Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Canada Canada – Anti-Semitism on the Rise in Canada

A Jewish agency says anti-Semitic remarks by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad contributed to rising anti-Semitism in Canada. Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada have quadrupled over the past decade, according to the League for Human Rights of B’nai B’rith Canada. More than 1,000 anti-Semitic incidents were reported to the league in 2007, up from 240 in 1998, the league said in its annual “Audit of Anti-Semitism.” The 2007 figure also represents an increase of 11.4% over 2006, when 935 incidents were reported. The incidents ranged from the firebombing of a synagogue during Passover to the vandalism of homes with anti-Semitic graffiti.

St. Petersburg faces neo-Nazi challenges

Breaking News – JTA, Jewish & Israel News – St. Petersburg faces neo-Nazi challenges

St. Petersburg prosecutors have ordered two principals who failed to report students’ ties to neo-Nazis be punished. One of the students was later charged with murder, leading to scrutiny from local officials who discovered that the school administrator had not reported him, according to the Web site. School officials are obligated to inform municipal officials about neo-Nazis attending their schools, one of several efforts to combat the groups’ influence. Students showed up at school with shaved heads and clothing associated with neo-Nazi groups in Russia. One of the students brought to school neo-Nazi literature and Nazi artifacts he had unearthed in battlefields around the city. A St. Petersburg court also sentenced six anti-fascists for their part in an attack on a rally held by one of Russia’s most xenophobic groups, leading to questions of whether the punishment was fair. The six youths are part of movement who push back, often violently, against neo-Nazi youths in Russia.

Vandals strike Roma party headquarters in Serb capital

Vandals strike Roma party headquarters in Serb capital : Europe World

Belgrade – A building housing the Serbian Roma Union party’s headquarters was vandalized overnight with painted threats, curses and swastikas, the group said Friday. Rajko Djuric, the party’s president, blamed a “fascist” mood of intolerance reminiscent of Slobodan Milosevic’s regime as hardline nationalist politicians seek to form Serbia’s next government. “I’m not surprised by this, having in mind the country we live in. We live in a pig sty,” he told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. Unidentified people painted swastikas and wrote insults on the building in downtown Belgrade during the night. Police were investigating. Djuric used to be a member of parliament, but his party won too few votes to get seats in the new legislature Serbs elected on May 11. Anti-Roma actions are not uncommon in Serbia. A Roma boy was killed several years ago by a group of skinheads. Last October, neo-Nazis planned a march in Novi Sad, a city that was the scene of a 1942 Nazi massacre of Jews, Serbs and Roma during World War II.

Slovak court acquits extremist organisation representative

Romano Vodi – Slovak court acquits extremist organisation representative – News

A Bratislava district court today acquitted Michal Lassak, a leading official of the nationalist Slovenska pospolitost (Slovak Community) association, of racist attack charges due to the lack of evidence. According to the charges, Lassak brutally attacked a dark-skinned man on a tram in Bratislava in 2000. Nevertheless, one of the principal witnesses, an elderly doctor from Bratislava, refused to testify in court about the incident, in fears of his safety. The victim was not able to identify Lassak clearly. “There are more doubts than pieces of evidence to prove guilt in this case. The court was not able to clearly state that the accused man had committed the act,” a judge said. The prosecutor insists on Lassak’s being guilty.

Former Swedish neo-Nazis become Holocaust commemorators

Former Swedish neo-Nazis become Holocaust commemorators – International Herald Tribune

They used to paint swastika graffiti, get into street fights with immigrants, distribute anti-Semitic propaganda. But after studying the cases of a few of the 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis during World War II, some former Swedish neo-Nazi teenagers came to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial to underline their new attitudes. The kids, some of whom were active members of neo-Nazi groups, came to the memorial on Monday to present the findings of their research into the stories of 16 Holocaust victims from their hometown of Karlstad, and add pages of testimony for the previously unknown dead. The project, named Combatting Social Unrest, is the initiative of Swedish Holocaust educator Christer Mattsson. The concept is to take troubled youths off the street, confront their prejudices and ignorance and slowly convert them into Holocaust educators themselves.

Neo Nazi groups gather for Troodos summer camp

Neo Nazi groups gather for Troodos summer camp : Indybay

CYPRUS has been named as a summer camping destination by two European far right political organisations.
The National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), led by Udo Voigt, is considered to be a de facto neo-Nazi organization. The NPD has had a turbulent history marked by a federal government bid to ban it in 2003, while a year later it won 9.2 per cent of the overall vote in the Saxony state election. Forza Nuova (FN) or New Force, an Italian neo-fascist party led by Roberto Fiore, is singled out by experts as “the largest and most active extreme right group” in Italy. Local youth organisations EDON, affiliated to governing AKEL, and NEDISY of main right wing opposition DISY were not impressed. “They have made official announcements as to common activities throughout Europe and Cyprus is included,” EDON’s General-secretary Christos Christofides told the Mail. “They decorated their announcement with nationalist and racist garnishing about how Cyprus has been overtaken by Muslims and how Greek Orthodox churches have been destroyed in the occupied areas.” NEDISY President Christoforos Fokaides said that, “we’ve seen neo-fascist activity arising intermittently in the past. I can confirm that these two organisations are indeed planning to come to Cyprus in the summer.” (…) “I imagine that they are in contact with Chrysi Avyi [Golden Dawn] members,” Christofides said. “Unfortunately, we’ve witnessed Nazi and fascist symbols appear in football stadiums during games,” he added. Chrysi Avgi is an extreme right nationalist organisation based in Greece which is thought to have pockets of support in Cyprus as well.

Xenophobia in a Small Ukrainian City

Union of Councils for Soviet Jews: Xenophobia in a Small Ukrainian City

Most stories about racist attacks in Ukraine take place in large cities, but a May 21, 2008 article in the Donetsk regional newspaper Vostochny Prospekt profiles these issues in Kramatorsk (population 200,000). While the incidents described in the piece hardly match the seriousness of the multiple assaults and murders in Kiev and other, larger Ukrainian cities, the article is evidence that the neo-Nazi movement is spreading beyond the big population centers to smaller cities, much like it started to do seven years ago in Russia.

Croatian PM wades into pro-Nazi row

Croatian PM wades into pro-Nazi row | Mercury – The Voice of Tasmania

CROATIAN Prime minister Ivo Sanader today condemned the display of World War II pro-Nazi Ustasha regime symbols at a rock concert, as a rights group prepared a lawsuit against a controversial singer. “What is happening is wrong. The Ustasha symbols have to be condemned. That regime doesn’t deserve to be worshipped in Croatia,” Mr Sanader was quoted as saying by the website of the local Jutarnji List newspaper. “The fact that all that is linked to this singer is regrettable. He should engage himself in an action to end all that,” Mr Sanader said. Zagreb’s decision to host a concert by Marko Perkovic – known by his stage name Thompson – who has often identified with the country’s World War II pro-Nazi regime, angered the Margel Institute enough for its head to seek prosecution. “We will file a lawsuit against singer Marko Perkovic Thompson and the city of Zagreb over several violations of the law banning discrimination and hatred,” Alen Budaj said. Some 60,000 people attended the concert on Saturday in Zagreb’s main square, organised by veterans of Croatia’s 1991-1995 war of independence from the former Yugoslavia. The Croatian branch of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights issued a complaint ahead of the concert, notably over a song that starts with a verse used during the pro-Nazi regime. According to Mr Budaj, the symbols of the World War II Nazi-allied Ustasha regime were displayed during the concert by several youngsters, who were also using Nazi salute.

siehe auch: Zagreb may face lawsuit over controversial singer’s concert. Croatian Prime Minister Ivo Sanader: “What is happening is wrong. The Ustasha symbols have to be condemned. That regime doesn’t deserve to be worshipped in Croatia.” A rights group on Monday announced legal action over Zagreb’s decision to host a concert of a controversial singer known for his sympathies with the country’s World War II pro-Nazi regime. (…) Perkovic, 41, and most of his fans were dressed all in black, the colour of the uniform of Croatia’s fascist Ustasha regime. Police said there were no incidents during the concert and they noted no displays of banned symbols.

Lithuanian Jews: Prosecute hate-mongers

Breaking News – JTA, Jewish & Israel News – Lithuanian Jews: Prosecute hate-mongers

Lithuanian Jewish leaders called on the state to prosecute those who propagate racial and ethnic hatred. The Conference of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, which represented 25 organizations, expressed deep concern about the rise in anti-Semitism and xenophobia in the country. “As loyal citizens of the Republic of Lithuania who have always supported Lithuania’s independence and Euro-Atlantic integration processes, we feel the responsibility to bring Lithuania’s attention to the fact that anti-Semitism, discrimination and any other forms of intolerance hurt a country’s reputation,” it said in a statement May 18.

Former US ambassador escapes arrest in UK for war crimes

The Muslim News – Former US ambassador escapes arrest in UK for war crimes

Former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, was reported Thursday to have escaped from attempts to put him on trial in the UK over alleged ‘war crimes’ committed during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Environmental campaigner George Monbiot tried to make a citizen’s arrest as Bolton ended an hour-long discussion at the Hay Literature Festival in Wales on Wednesday night but security staff were said to have intervened. Monbiot, a 45-year old author, academic and political activist, earlier challenged him on why, in planning, preparing and waging war against Iraq, he was any different from Nazi war criminals condemned at Nuremberg for alleged breaches. But according to the Guardian newspaper, he was bundled out of the tent where Bolton was speaking.