Parliamentary Committee accepts BIA report

Director of BIA Sasa Vukadinovic pointed out that Serbia is continuously exposed to certain security risks and that they are the highest priority of BIA’s work, since the destabilization of Serbia and other countries in the region is possible. The parliamentary Committee on Defense and Security accepted Wednesday the reports on the work of the Security – Information Agency (BIA) from March to October 2009 and on the country’s security situation, and the greatest number of objections at the session, which lasted around three hours, came from the MPs of the Radical Party of Serbia (SRS). Eight members of the Committee voted for accepting the reports, whereas four radicals abstained from voting. Presenting the reports to the committee members, Director of BIA Sasa Vukadinovic said that the security situation in Serbia is stable, that the act of illegal self-proclamation of independence of Kosovo and Metohija remains the biggest destabilizing factor and that the agency’s priority is to complete the cooperation with The Hague Tribunal. He pointed out that Serbia is continuously exposed to certain security risks and that they are the highest priority of BIA’s work, since the destabilization of Serbia and other countries in the region is possible. (…) Vukadinovic underlined that the agency carefully considered the activities of the ultra-right organizations, neo-Nazi and other extreme groups, and added that, when it comes to this issue, a good cooperation was established with the MUP and that the exchange of information led to arresting of some members of such organizations.

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‘Swastika’ forum on UO campus sparks protest, confrontation

A self-proclaimed neo-Nazi stormed out of an event where he was scheduled to speak at the University of Oregon campus Friday afternoon. It happened during a discussion forum about the swastika, where hundreds of protesters showed up to rally against the organization conducting the event: the Pacifica Forum. Protesters said it was because they believe the group promotes hate speech.

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New wave of neo-Nazi violence hits Saint Petersburg?

Saint Petersburg’s Nazi group has assumed responsibility for the December murder of a Ghana citizen, reported. Police hope that the internet video confession will help them find the criminals. In a video the group posted online, a man in a mask greets his fellow extremists, calling for further terror. In an address, Nazi group NS-WP confessed that they killed 25 year-old Solomon Attengo Gvadjo on December 25.The man suffered some 40 knife wounds to the stomach, head, neck, chest, arms and legs. As the Nazi’s announcement came close to the New Year’s celebration when police were preparing for mass celebrations in the city, it appeared almost unnoticed by law enforcement agencies. Meanwhile, the internet address contained a video recording of the attack. The man in the video said in a disguised voice that “Nazis have lost their best warriors” with many “kept in captivity.” Then it gave the reference to an article about the murder of Solomon Attengo Gvadjo, followed by a video of the attack. The video concluded with a poster showing Dmitry Borovikov, a neo-Nazi “icon”, killed in May 2006.

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siehe auch: Russische Nazis prahlen mit Mord an Ghanaer. Russische Rechtsextremisten haben sich zum Mord an einem Ghanaer nahe Moskau Ende vergangenen Jahres bekannt und ein Video der Tat ins Internet gestellt. In dem Film sei der Angriff auf den Afrikaner zu sehen, der am 26. Dezember in einem Krankenhaus an Dutzenden Stichverletzungen gestorben war. Das berichteten russische Medien.


Ex-BNP member ‘obsessed with guns and explosives’ who turned his home into a bomb factory is jailed for 11 years

This is the fearsome collection of guns, bombs and ammunition found at the home of a former British National Party activist fascinated by ‘things that went bang’. For a decade Terrance Gavan stockpiled an arsenal of home-made weapons, including nail and ball-bearing bombs, shotguns, pen guns and pistols. The 39-year-old former neo-Nazi turned his home into a bomb and gun factory, leaving hand grenades, shotguns, knives and fireworks littered around his attic bedroom. Gavan, a former soldier, had converted it into a workshop, complete with a metal lathe and bullet press which he kept alongside an extensive collection of weapons and military equipment, including knives, a samurai sword, camouflage clothing, guns and bullets. The cache was discovered when anti-terror police searched the terraced house he shared with his mother in May last year after Gavan was linked to a website selling parts for weapons. They discovered 54 homemade explosive devices which he had constructed over a decade, including 21 nail bombs, four bombs packed with ball bearings and 28 other devices, such as pipe-bombs and reactivated hand grenades. One booby-trap bomb was even disguised as a packet of cigarettes. Yesterday, the weapons-obsessed loner was jailed for 11 years at the Old Bailey

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Czech police detain three suspected extremists

The Czech police Squad for Uncovering Organised Crime (UOOZ) detained three people suspected of public promotion of neo-Nazi movements on Wednesday, and the police plan to accuse six people, UOOZ spokesman Pavel Hantak told CTK today . He added the UOOZ might arrest more people. The police action code-named Lotta II follows up the October crackdown on extremists. On Wednesday, the UOOZ was operating in Prague, Brno, Jihlava, south Moravia, and in Svetla nad Sazavou, east Bohemia. The raid continues, Hantak said, and this is why he refused to release more details on the case. Lotta II was launched in early morning hours on Wednesday. “It is the culmination of the detectives´ long-term work based on information obtained not only from the investigation into the police files from last October,” Hantak said. Last October the police carried out an extensive raid among alleged neo-Nazis. Detectives detained 24 people in several places all over the Czech Republic. Organised crime police chief Robert Slachta then said some of the detainees were originally suspected of having prepared a terrorist attack in the Czech Republic.

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Czech Workers´ Party inspired by national socialism – expert

The Czech ultra-right Workers’ Party has been inspired by German national socialism and Adolf Hitler´s ideology in some aspects, expert in rightist extremism Michal Mazel testified in court dealing with the party’s abolition today. This is manifested, for instance, by the party´s classification of people according to their ethnicity, race, Mazel told the court. He added that the DS is mainly aimed at Romanies this way.

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siehe auch: Workers’ Party ideologically and rhetorically linked to Nazism. Here in the Czech Republic, some journalists and lawyers have gotten used to taking the arguments of Workers’ Party chair Tomáš Vandas seriously. To a great extent, the positivistic approach of courts to the law, which focuses more on formal requirements than on the essence of a case, is responsible for this. Why this method of consideration has been taken on by journalists deserves a separate study. Let’s look more closely at the main arguments that have been made by Vandas during this ongoing trial; DS trial Day 4: DS linked to Hitler’s legacy, Šlégr and Švehlík refuse to testify. Yesterday, the hearing before the Supreme Administrative Court on the Czech Government’s motion to dissolve the Workers’ Party (Dělnická strana – DS) entered its fourth day. The government presented a great deal of irrefutable evidence on the connection between the party and neo-Nazi groups. Presiding judge Vojtěch Šimíček began the proceedings by asking whether the government had any other evidence to introduce. Representatives of the government submitted a text to the court of a right-wing speech given in German at a march in Munich in May 2009. Patrik Vondrák, the head of the Prague DS branch, also spoke at the march. “In our view, this documents the fact that the neo-Nazi movement is internationalizing, and within that framework, a highly-placed representative of the Workers’ Party is making speeches,” Czech Interior Ministry lawyer Karel Bačkovský explained to Texts downloaded from the DS website served as a second piece of government evidence. The press department of the party published its “Invitation to Svitavy” on that website, calling for a demonstration against the imprisonment of Vlastimil Pechanec, who was sentenced several years ago to an extraordinary sentence of 17 years in prison for racially motivated murder. DS head Tomáš Vandas denied the party had convened the event. The DS leader evaded responsibility by characterizing the announcement as “just general information that the event is taking place, nothing more.” According to right-wing extremism expert Michal Mazel, the party is inspired by German National Socialism and the ideology of Adolf Hitler. This can be seen, for example, in their classification of people according to nationality. “In many of their speeches there is a tendency to distinguish among people according to their ethnicity, according to their racial origin, to separate people into ‘us, the good’ and ‘them, the bad’,” testified Mazel. The DS was said to primarily target Roma. Vandas has long denied any connection to Nazism.

Four investigated over neo-Nazi links

Police officers stand guard outside the home of suspected white supremacist Ian Davison in Burnopfield, County Durham, after the deadly poison ricin was discovered in a jam jar in Davison’s kitchen, following his arrest TWO suspected neo-Nazis due to appear in court tomorrow are alleged to belong to the same extreme right wing organisation as a County Durham father and son arrested on terrorism charges. Trevor Hannington, 58, and Michael Heaton, 42, are accused of being “administrators” of the Aryan Strike Force website and used wall posts to encourage others to murder Jews. They are due before the Old Bailey tomorrow facing a string of terrorism and public order offences dating back to January 2008. Also alleged to have links to the Aryan Strike Force are former pub DJ Ian Davison, 41, and his son Nicky, 18. Ian Davison was brought before City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London last June accused of stashing deadly poison and explosives at his North East home.

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