Regensburger CSU-Posse: Regierung rüffelt Stadträte

Oberpfalznetz – Regensburger CSU-Posse: Regierung rüffelt Stadträte
Umstrittene Mandatsträger können Ämter nicht ruhen lassen
Regensburg. (pk/km/dpa) Die CSU-Affäre in der Bezirkshauptstadt der Oberpfalz wird immer unübersichtlicher. Zu den gegenseitigen Vorwürfen, rechtsextremistisches Gedankengut zu pflegen, kommen jetzt auch noch formale Fehler. Die Bezirksregierung hat den vorläufigen Amtsverzicht von fünf der 29 CSU-Stadträte als rechtswidrig erklärt.

Auf dem rechten Auge blind – Deutschland – Nachrichten – Auf dem rechten Auge blind
Eine Studie der Grünen hat die politische Einstellung von Bürgern im ländlichen Raum untersucht. Das Ergebnis: Rassismus und Antisemitismus sind nicht nur bei ausgewiesenen Neonazis zu finden, sondern reichen bis weit in die Mitte der Gesellschaft – ohne dass es jemand merkt. Ist die Nazi-Ideologie in Deutschland weiter verbreitet als gedacht? Diese Frage wirft eine aktuelle Studie der Grünen auf, die am Mittwoch in Berlin präsentiert wurde. In der Studie wurden zwei Kommunen, eine in Ostdeutschland, eine in Bayern, auf das Vorhandensein nationalsozialistischer Einstellungen in der Bevölkerung untersucht. Das Ergebnis: Für die nationalsozialistische Ideologie typische Haltungen wie Rassismus, Antisemitismus, Demokratiefeindlichkeit und Sozialdarwinismus sind in beiden Fällen weit verbreitet – ohne dass die jeweils Betroffenen sich selbst als “Nazi” oder “rechtsextrem” bezeichnen würden oder von ihren Mitbürgern entsprechend wahrgenommen würden.
Der Grund dafür liegt der Studie zufolge in einer weit verbreiteten Fehlwahrnehmung: Nazi sein kann nur, wer offen rechtsextrem ist. Alle anderen befinden sich im politischen Normalbereich und können deshalb per Definition keine Nazis sein. (…) Die Befunde gleichen sich in Ost und West. Lokale Initiativen gegen Neonazis haben der Studie zufolge in den betroffenen Gemeinden nur dann die Unterstützung der Gemeinde, wenn der Bürgermeister selbst sich an der Spitze engagiert hat. Schon diese Beobachtung allein werten die Autoren der Studie als Demokratiedefizit.

Race Murderers Get 39 Years After Retrial

The St. Petersburg Times – News – Race Murderers Get 39 Years After Retrial
A 20-month jury trial rocked by judicial flaws that initially led to acquittals, prompting public condemnation and a retrial, ended Tuesday with the St. Petersburg City Court sentencing four white supremacists a total of 39 years in jail for murder. The court sentenced Andrei Gerasimov to 14 years in a high security prison for masterminding and taking part in the killing of 29-year-old Congolese student Roland Epassak in September 2005. Viktor Orlov, the youngest culprit in the group aged between 19 and 26, was sentenced to 7 years in jail, while Andrei Olenov and Yury Gromov will each serve a 9-year term.

Put Hate Crimes on the Human Rights Agenda

“Put Hate Crimes on the Human Rights Agenda –”
In February 2006, Ilan Halimi was found just outside Paris, half-naked, stabbed, and burned with cigarettes and acid. He died soon after — tortured and murdered for being a Jew. Stories of this nature rightfully horrify people everywhere. The disturbing truth is that we are living in a time of growing European antisemitism. France recorded a 6.6% rise in attacks against Jews for 2006. Ukraine saw a notable rise in attacks on Jewish individuals, as well as increasing vandalism of synagogues, cemeteries and Holocaust memorials. And the police chief of Berlin reported that neo-Nazi attacks had nearly doubled in his city over the course of 2006. (…) Hate crimes of all kinds are on the rise throughout the world. The ideologies of extremist nationalist movements find much to despise in anyone who does not fit their brutally narrow worldview, and developing news events often serve to provoke and shape violence. Attacks against innocent Muslims increase in the wake of extremist Muslim violence; anti-gay crime rises during gay pride events, and antisemitic violence spikes during periods of political animosity toward Israel, as during last summer’s war in Lebanon. Russian citizens from Chechnya face everyday threats in northern cities in a violent ripple effect spurred by the distant conflict in their homeland.

Fighting WWII from below ground

BBC NEWS | UK | Fighting WWII from below ground
Some 48,000 were conscripted to work down the mines during World War II to tackle severe coal shortages. The government has announced that the Bevin Boys, as they were known, will receive a special honour to commemorate their contribution to the war effort. They dreamt of fighting for Britain on the World War II battlefields of Europe but instead they were sent underground to mine for coal.
Yet, despite helping to fuel the war against the Nazis from the dark and dangerous tunnels of the country’s pits, the young wartime conscript miners enjoyed little recognition. The Bevin Boys, named after wartime Labour minister Ernest Bevin, were regularly abused for not being in uniform by those who wrongly thought they were conscientious objectors.

Plaque marking wartime paratroopers secretly installed in Prague

Plaque marking wartime paratroopers secretly installed in Prague – Prague Daily Monitor
An anonymous group dubbed “Barbarians” secretly installed a small memorial plaque commemorating the Czech paratroopers who killed wartime Nazi leader of Bohemia and Moravia Reinhard Heydrich in 1942 on a house on the spot of the event in Prague 8 in the night to Monday, but the local authority will not remove it, its spokesman Helena Smidova told CTK Tuesday.

Soldiers charged with equipment thefts – Current Article Page – Soldiers charged with equipment thefts
Joffre ‘Trey’ Cross lists as heroes on his MySpace Web page Otto Skorzeny, a Nazi special operations officer who helped smuggle war criminals to Spain after the war. Joffre Cross and Jason Niewoit cut the lock on the steering wheel of a Humvee parked in front of an aviation unit headquarters on Fort Bragg. The two paratroopers drove it through darkened streets and stashed it in the woods that make up much of the post. The men were hoping to sell the Humvee — and a 105 mm howitzer they apparently planned to steal as well — to white supremacists. They already had sold stolen body armor and morphine in May, according to U.S. District Court records. They never got the chance to deliver the Humvee or the howitzer. The “white supremacist” with whom they were doing business was an undercover FBI agent. (…) “My client is not a white supremacist, nor is he aligned with any white supremacist group,” said Jeff Welty, Niewoit’s lawyer. Niewoit is an 18-year-old private who grew up in Michigan. The lawyer for Cross — a 21-year-old private from Houston — refused to comment.
But Cross’ MySpace page on the Internet — last checked the day he was arrested — is rife with references to Nazis and racist rants from his network of friends who call him “Trey.” Cross lists his occupation as “SS-Obersturmführer” and his page features several shots of him with weapons and military equipment including an AK-47 and an M4 rifle. His heroes include Otto Skorzeny, a Nazi special operations officer who helped smuggle war criminals to Spain after the war, and Reinhart Heydrich, second in command of the Nazi SS despite having a Jewish grandmother. The white supremacist links in the case carry uncomfortable associations for the 82nd. A dozen years ago, three soldiers in the division — James Burmeister, Malcolm Wright and Randy Meadows — were charged in connection with the racially motivated murders of two black people in Fayetteville. The three soldiers were racist skinheads. The murders brought the national spotlight to Fort Bragg and prompted the Army to investigate the presence of racists, extremists, gangs and other such groups in its ranks. About 20 soldiers in the 82nd Airborne were separated from the service because of their extremist views.

Aboriginal day marred for Que. community after white supremacist vandalism

The Westmount Examiner > National > Aboriginal day marred for Que. community after white supremacist vandalism
On a day intended for celebrating aboriginal culture, festivities in one First Nations community in Quebec were marred by swastikas and racist graffiti spray-painted on their local cultural centre.
The residents of Kitigan Zibi, about 130 kilometres north of Ottawa, woke Thursday to find the building covered with Nazi symbols and hateful messages spray-painted in black, and they now are having to explain to their children the meaning of “white power.”
Picnic tables and tents outside the centre – set up for children’s face painting, crafts and other National Aboriginal Day activities – were also vandalized.

Expert on hate groups attacked in St. Petersburg

Expert on hate groups attacked in St. Petersburg
An expert on Russian extremist and neo-Nazi groups was attacked this week in St. Petersburg. Valentina Uzunova was assaulted outside the home of a murdered colleague, Vladimir Girenko, the Russian Web site reported. Girenko was murdered three years ago as he was preparing to testify against the violent neo-Nazi group Schultz88.

Hungarian teacher suspended for Nazi uniform stunt

Hungarian teacher suspended for Nazi uniform stunt
The deputy head of a Hungarian church school who appeared in photographs wearing a Nazi SS uniform has been suspended from his duties, the head of the Hungarian Church’s school authority said Thursday. History teacher Akos Peter Kosaras, 36, posted pictures of himself dressed in the uniform on the internet, although the pictures have now been removed.
The teacher at a school in the small settlement of Budakeszi just outside Budapest was supposedly playing the role of a “kind-hearted” SS officer during a historical game, the daily Nepszava said.