“Sehnsucht nach Hitler”: Kritik an FPÖ wegen Facebook-Posting

Im Burgenland kritisieren die Grünen erneut die FPÖ wegen eines Facebook-Postings: Die Stadtgruppe Pinkafeld (angelegt als öffentliche Gruppe, Anm.) zeigte auf ihrer Seite am Freitag ein Foto einen Mann mit Seitenscheitel und markantem Oberlippenbart. Darüber stand geschrieben: “Die Rettung naht! Dauert nur etwas, er nimmt die Straßenbahn…” “In der Ortsparteigruppe von FPÖ-Obmann Norbert Hofer scheuen sich die Mitglieder nicht, ihre Sehnsucht nach einem Wiedererscheinen Hitlers kundzutun”, stellten die Grünen dazu in einer Aussendung fest. Sie frage sich, welche Autorität Johann Tschürtz als Parteiobmann in seiner Landespartei habe, wenn es ihm nicht gelinge, “die braunen Umtriebe in den blauen Ortsgruppen abzustellen”, so Landessprecherin Regina Petrik.
Kritik an Doskozil An Landeshauptmann Hans Peter Doskozil (SPÖ) stellte sie die Frage: “Wie viele Einzelfälle braucht es, damit auch die SPÖ Burgenland das Sittenbild ihres Koalitionspartners erkennt?” Petrik forderte Doskozil in dem Zusammenhang erneut auf, “die rot-blaue Regierungskoalition im Burgenland zu beenden und bis zur Landtagswahl im Jänner 2020 im Landtag neue Mehrheiten zu suchen”.

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An Iranian Activist Wrote Dozens of Articles for Right-Wing Outlets. But Is He a Real Person? #FalseFlag #FakeNews

In 2018, President Donald Trump was seeking to jettison the landmark nuclear deal that his predecessor had signed with Iran in 2015, and he was looking for ways to win over a skeptical press. The White House claimed that the nuclear deal had allowed Iran to increase its military budget, and Washington Post reporters Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly asked for a source. In response, the White House passed along an article published in Forbes by a writer named Heshmat Alavi. “Iran’s current budget is funded largely through ‘oil, taxes, increasing bonds, [and] eliminating cash handouts or subsidies’ for Iranians, according to an article by a Forbes contributor, Heshmat Alavi, sent to us by a White House official,” Rizzo and Kelly reported. The White House had used Alavi’s article — itself partly drawn from Iranian sources — to justify its decision to terminate the agreement. There’s a problem, though: Heshmat Alavi appears not to exist. Alavi’s persona is a propaganda operation run by the Iranian opposition group Mojahedin-e-Khalq, which is known by the initials MEK, two sources told The Intercept. “Heshmat Alavi is a persona run by a team of people from the political wing of the MEK,” said Hassan Heyrani, a high-ranking defector from the MEK who said he had direct knowledge of the operation. “They write whatever they are directed by their commanders and use this name to place articles in the press. This is not and has never been a real person.” Heyrani said the fake persona has been managed by a team of MEK operatives in Albania, where the group has one of its bases, and is used to spread its message online. Heyrani’s account is echoed by Sara Zahiri, a Farsi-language researcher who focuses on the MEK. Zahiri, who has sources among Iranian government cybersecurity officials, said that Alavi is known inside Iran to be a “group account” run by a team of MEK members and that Alavi himself does not exist. (…) Alavi’s articles tend to mix scathing denunciations of the Iranian government with not-so-subtle suggestions that it might be replaced by the MEK and its leader, Maryam Rajavi. The group seems to have had great success with Alavi, particularly at Forbes.
The Intercept reached out to editors at the outlets that Alavi has published articles with over the past several years. None of these outlets were able to confirm that they ever spoke with or met Alavi. He was not paid for his writing at Forbes, the Daily Caller, or the Diplomat, according to spokespeople for those publications. Although Alavi has published articles about Iran in a number of predominantly right-leaning publications, by far the most frequent publisher of his articles is Forbes. In a span of a year, between April 2017 and April 2018, Alavi published a staggering 61 articles for the Forbes website. A Twitter account created under Alavi’s name in 2014 boasts over 30,000 followers, including a number of journalists and D.C.-based conservative think tank employees. The account frequently shares articles and hashtags praising Rajavi and shares footage of protests and events held by the MEK.

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Thanks to Facebook, Your Cellphone Company Is Watching You More Closely Than Ever

Among the mega-corporations that surveil you, your cellphone carrier has always been one of the keenest monitors, in constant contact with the one small device you keep on you at almost every moment. A confidential Facebook document reviewed by The Intercept shows that the social network courts carriers, along with phone makers — some 100 different companies in 50 countries — by offering the use of even more surveillance data, pulled straight from your smartphone by Facebook itself. Offered to select Facebook partners, the data includes not just technical information about Facebook members’ devices and use of Wi-Fi and cellular networks, but also their past locations, interests, and even their social groups. This data is sourced not just from the company’s main iOS and Android apps, but from Instagram and Messenger as well. The data has been used by Facebook partners to assess their standing against competitors, including customers lost to and won from them, but also for more controversial uses like racially targeted ads. Some experts are particularly alarmed that Facebook has marketed the use of the information — and appears to have helped directly facilitate its use, along with other Facebook data — for the purpose of screening customers on the basis of likely creditworthiness. Such use could potentially run afoul of federal law, which tightly governs credit assessments. (…) But Facebook’s “Actionable Insights,” a corporate data-sharing program, suggests that even the incredible visibility telecoms have into your daily life isn’t enough — and Zuckerberg et al. can do them one better. Actionable Insights was announced last year in an innocuous, easy-to-miss post on Facebook’s engineering blog. The article, titled “Announcing tools to help partners improve connectivity,” strongly suggested that the program was primarily aimed at solving weak cellular data connections around the world. “To address this problem,” the post began, “we are building a diverse set of technologies, products, and partnerships designed to expand the boundaries of existing connectivity quality and performance, catalyze new market segments, and bring better access to the unconnected.” What sort of monster would stand against better access for the unconnected? The blog post makes only a brief mention of Actionable Insights’ second, less altruistic purpose: “enabling better business decisions” through “analytics tools.” According to materials reviewed by The Intercept and a source directly familiar with the program, the real boon of Actionable Insights lies not in its ability to fix spotty connections, but to help chosen corporations use your personal data to buy more tightly targeted advertising. (…) The confidential Facebook document provides an overview of Actionable Insights and espouses its benefits to potential corporate users. It shows how the program, ostensibly created to help improve underserved cellular customers, is pulling in far more data than how many bars you’re getting. According to one portion of the presentation, the Facebook mobile app harvests and packages eight different categories of information for use by over 100 different telecom companies in over 50 different countries around the world, including usage data from the phones of children as young as 13. These categories include use of video, demographics, location, use of Wi-Fi and cellular networks, personal interests, device information, and friend homophily, an academic term of art. A 2017 article on social media friendship from the Journal of the Society of Multivariate Experimental Psychology defined “homophily” in this context as “the tendency of nodes to form relations with those who are similar to themselves.” In other words, Facebook is using your phone to not only provide behavioral data about you to cellphone carriers, but about your friends as well. From these eight categories alone, a third party could learn an extraordinary amount about patterns of users’ daily life, and although the document claims that the data collected through the program is “aggregated and anonymized,” academic studies have found time and again that so-called anonymized user data can be easily de-anonymized. Today, such claims of anonymization and aggregation are essentially boilerplate from companies who wager you’ll be comfortable with them possessing a mammoth trove of personal observations and behavioral predictions about your past and future if the underlying data is sufficiently neutered and grouped with your neighbor’s.

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Neo-Nazi protesters disrupt Motor City Pride celebrations in Detroit

Members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM) turned up in Detroit to protest against the Motor City Pride celebrations. Police were seen escorting the neo-Nazi group on Saturday (June 8), the first day of Motor City Pride in the city of Detroit. “Today at Motor City Pride, a friendly LGBT+ event, Detroit PD escorted Nazi’s in full uniform outside of the entrance to the festival,” one Twitter user posted. “Detroit PD bruised those that tried to intervene and allowed this to happen,” they added. Video footage showed the NSM group surrounded with police as they walked down the streets wearing flags and clothes with the Swastika sign. Attendees of the two-day Pride festival could be heard in the background asking the police: “Why are you protecting them? These are literal Nazis.” Today at Motor City Pride, a friendly LGBT+ event, Detroit PD escorted Nazi’s in full uniform outside of the entrance to the festival. Detroit PD bruised those that tried to intervene (see below) and allowed this to happen. pic.twitter.com/lDcbemzhek — marc (@marcklock) June 9, 2019. (…)
The protests came as it emerged that Burt Colucci, self-identified ‘commander’ of the neo-Nazi group, had posted details of the protest on Russian social network VK in April. “NSM will be armed and counter-protesting the freaks,” Burt Colucci’s post said. “NSM, lets put some boots on the ground!! I don’t really give a damn about op-sec or Antifa in this situation. We go in with Swastikas blazing and if people don’t like it, tough s**t…” †In a post on Sunday (June 9), Colucci said: “We told the police we didn’t need or want them there, they insisted.”

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siehe auch: Neo-Nazi appears to urinate on Israeli flag as group crashes Detroit pride event. Several dozen members of National Socialist Movement disrupt Motor City Pride; man photographed straddling Israel’s banner as it lies on the floor at his feet. A group of neo-Nazis tried to disrupt the pride parade in Detroit on Saturday, with one man photographed as he appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag.; White supremacist appears to urinate on an Israeli flag as nationalist group interrupts LGBT celebration in Detroit by tearing apart Pride flags and giving Nazi salutes. White supremacists caused outrage among the LGBT community when one of them appeared to urinate on an Israeli flag during a Pride event in Detroit. The National Socialist Movement showed up at Motor City Pride doing Nazi salutes and were seen tearing a Pride flag as people watched on in horror. The group is one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the United States and is known for its anti-Jewish and racist protests

Gefälschte Presseausweise – Razzia bei „ #Volkslehrer “ Nikolai N. in Berlin – #schauhin #betrüger #hetzer #lügner

Er leugnet die Shoa, verbreitet Verschwörungstheorien. Nun durchsuchte die Polizei die Wohnung von Nikolai N. wegen Dokumentenfälschung. Bereits am Donnerstag hat die Berliner Polizei die Wohnung des selbsternannten „Volkslehrers“ Nikolai N. durchsucht. Anlass ist ein vom Amtsgericht München erlassener Durchsuchungsbeschluss. In dem von der Staatsanwaltschaft München geführten Ermittlungsverfahren geht es um den Vorwurf der Dokumentenfälschung. Das bestätigte ein Sprecher der Polizei. Wie N. selbst in einem im Internet veröffentlichen Video preisgab, wird wegen eines gefälschten Presseausweises ermittelt. Auslöser ist ein Prozess gegen die Geschwister Monika (59) und Alfred (63) Schaefer wegen Volksverhetzung – bei ihm in Tateinheit mit dem Verwenden von Kennzeichen verfassungswidriger Organisationen. Sie hatten ein Video veröffentlicht, in dem sie nach Überzeugung des Gerichts den Holocaust geleugnet, sich antisemitisch und rassistisch geäußert haben. Bei dem Prozess war auch N. anwesend. Dabei war die Behörden auf den Presseausweis des Volkslehrer aufmerksam geworden. N. soll sich wie andere Rechtsextremisten über illegale Kanäle einen Presseausweis besorgt haben.

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Czech candidate shocked when online haters targeted her two-year-old

Nina Špitálníková, who recently ran for the Pirate Party during the elections to the European Parliament, became a target of hate speech during the campaign. Racist invective through social media was also targeted at her two-year-old son. The candidate has decided to file a crime report over one of the threats. She was recently interviewed about the experience by news server iROZHLAS.cz, the online service of Czech Radio. “In the beginning it was comments on social media, then text messages arrived saying that my ‘nigger’ child is the dregs of society and that I am disrupting the traditional white family. Or that my child probably is not Aryan. From my perspective these were purely racist attacks because my son is mulatto,” said the Korean Studies graduate and production manager for the Cross Club in Prague.

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Auf Vorschlag Brandenburgs Justizminister einig im Kampf gegen Nazi-Shops im Internet

Justizminister und Justizminsterinnen der Länder wollen „Volksverhetzung aus dem Ausland im Internet wirksam zu bekämpfen“. Auf ihrer Frühjahrstagung in Travemünde sind die Justizminister und Justizminsterinnen der Länder einstimmig dem Vorschlag Brandenburgs gefolgt, „Volksverhetzung aus dem Ausland im Internet wirksam zu bekämpfen“. „Es muss endlich möglich sein, den Internethandel mit volksverhetzenden Produkten europaweit zu verfolgen und zu beenden. Das Internet darf kein rechtsfreier Raum für Menschen sein, die antisemitische Hetzschriften verbreiten, Nazi-Devotionalien verkaufen, den Holocaust verherrlichen und daraus Profit machen.“, so Brandenburgs Justizminister Stefan Ludwig in der Begründung. In einem entsprechendem Entschluss der Justizminister wird die Bundesregierung dazu aufgefordert, auf EU-Ebene eine Regelung zu erwirken, die volksverhetzende Inhalte per gerichtlicher Anordung aus dem Internet entfernen lässt.

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Vlaams Belang member ‘does not see the harm’ in liking Nazi propaganda songs

A city councillor of the far-right party Vlaams Belang in Stabroek, Jef Leffelaer, has been discredited after he openly expressed his sympathy for Nazi songs and propaganda online. Leffelaer (62) was elected councillor in Stabroek in October 2018. In the meantime, his page of liked videos on YouTube has since been removed or protected, but the list included the ‘Alte Kameraden Mars’ (played in German concentration camps during the WWII), ‘Kom in’t Bruine Legioen’ and ‘Lied der Flämische Freiwillige’ (sung by the Flemish Waffen-SS). In the songs, the Waffen-SS and collaboration with the Nazis are praised, but Leffelaer does not see any harm in them. “I like marching music, the is no harm in that,” Leffelaer said to Het Nieuwsblad. “But I can understand if people do not understand that.” When asked if he could explain his comment ‘they fought for an ideal, still ours’ that he left under one of the songs on YouTube, Leffelaer said: “That is something from five years ago. I am a Flemish nationalist and I have been called a collaborator all my life. An ugly word that actually just means ‘working together’.”

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siehe auch: Oude liefde voor SS-muziek van Vlaams Belanger gaat viraal: “Elke stok is goed om ons te slaan”. Een screenshot van de muzieksmaak van lokaal Vlaams-Belanger Jef Leffelaer, gemeenteraadslid in Stabroek, gaat viraal. Op het Facebookprofiel van Leffelaer is te zien dat hij muziek van de Wehrmacht beluisterd heeft. “We betreuren het, maar de feiten zijn van vijf jaar geleden, nog vóór Leffelaer de eed aflegde voor Vlaams Belang”, zegt woordvoerder van de partij Klaas Slootmans. Het screenshot met de muzieksmaak van Leffelaer wordt onder meer gedeeld door Saïd Bataray van het Democratisch-Solidair Appèl of D-SA, een nog jonge, Antwerpse partij. Onder de nummers veel Duitse, militaire muziek uit de Eerste Wereldoorlog en nummers gelinkt aan de Wehrmacht, het Duitse leger onder Adolf Hitler. Maar ook een reactie van Leffelaer gaat viraal, ruim vijf jaar oud, onder een video op YouTube met een lied van de Vlaamse SS-vrijwilligers. “Zij vochten toen voor een ideaal, nog steeds het onze”, schrijft hij daar. Aan Gazet Van Antwerpen verklaarde Leffelaer dat hij zich zou verontschuldigen voor die uitspraak als die iemand gekwetst zou hebben. “Maar dit is iets van vijf jaar geleden. Je moet daar verder niets achter zoeken. Ik ben een Vlaams-nationalist en word al mijn hele leven uitgemaakt voor collaborateur. Een lelijk woord dat eigenlijk toch gewoon ‘samenwerken’ betekent?”, aldus Leffelaer in de krant.

REVEALED: ‘Straight Pride’ organizers’ links to notorious white supremacy groups as they replace ‘mascot’ Brad Pitt with right-wing pundit Milo Yiannopoulos after complaints from the actor

Mark Sahady, John Hugo and Chris Bartley all have ties to Resist Marxism. It was founded by right-wing activist Kyle Chapman in 2017 and has been described as a front for ‘hardcore white supremacy’ groups. Sahady has attended rallies in Portland with the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer Last August, he was photographed at one wielding a stick and wearing a helmet. He is also friendly with John Cameron, a member of ultra right-wing group. The American Guard Hugo’s unsuccessful congressional campaign was supported by Resist Marxism Bartley, their ‘gay ambassador’, has shared photos from the group’s meet-ups on social media. The men want to hold a Straight Pride parade in Boston in August. They say it is not designed to be hateful towards gay people but that they deserve the right to celebrate their sexuality as homosexual people do. The organizers of a Straight Pride parade causing widespread outrage and claims of homophobia have ties to white supremacists groups, it has been revealed. Mark Sahady, John Hugo and Chris Bartley announced their plans for the parade on social media on Tuesday under their group, Super Happy Fun America. The want it to take place in Boston at the end of August and they are in the process of obtaining permits for it. The men say it is designed to celebrate straight people, who they say are an ‘oppressed majority’, and insist it has nothing to do with hate. But as they had their plans mocked online, details of their more sinister political links emerged. Sahady and Bartley are both part of Resist Marxism, a Conservative group founded by the infamous New Zealand activist Kyle Chapman in 2017. Chapman is best known as Based Stickman for brandishing a leaded cane at right wing protests in California and using it to hit anti-fa protesters.

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Verfassungsschutz alarmiert – Geheime Analyse: Neonazis nutzen Treffen mit Ex-SS-Leuten zunehmend zum Vernetzen

Eine vertrauliche Verfassungsschutz-Analyse offenbart: Rechtsextremisten haben in den vergangenen Jahren mehr und mehr Vorträge von „Zeitzeugen“ organisiert, die über ihre Erlebnisse in Hitlerjugend und Waffen-SS berichten. Inzwischen treffen sich die Neonazis dazu nicht mehr nur in Sachsen, sondern in ganz Deutschland. Rechtsextremisten haben seit 2018 bundesweit rund 60 Vorträge so genannter „Zeitzeugen“ organisiert, die über ihre Erlebnisse bei der Hitlerjugend, der Waffen-SS oder in sowjetischer Gefangenschaft berichten. Das geht aus einer vertraulichen Analyse des Bundesamts für Verfassungsschutz („VS – Nur für den Dienstgebrauch“) hervor, die FOCUS Online vorliegt. “Wichtiger Anlaufpunkt für die rechtsextremistische Szene” Dem Bericht zufolge gewinnen derartige Veranstaltungen seit einigen Jahren „zunehmende Bedeutung“. Sie zögen zum Teil mehrere hundert Besucher an und dienten „nicht nur der ideologischen Prägung von Szeneangehörigen”, sondern auch der Kontaktanbahnung von Mitgliedern unterschiedlicher rechter Milieus. Laut Verfassungsschutz haben sich Zeitzeugenvorträge „zu einem wichtigen Anlaufpunkt“ für die rechtsextremistische Szene entwickelt. „Insbesondere seit 2016 ist ein stetiger Anstieg der Veranstaltungszahlen zu beobachten.“ Während bis 2017 vor allem sächsische Rechtsextremisten – etwa im Raum Chemnitz – regelmäßige Zeitzeugenvorträge organisierten, fänden derartige Veranstaltungen „mittlerweile im gesamten Bundesgebiet statt“. (…) Zeitzeugenvorträge werden weitgehend szeneintern – etwa in geschlossenen Gruppen sozialer Netzwerke – beworben. Neben Aktivisten lokaler rechtsextremistischer Zirkel treten „zunehmend Untergliederungen rechtsextremistischer Parteien als Veranstalter in Erscheinung“, so der Verfassungsschutz. „Besonders aktiv“ seien Verbände von „Die Rechte“ und „Der III. Weg“. Die Parteien nutzten die Veranstaltungen „zur Bewerbung ihrer Parteiaktivitäten und zur Werbung neuer Mitglieder“. (…) Zu ihnen gehören der 91-jährige Klaus Grotjahn aus Bielefeld, einst Angehöriger der 11. SS-Freiwilligendivision „Nordland“, sowie der 92-jährige Richard Neubrech aus Kaiserslautern, der über seine Erlebnisse bei der Hitlerjugend und der 3. SS-Panzerdivision „Totenkopf“ berichtet. Ein weiterer Referent ist der aus Klagenfurt (Österreich) stammende Herbert Bellschan von Mildenburg. Zuletzt sprach der 95-Jährige am 31. März 2019 in Dortmund über seine Kriegserlebnisse in der Waffen-SS. Im November 2018 war auch der 96-jährige Karl Münter, ehemaliger Angehöriger der 12. SS-Panzerdivision „Hitlerjugend“, bei einem Vortragsabend in Fretterode (Thüringen) aufgetreten. Münter hatte dem ARD-Fernsehmagazin „Panorama“ kurz zuvor ein Interview gegeben, in dem er die Erschießung von 86 französischen gefangenen Zivilisten im nordfranzösischen Ascq im Jahr 1944 als legitim bezeichnet hatte.

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