Czech expert says haters' attention is fixating on Roma again, "migration" as a subject is over

The Czech Police have been investigating more and more bias crimes involving hatred recently. Does this mean racism is increasing here, on average? Political scientist Jan Charvát says that in reality, such cases have always existed here, but in the past the public didn’t pay attention to them. At the start of last week a case came before the court of a married couple belonging to the majority group in society accused of assaulting several Romani children. That case has a very similar beginning to that of the brawl at a swimming pool this summer in Dubí (Teplice district), as a result of which several Romani people have been accused of committing assault – it began as a dispute among children, adults inserted themselves into it very sharply, and their approach to the situation has revealed the dominant tensions between the majority and the minority here. Charvát, who is an expert on political extremism, believes these cases do not, however, indicate that there is room for the situation in the coexistence of the majority and Romani people to become more dramatic. Even though nobody involved with the extremist scene was involved in either case, Charvát does not believe escalation of inter-ethnic tensions is on the horizon. “In the Czech Republic, for a long time, the idea has been established that there are extremists here who commit crime with an extremist subtext and who are followed by the Interior Ministry – and then there is another group of ‘normal’ people. The Interior Ministry has stuck to that model, but today such a concept is unsustainable, also from the perspective of the ministry, which is now abandoning it, or rather, is gradually augmenting it with the concept of hate crime,” Charvát, who is the author of several publications about extremism, told news server SeznamZprá “We have long known that some of the crime aimed against minorities is not committed by people from extremist groups, but by absolutely normal, ordinary people who have never been part of any extremist organization and therefore were never followed by the Interior Ministry. Today what we are seeing is not a fundamental change – the situation is the same as it has ever been – but we have realized that our perspective has been erroneous, and now this is being demonstrated and manifested absolutely unequivocally,” the political scientist said.

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Czech ombudswoman: Haters online frequently refuse to admit to themselves that they could be breaking the law

Czech Public Defender of Rights Anna Šabatová, also known as the ombudswoman, considers hate speech online to be one of the biggest problems in the Czech public sphere today. “Sometimes the hatred that is being disseminated is so frightening it makes your blood run cold,” she said in an interview for public broadcaster Czech Television’s ČT24 channel. “I am willing to do a great deal to stand up and fight for freedom of speech,” said Šabatová, who was a dissident during communism. “I believe speech is not limited here in the Czech Republic, that right actually applies in our country. However, according to the European Convention on Human Rights and other conventions, free speech has its limits. Those limits are the rights of others, as well as public safety and public order. It’s necessary that people realize this,” she said, adding that when writing hateful posts online, authors frequently refuse to admit to themselves that they could be breaking the law. According to an analysis of first-instance court verdicts in the Czech Republic convicting people of online hatred between 2016 and mid-2019 that was performed by the ombudswoman’s office, of 47 such verdicts, 43 of the convicted perpetrators were first-time offenders. There were two women among them and the rest were all men.

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TuS/WE Hirschau wirft Rechtsradikalen aus dem Verein – #noIB #ausgründen

Weil er als Mitglied der rechtsextremen “Identitären Bewegung” aufgefallen war, zieht der TuS/WE Hirschau die Notbremse und schließt einen aktiven Fußballer aus. Ein Bericht unserer Redaktion hatte die Vereinsführung aufmerksam gemacht. Nach dem Amberger Kampfsportverein “MMA Fight Team” geht auch der TuS/WE Hirschau gegen Rechtsradikale in seinen Reihen vor. Der Vereinsbeirat habe einstimmig beschlossen, einen aktiven Fußballer auszuschließen, weil dieser sich bei der “Identitären Bewegung” (IB) in Amberg engagiert. Der Verein habe den Mann per Einschreiben über den Ausschluss informiert, teilte ein Vereinssprecher am Sonntag mit. Aufmerksam geworden sei der TuS durch einen Bericht der “Amberger Zeitung” über die Entscheidung des”MMA Fight Teams”, zwei Mitglieder auszuschließen. Beide waren zuvor als Teil der IB-Gruppe in Amberg aufgefallen. Der Zeitungsbericht hatte auf einen Beitrag bei zu dem Thema verwiesen. Dort fanden die TuS-Verantwortlichen dann Bilder, auf denen der Fußballer klar zu erkennen war.

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Hassfabriken: Facebooks Geschäft mit antimuslimischer Hetze

Seit den Enthüllungen um Fake News im US-Wahlkampf 2016 hat sich wenig geändert – der “Guardian” deckt nun ein international agierendes Rechtaußen-Netzwerk auf. Facebook hat noch immer keine Lösung gefunden, um gegen die bewusste Verbreitung von Falschinformationen vorzugehen. Das geht aus einer aktuellen Recherche des britischen “Guardian” hervor. Bereits während des US-Wahlkampfs 2016 war der Konzern in die Kritik geraten, nachdem bekannt wurde, dass Trollfabriken im großen Stil Fake News verbreiteten, um politische Manipulation zu betreiben. Drei Jahre später soll eine Gruppierung aus Israel ähnlich agieren. So hätte die “Hassfabrik”, wie die Zeitung sie nennt, sich Rechte einräumen lassen, die üblicherweise nur Redaktionen erhalten. Insgesamt würden Inhalte für 21 Rechtsaußen-Facebook-Seiten in verschiedensten Ländern, darunter – mit einer kleineren Seite – Österreich (“Geert Wilders Supporters Austria”), aber auch den USA, Australien, Kanada und Großbritannien. Die israelischen Administratoren würden, so der “Guardian” von einem bestimmten Standort aus die Postings mit einer Social-Media-Management-App verfassen. Meistens handelt es sich um eine kurze Nachricht und einem Link zu Inhalten, die grundsätzlich antimuslimisch sind. Die Webseiten werden von den Admins selbst koordiniert. Die Inhalte, sowie auch die Bilder würden irreführend bishin zu eindeutig gefakt sein.

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Secret Identities of U.S. Nazi #Terror Group Revealed – #TheBase #AWD #Atomwaffen

Treasure trove of user data released by anti-fascist hackers lead to identities of scores of clandestine domestic terrorists. The real identities of more than a dozen clandestine members of the Atomwaffen Division white supremacist domestic terror group have been uncovered after a month long investigation. Long emboldened by their anonymity, using aliases from behind computer screens, their identities unknown to their communities, employers, law enforcement, and family and friends, the new revelations mean the true identities for many members of the Atomwaffen Division are now known, including the state cell leaders of Colorado, Virginia, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Alabama, Massachusetts, Ohio, Washington State, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, and members from these and other states. Atomwaffen Division is a white supremacist domestic terror group which has been active in at least 32 states and idolize Adolph Hitler, long-time American Nazi figure James Mason, and Charles Manson, hold armed live fire training “Hate Camps” in national forests and deserts, and seek societal collapse through ‘lone wolf’ school and church shootings and other random terror attacks to spark a race war and collapse of government. Many members are also practicing Satanists. The group is known to be responsible for at least 5 murders since 2017 as well as numerous aborted terror plots.
“It is just a collection of ‘lone wolves’ with very nihilistic views. I don’t think they have more than 40-50 people,” one former AWD cell leader told a reporter. “Their end game is pure and unadultered destruction. It is a death cult.” The group targets young boys for recruitment over the internet and is comprised of mostly dissaffected middle-class white youth, many still in high school and rife with teenage angst, struggling with sexual and other identity issues, and hostility towards girls, parents, and authority. (…) The Iron March data combined with earlier data releases by the independent media group, Unicorn Riot, of far right extremists who used the platform Discord, as well as thousands of still unreleased Attomwaffen Division messages obtained during this investigation, have provided a treasure trove for reporters, law enforcement, anti-fascist activists, and online sleuths. This is the first of 5 articles profiling the newly discovered identities of Atomwaffen Division members.

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Unterlaufen Rechtspopulisten die #Feuerwehr? Skandal um #AfD-Kritik in der Feuerwehr – Präsident Hartmut #Ziebs tritt zurück – #respekt #SolidaritätMitHartmutZiebs

Nachdem Hartmut Zieps, Präsident des Deutschen Feuerwehrverbands vor einer rechtspopulistischen Unterwanderung gewarnt hat, wird er bedroht. Jetzt wurde er auch noch zum Rücktritt gedrängt. Der Präsidialrat des Deutschen Feuerwehrverbands (DFV) hat den Rückzug von Präsident Hartmut Ziebs bekanntgegeben. Zuvor hatte sich Hartmut Ziebs kritisch über die AfD geäußert und vor einer rechten Unterwanderung der Feuerwehr gewarnt. Zu den genauen Gründen des Rückzugs hat sich der DFV vorerst nicht geäußert. Ziebs selbst hatte Rücktrittsforderungen an ihn in den vergangenen Wochen in Zusammenhang mit seinen Äußerungen gebracht. Nach Querelen im Deutschen Feuerwehrverband (DFV) hat dessen Präsidialrat den Rückzug von Präsident Hartmut Ziebs verkündet. Für April 2020 werde eine Delegiertenversammlung einberufen, um das Präsidentenamt neu zu besetzen, erklärte der Präsidialrat des Verbands nach einer Sitzung am Freitag in Braunschweig. Ziebs habe erklärt, nicht wieder zu kandidieren. Auch die Vizepräsidenten würden sich einer Bestätigung für ihre verbleibende Amtszeit stellen.
Feuerwehr-Skandal: Nach Streit um Äußerungen gegen die AfD – Rückzug des Präsidenten bekannt gegeben Der Verband der Feuerwehren in Nordrhein-Westfalen, von wo Ziebs stammt, erklärte am Abend auf Facebook, eine Neuwahl erfordere auf der Delegiertenversammlung zunächst eine Abwahl des bis 2021 gewählten Ziebs. Dieser war vor mehreren Wochen von mehreren Vizepräsidenten zum Rücktritt aufgefordert worden und hatte das in einem Interview in einen Zusammenhang unter anderem mit seiner Haltung gegen rechte Tendenzen gebracht. Der Präsidialrat widersprach dem in der Erklärung: Die Rücktrittsfrage sei „zu keinem Zeitpunkt verbunden mit den politischen Äußerungen des Präsidenten gegen Rechtspopulismus“ gewesen. „Die Feuerwehrverbände decken keine rechtsnationalen Tendenzen. Wir dulden kein radikales Gedankengut, sondern stehen für alle Werte einer freiheitlichen Demokratie ein.“ (…) Seit seinen Warnungen vor einer rechtspopulistischen Unterwanderung der Feuerwehr wird Ziebs massiv beleidigt und bedroht. Wegen zweier entsprechender E-Mails ermittelt sogar der polizeiliche Staatsschutz im nordrhein-westfälischen Hagen. Die Hagener Polizei ist für die Ermittlungen zuständig, weil Ziebs seinen Wohnsitz im benachbarten Schwelm hat. Ziebs hatte zuvor bereichtet, dass er in E-Mails beschimpft und verleumdet werde. Unter anderem sei ihm geschrieben worden, er sei „vaterlandsverräterisches Gewürm“ und gehöre „ohne Schutzausrüstung als erster Mann ins Feuer gejagt“.

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Rechtsradikale WhatsApp-Nachrichten an Schulen

Die Polizei im Emsland und der Grafschaft Bentheim meldet zahlreiche Fälle rechtsradikaler WhatsApp-Nachrichten an Schulen. Wie NDR 1 Niedersachsen berichtet, wird darin unter anderem der Holocaust verharmlost. Laut einer Sprecherin des Präventionsteams der Polizei kursierten die Nachrichten an fast jeder Schule. Die Schulleiterin des Hümmling-Gymnasiums in Sögel, Simone Hilgefort, hatte die Polizei eingeschaltet und die Eltern in einem Brief informiert. Siebtklässler hatten in ihren sozialen Netzwerken Sticker mit Hakenkreuzen geteilt und die Gräueltaten der Nazis verherrlicht.

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Wegen #Falschzitats: #Künast siegt vor #Gericht gegen rechten #Hass-Poster – #liebich #hetzer

In einem neuen Verfahren hat die Grünen-Politikerin Renate Künast einen Sieg gegen Hate Speech und Falschinformationen errungen. Künast hatte gegen Sven Liebich geklagt, der den rechten Blog “Halle Leaks” betreiben soll. Liebich wird vom Verfassungsschutz der rechtsextremen Szene zugerechnet; im Netz hetzt er gegen Geflüchtete und den Islam und provoziert mit Verschwörungstheorien. (…) Die Bundestagsabgeordnete hatte sich vor dem Landgericht Frankfurt am Main gegen den rechten Blogger Sven Liebich gewehrt, weil der Falschinformationen über sie verbreitet hatte. Er hatte ihr ein Zitat über den Missbrauch von Kindern in den Mund gelegt, das sie nie getätigt hatte. In der mündlichen Verhandlung am Donnerstag gab das Landgericht Frankfurt Künast recht und verbot Liebich, die Falschaussage über Künast weiterzuverbreiten. Das Urteil erging am Ende der mündlichen Verhandlung, bestätigte eine Sprecherin des Landgerichts der Süddeutschen Zeitung. Der Blogger kann Rechtsmittel gegen das Urteil einlegen. (…) Liebich wird vom Verfassungsschutz Sachsen-Anhalt zur rechtsextremen Szene gezählt. Im Landesverfassungsschutzbericht wird er im Kapitel “rechtsextremistische Vertriebe” erwähnt, weil er auch einen Versand für Kleidung mit natonalistischen Slogans betreibt. Zur Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Russland bot sein Online-Shop ein T-Shirt mit der Aufschrift “Diesmal kommen wir im Sommer” an, dazu waren Soldaten mit Stahlhelmen abgebildet. Liebich soll auch Mitglied der inzwischen verbotenen Organisation Blood & Honour gewesen sein.

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I became part of the alt-right at age 13, thanks to Reddit and Google

An anonymous teenager writes about his brief infatuation with the alt-right, which made him critical of how big tech platforms influence the way we think. When I was 13, I was convinced that Jews controlled global financial networks and that black Americans committed homicide at a higher rate than whites. I believed that the wage gap was a fallacy fabricated by feminists, and I was an avid supporter of the men’s rights movement. I accepted all of the alt-right maxims I saw as a Reddit moderator, despite my Jewish upbringing in a liberal household with a tight-knit family that taught me compassion, empathy, and respect for others. Now, I’m 16, and I’ve been able to reflect on how I got sucked into that void—and how others do, too. My brief infatuation with the alt-right has helped me understand the ways big tech companies and their algorithms are contributing to the problem of radicalization—and why it’s so important to be skeptical of what you read online. My own transformation started when I switched into a new school in the middle of eighth grade. Like anyone pushed into unfamiliar territory, I was lonely and friendless and looking for validation and social connection. But unlike others, I found that validation on the alt-right corners of the internet. The alt-right and the tech platforms that enable it became the community I needed—until I finally opened my eyes and realized it was turning me into someone who I never wanted to be. A few weeks after I started going to my new school, I noticed that a bunch of the guys in my class were browsing a website called Reddit. (…) That’s how I discovered r/dankmemes. At first, I only understood about half of the posts that I saw. A lot of the content referenced political happenings that I had never heard of. There were hundreds of sarcastically written posts that echoed the same general themes and ideas, like “there are only 2 genders,” or “feminists hate men.” Since I had always been taught that feminism and social justice were positive, I first dismissed those memes as abhorrently wrong. But while a quick burst of radiation probably won’t give you cancer, prolonged exposure is far more dangerous. The same is true for the alt-right. I knew that the messages I was seeing were wrong, but the more I saw them, the more curious I became. I was unfamiliar with most of the popular discussion topics on Reddit. And when you want to know more about something, what do you do? You probably don’t think to go to the library and check out a book on that subject, and then fact check and cross reference what you find. If you just google what you want to know, you can get the information you want within seconds. So that’s what I did. I started googling things like “Illegal immigration,” “Sandy Hook actors,” and “Black crime rate.” And I found exactly what I was looking for. The articles and videos I first found all backed up what I was seeing on Reddit—posts that asserted a skewed version of actual reality, using carefully selected, out-of-context, and dubiously sourced statistics that propped up a hateful world view. On top of that, my online results were heavily influenced by something called an algorithm. I understand algorithms to be secretive bits of code that a website like YouTube will use to prioritize content that you are more likely to click on first. Because all of the content I was reading or watching was from far-right sources, all of the links that the algorithms dangled on my screen for me to click were from far-right perspectives.

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U.S. Neo-Nazi #Terror Group Harboring Missing Ex-Canadian Soldier: Sources – #TheBase

Patrik Mathews, an ex-soldier from Canada that disappeared in August, allegedly illegally entered the U.S. with the help of The Base and is now in hiding. According to information VICE has learned from confidential sources, a U.S.-based neo-Nazi terrorist group is currently harboring a missing ex-soldier from Canada. The information suggests members of The Base are hiding Patrik Mathews, 26, whose whereabouts have been the focus of much speculation. Mathews allegedly crossed into the U.S. illegally from his native Manitoba with the help of the group, which has since taken steps to conceal his location. Mathews went missing after being outed as a recruiter and organizer for The Base by Winnipeg Free Press reporter Ryan Thorpe. Federal authorities raided his home and seized multiple firearms. The former soldier was last seen by his family on August 24 with his abandoned car found less than 10 miles from the American border shortly thereafter. The news illustrates how The Base, previously a mostly online collective of hardcore neo-Nazis, is evolving into a bonafide terror network with a recruitment structure, a paramilitary training apparatus, and the capacity to covertly ferry members across international borders to fit its insurgent ambitions. (…) Other information VICE has learned points to Mathews participating in a combat training camp with close to a dozen members of The Base in Georgia this fall, where he allegedly helped train other members of the group. As a combat engineer, Mathews was taught explosives and weapons skills during his career in the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve at 38 Canadian Brigade Group in Winnipeg. VICE also learned members of The Base have openly discussed “direct action,” a term used to describe terror attacks in white nationalist circles and a key feature of the brand of violent neo-Nazism the group espouses. Joshua Fisher-Birch, a research analyst specializing in white nationalist terrorism at the Counter Extremism Project, said that if Mathews was an ISIS member the significance of his alleged, illegal entry into the U.S. and his training of other members would have likely garnered a more extreme response from authorities.

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