Duma zur jeder Art von Veranstalltungen vor. Die Vertreter der Nazis “Daugavas Vanagi” (die Organisationon, die fuer die Vertreter der Kollaborateure steht) stellten einen Antrag beim Gericht auf Aufhebung des Verbots. Doch unabhaennig von der Entscheidung des Gerichts, kuendigten sie einen Aufmarsch an.

siehe auch: Waffen-SS-Treiben in Riga. Trotz eines vom Rigaer Stadtparlament ausgesprochenen Verbots wollen am 16. März ehemalige Veteranen der lettischen Waffen-SS in der lettischen Hauptstadt Riga aufmarschieren. Janis Atis Krumins, Kopf der rechtsextremen Organisation „Daugavas Vanagi“, bestätigte die Aufmarschpläne vor wenigen Tagen; David Cameron’s rightwing ‘allies’ march in Riga to commemorate the SS. Row over SS veterans’ parade in Latvia puts the spotlight on Tory links to eastern Europe’s far right Nazi sympathisers. The number three bus in Riga winds from the mouth of the river Daugava, past the lovely old centre of the city to the miles of Lego-brick, Soviet-era blocks in Plavnieki. At the foot of one of them, Natalija is sitting at one table and Maksimam at another in the Tris Pelmeni cafe, eating herring with onions and drinking beer while ice melts down the windows and the radio relays a highly charged ice-hockey game between Dinamo Riga and Ska St Petersburg. Old ladies pick through the snow with shopping, men rummage through rubbish bins and boys with shaven heads fly the Russian flag from cars screeching through the slush. This weekend, there is also a widespread sense of anger. In this ethnic Russian suburb of the Latvian capital, there is disbelief at the prospect of a commemoration to be held this Tuesday by veterans and supporters of the Latvian Legion of the wartime SS.

Natalija’s uncle “was killed by the fascists”, she says, yet “still the Latvians allow a parade of the SS of Adolf Hitler!”.Maksimam, younger, hunches the collar of his leather jacket, sips his drink and says he cares little what the old people get up to – but spits at the idea of an SS ceremony.

Sweden to Extradite Auschwitz Theft Suspect

A Swedish man accused of masterminding the theft of the “Work sets you free” sign from the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz will be  extradited to Poland, a Swedish district court said Thursday.Anders Hogstrom, 34, was seized in Sweden in February on a European arrest warrant issued by Poland. The theft of the “Arbeit macht frei” sign — an enduring symbol of the Holocaust at the entrance of the camp — caused international outrage, especially in Israel and among Jewish groups. Defense lawyer Bjorn Sandin told Reuters that Hogstrom has been accused of stealing, destroying and selling a “cultural object of importance” and that the punishment for such a crime in Poland would amount to 10 years in prison. Sandin said Hogstrom, who appeared in court handcuffed and dressed casually in jeans, was “quite prepared” for the decision and would likely make an appeal. – The First Art Newspaper on the Net.

BNP barred from taking new members

The British National Party was barred from taking new members on Friday after a judge ruled its constitution could discriminate against non-white people. Judge Paul Collins issued an injunction ordering the far-Right group to comply with race equality laws and said the membership list would have to be closed until it did. Under the injunction, prospective BNP members will not in future have to be vetted at home before they are accepted. Last month the BNP scrapped its whites-only policy in an attempt to avoid legal sanctions brought by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC). But on Friday at Central London County Court, Judge Collins ruled: ”I hold that the BNP are likely to commit unlawful acts of discrimination in the terms on which they are prepared to admit persons to membership under their constitution.”

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Jobbiks Reaktion auf den neuen Holocaustparagraphen: “Inquisition”

In Ungarn gibt es einen neuen Holocaustparagraphen, der die Leugnung des Holocaust unter Strafe stellt. Der Paragraph wurde von den Regierungsparteien verabschiedet, Sozialisten und Liberalen; die nationalkonservative Oppositionspartei FIDESZ hat sich enthalten. Siehe z.B. der Standard und Pester Lloyd. (…) Kurzzusammenfassung: Der Paragraph bedeutet laut Jobbik einen Rückfall ins Zeitalter der Inquisition, es wird eine Parallele zum Prozess Galileis gezogen; durch den Paragraphen soll die Arbeit missliebiger Wissenschaftler zensiert werden; Jobbik kommen auf völlig absurde Weise mit dem Christentum – der Paragraph will laut Jobbik den Holocaust als absolutes Dogma auf eine Ebene mit christlichen Glaubensgrundsätzen erheben, und deshalb sprechen Jobbik als christliche Partei sich dagegen aus; sie beschuldigen die jetzige Regierung rassistischer Diskriminierung, weil sie auf “rassischer Grundlage” Unterschiede zwischen Opfern mache und  Individuen diskriminiere, weil laut diesem Paragraphen  “gewisse Gruppen” mehr Recht auf Menschenwürde haben als andere –  eben Antisemitismus pur.

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