The head of Romanian diplomacy accused of racist statements against Roma

Romanian civil rights groups on Tuesday demanded the foreign minister resign for what they called racist remarks suggesting that some Gypsies, or Roma, were born criminals. Teodor Baconschi’s comments about the minority Roma suggested that criminality is biologicial, “an explanation that is typical for Nazi Germany when justifying the Holocaust,” the groups said. “It is unacceptable” that the person who represents Romania abroad uses “scientific explanations typical of the Middle Ages,” the groups said. Baconschi made the comments last week during a meeting with French state secretary Pierre Lellouche, saying “we have some physiological, natural problems of criminality among some of the Romanian communities” in France, “especially among the Roma.” The comments were initially posted on the ministry’s Web site and later removed.

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British teenager admits inciting racial hatred on YouTube

A 17-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to two charges of inciting racial hatred after he posted ‘hate-filled’ videos on YouTube; the first case of its kind in England and Wales. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) reports how the teenager was just 15 years old when he was arrested on suspicion of posting white supremacist material on the video-sharing website as well as his own personal site. The youth, who has not been named due to reporting restrictions, was sentenced to two years conditional discharge on Wednesday. CPS lawyer Viv Goddard confirmed the case in Norfolk represented the first time someone as young as the defendant had been prosecuted in England and Wales for incitement to racial hatred after posting racially inflammatory material on a social-networking site. (…) She added: “Young people need to realise that it is not a joke to post hate filled material on video sharing websites or sites they set up themselves. The material in this case was not just offensive but highly disturbing in its violence and imagery, particularly one clip which showed a black man being hanged by the Ku Klux Khan then his leg being hacked off and thrown into a fire. “People are entitled to hold racist and extreme opinions which others may find offensive and obnoxious. What they are not entitled to do is to publish or distribute those opinions to the public in a threatening, abusive or insulting manner either intending to stir up racial hatred or in circumstances where it is likely racial hatred will be stirred up.”

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Serbian Extremism’s Fresh New Face

Social networking sites are now the prime locations for the spread of xenophobic views among Serbian youth. It has become a truism of political activists that if you want to engage young people in politics you must work through social media. Though hailed as tools designed to increase people’s participation in civic life, ultimately leading to social change, social networks, blogs, and Twitter can be used by groups with radically different motives. In Serbia the definitive example is the intense campaign against last fall’s Belgrade Pride day, led by several extreme nationalist groups for whom social media are the prime channel of communication. As right-wing groups threatened to disrupt the gay and lesbian parade, authorities asked event organizers to move it to a less central location, but they refused, instead deciding to cancel it. Many people were dismayed by these events, seeing them as the state caving in to violent extremists. In recent years, Serbia has witnessed the rise of nationalist right-wing groups, notably Serbian National Movement 1389 (SNP 1389). Alongside its anti-EU graffiti and participation in demonstrations against the independence of Kosovo, Internet users know SNP 1389 as one of the most diligent nationalist organizations active in social media. SNP 1389 online propaganda: “Gays into the blender.” SNP 1389’s Facebook  group has more than 8,000 members, many of whom post photos and messages on the page. Hate speech is tolerated by the group’s administrators.

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Dresden 2010 aus Nazi-Sicht: „Während die Kameraden kämpfen trinkt Claus Cremer Cola“

Nazis haben es dieser Tage nicht leicht. Es twittert: “Was machen Nazis in Dresden?” “Den Bahnhof besichtigen” oder “Nazis stehen im Freiluft-Zoo am Neustädter hinter Gitter und dürfen nicht weg.” Da müssen die rechten Recken eben selbst Heldenmythen konstruieren. Etwa, wie toll “Kameraden” alleine Zugfahrpläne lesen können. Ein Blick in die rechtsextreme Foren zu Dresden.

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Holocaust-Leugner Zündel kommt im März frei

Der Holocaust-Leugner Ernst Zündel kommt nach Verbüßung von fünf Jahren Strafe aus dem Gefängnis frei. Am 1. März werde der 69-Jährige entlassen, wurde Staatsanwalt Andreas Grossmann vom «Tagesspiegel» zitiert. Grossmann war der Ankläger im Prozess am Landgericht Mannheim, der 2007 mit der Verurteilung des Holocaust-Leugners zu fünf Jahren Haft wegen Volksverhetzung, Beleidigung und der Verunglimpfung des Andenkens Verstorbener endete.

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siehe auch: Holocaust denier deported from Canada in 2005 is slated to be freed in Germany. Ernst Zundel, the far-right activist deported from Canada in 2005, will soon be released from prison after serving his five-year sentence for denying the Holocaust, a German prosecutor said Wednesday. Mannheim prosecutor Andreas Grossmann said Zundel, 70, will be released March 1 after receiving credit for time served ahead of his 2007 trial; Holocaust-denier to be freed from jail in Germany. Ernst Zuendel repeatedly denied key historical facts of the Holocaust, penning a book titled “The Hitler We Loved and Why”, describing the Nazi leader as a “man of peace” and helping to disseminate a range of anti-Semitic literature.. German Holocaust-denier Ernst Zuendel is to be freed from prison on March 1 after serving out his five-year sentence, prosecutors said on Wednesday.  Zuendel, 69, was jailed for five years in 2007 for inciting racial hatred, having been extradited from Canada in 2005 where he had lived for decades. Two years spent behind bars before his trial were counted as part of his sentence.


Ende letzten Jahres hat sich in der Nazi-Verlagswelt einiges geändert. Der Coburger Verlag Nation & Europa, der neben allerlei Büchern auch mit „Nation Europa – Deutsche Monatshefte“ die auflagenstärkste regelmäßige Publikation der deutschen Rechten herausgab, wurde vom Besitzer der „Verlagsgruppe Lesen und Schenken“ Dietmar Munier aufgekauft. Ein Generationswechsel und gleichzeitig eine Konzentration in der Nazi-Verlagswelt hat stattgefunden. Was die Sache besonders interessant macht ist die Publikation „Deutsches Monatsheft Zuerst“. Dieses neue Projekt von Munier hat nach eigenen Angaben eine Auflage von ca. 90000 Stück und wird über eine Vertriebsagentur auch in Bahnhofskiosken ausliegen. Das rechte Monatsmagazin soll sich als rechtes Konkurrenzprodukt zu Focus, Spiegel und Stern dem „Konformitätsdruck des Meinungskartells nicht unterordnen und unabhängige Stimme eines unabhängigen Journalismus sein“ (Chefredakteur Deschner). Was dahinter steckt ist kaum versteckter Antisemitismus, Islamophohie, Rassismus und Geschichtsrevisionismus. | ZUERST und Co.

Twitter: Der 13. Februar in #Dresden – “So etwas gab’s noch nicht” » reDDakteur

Der 13. Februar 2010 war für Dresden aus vielen Betrachtungswinkeln ein bemerkenswertes Datum. Der größte Neonazi-Aufmarsch Europas wurde erstmals blockiert. Sowohl bürgerlicher stiller Protest in Form einer Menschenkette, als auch aktive überwiegend friedliche Blockade gingen Hand in Hand. Zentrales Informationsmedium wurde dabei für viele Aktivisten der Kurznachrichtendienst Twitter. (…) Pro Stunden wurden mehrere Hundert Tweets mit den beiden Hashtags verfasst. Gerüchte und gezielte Desinformation Neben vielen aktuellen Meldungen direkt von den Brennpunkten, wurden via Twitter auch immer wieder Gerüchte oder sogar gezielt Desinformationen verbreitet.

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