Entlarvendes Frauenbild

Eine „Initiative ‚Raus aus den Köpfen – Genderterror abschaffen’“ zieht gegen die „Frauen-Quotenregelung und die Homo-Ehe“ zu Felde. Als Gräuel wertet die „Initiative“, die das „menschenverachtende Gender Mainstreaming“ bekämpfen will, unter anderem „Frauen-Quotenregelung, die Homo-Ehe und die frühkindliche Sexualaufklärung“. „Primäres Ziel“ der „Gender Befürworter“ sei „die Schaffung eines neuen Menschentypus“, unterstellt die „Initiative“. (…) Das Impressum auf der Homepage weist als „Herausgeber“ Mareike Bielefeld aus. Angegeben ist die Anschrift des NPD-Hausobjektes „Braunes Haus“ im Jenaer Stadtteil Lobeda.

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Behind the Hate: Long-Time Activist Runs New Anti-Gay Site

A leading anti-abortion webmaster who is widely known for his extremist tactics is behind a new Internet site taking aim at gay and abortion rights supporters with ties to Kenya. Neal Horsley — best known for his defunct “Nuremberg Files” website targeting physicians who provide abortions — now controls ProjectSEE.com. (“SEE” stands for Stop Exporting Evil!) Horsley’s latest website features “Not Wanted” posters with the photographs and, in some cases, contact information of purported gay rights activists and abortion providers working in Kenya. It lists the names of others, along with an appeal to “send us INFO!” The website encourages readers to print out the posters and distribute them in the United States and Kenya. (Abortion laws are highly restrictive in Kenya and homosexual activity is illegal. In recent weeks, Kenyan activists have reported a rash of anti-gay violence, including the Feb. 12 beating of a man outside a health center that provides HIV/AIDS services, according to Human Rights Watch.)

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Neo-Nazis have eyes on University activists

A violent neo-Nazi group has identified student activists at the University of Manchester as targets on a website called ‘Redwatch’. Redwatch was established in 2001, as a message board for extreme racists and fascists. In 2003, it began to publish personal information, including photos, names and contact detail, of known or suspected far-left or anti-fascist activists. The slogan for the website is “”Remember places, traitors’ faces, they’ll all pay for their crimes.” (…) “Redwatch is a threat and should be taken seriously, but it’s worth remembering that for most people there won’t be any consequences to appearing on it. It’s designed to scare and intimidate, but it’s not worth letting fascists stop you attending protests for causes you feel strongly about. A lot of the information on Redwatch is incorrect but nonetheless it’s better to be safe than sorry. If someone you don’t know at a demonstration tries to photograph you, cover your face and move away. Don’t pose for photos.” A method of Redwatch gaining photographs from demonstrations is Facebook. Unless privacy is set to the highest level, photos are still accessible. They have also been known to send ‘Friend Requests’ under fake profiles and false identity information, to access personal details of potential targets. Combat 18, who are connected with the website, take their name from the initials of Adolf Hitler, A and H, the first and eighth letters of the alphabet. Members of C18 are not allowed to join the police or the British Police Service.  The British People’s Party are also connected with the website. Goole BPP member, Martyn Gilleard, was convicted in June 2008 of bomb making and possessing images of child pornography.

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Internationales Musik-Meeting

Am 3. April soll in Nordostitalien eine große Rechtsrock-Veranstaltung steigen. Der genaue Ort wird noch geheim gehalten. Unter anderem mit von der Partie ist die bayerische Band „Sturmtrupp“ aus Neuberg/Donau. Für das Meeting zeichnen neben den italienischen „Hammerskins“ die Gruppierung der „Veneto Fronte Skinheads“ (VFS) verantwortlich. Letzteren werden Verbindungen zum „Blood&Honour“-Netzwerk nachgesagt. Seit vielen Jahren bereits stellen die VFS-Aktivisten internationale Rechtsrock-Konzerte mit mehreren tausend Besuchern über Ostern, im Sommer und im Herbst auf die Beine, bei der regelmäßig deutsche Bands spielen.

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Concern About Racism and Social Networking Grows

More human-rights groups are expressing concern about the use of social-networking sites to spread racism. Ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Sunday, three groups in Europe issued a statement indicating alarm at the use of social-networking sites to advance “racist and xenophobic views, especially among young people.” And last week, the Simon Wiesenthal Center released a report saying that racist and terrorist groups were relying more on social networks than they have before. This is the second year that the Wiesenthal Center’s annual report covering hate groups on the Internet has highlighted the use of social networking. And Facebook last year faced questions about Holocaust-denial groups using its site. Jessie Daniels, a professor at Hunter College in New York and the author of “Cyber Racism,” says racist groups online often use what she describes as “cloaking” to recruit people to their way of thinking. They may direct people to a site that calls itself educational and does not have any obvious ties to well-known racist groups. But the information on the site will be focused on topics such as Holocaust denial or repeal of civil rights legislation

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Cretan pupils posed online with Nazi signs

Cretan teachers are spearheading an anti-racism drive after photographs uploaded onto the social networking site Facebook showed pupils from a secondary school in Akrotiri posing under symbols of far-right organizations. According to Dimitris Loupasakis, the head of the school in Hania prefecture, the discovery came months after rumors emerged of far-right “cells” in schools.

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„Explosives Gemisch“ – Polizeichef befürchtet, dass die rechte Szene sich verfestigt

Polizeichef befürchtet, dass die rechte Szene sich verfestigt. „Die Freien Kräfte kommen mit der Jugendorganisation der rechtsextremen NPD zusammen – dann wird es problematisch“, sagte Polizeichef Ralf Marschall gestern bei der Vorstellung der Kriminalitätsstatistik für 2009. Zwar habe die Zahl der politisch motivierten Straftaten im Vergleich zum Vorjahr von 309 auf 252 abgenommen, doch habe die Gründung eines NPD-Stadtverbandes im vergangenen Herbst ein „explosives Gemisch“ entstehen lassen. Die rechtsextreme DVU – bis zum Zerwürfnis mit der NPD Platzhirsch im rechtsextremen Spektrum – habe wenige Sympathisanten mobilisieren können. Die Szene in der Stadt habe bislang „kein festen Strukturen“ gehabt. Die Potsdamer Neonazis seien eher zu Veranstaltungen nach Leipzig oder Dresden gefahren, als in Potsdam offen aufzutreten. Nun aber hätten die verschiedenen Gruppen mit der NPD ein „einheitliches Dach“. Sie träten vermehrt gemeinsam auf. Allerdings sei noch schwer zu sagen, wer in der Szene etwas zu sagen habe. Einen „Qualitätssprung“ beobachte die Polizei auch hinsichtlich des Internetauftritts der Rechtsextremen.

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