Brutal neo-Nazi attack will not be punished

Today the Regional Court in Ostrava acquitted two youths charged with attacking people at a concert in Rýmařov. One of them, David Vaculík, is also a suspect in the arson attack on the home of a Romani family in Vítkov. The district court gave him a suspended sentence for the attack on the concert audience, but today the appellate court overturned the original verdict. Judge Milan Ihnát said the prosecution failed to prove the defendants had committed the crime. The district court sentenced the other alleged attacker, Tomáš Vassiov, to two years in prison. A larger group of right-wing extremists had a hand in the attack, but the identities of the other perpetrators could not be proven. “Certain suspicions do exist,” the judge admitted, but the evidence against the defendants is only circumstantial. “No one recognized them at the scene of the crime. No one can bring the charges home,” the judge said, adding that the police and the state attorney had performed their work poorly. “The court is entitled to its opinion,” the prosecutor told the press, adding that he will probably file an extraordinary appeal. According to the prosecution, both of the men on trial and at least 10 other accomplices threw a tear gas smoke bomb into the Erno club in Rýmařov. When the audience ran out of the club, the attackers beat them with sticks and collapsible clubs. One person was injured, a young man who was hospitalized for a brain concussion and broken nose. After the attack the group traveled to the town of Bruntál, where police stood them off on the town square – Brutal neo-Nazi attack will not be punished.

Lawyer Ties Same Gun to 3 Killings

The same handgun was used in this week’s killing of a Moscow judge and last year’s slaying of a human rights lawyer and a journalist, a lawyer with close ties to ultranationalist groups said Wednesday. Authorities denied this. Moscow City Court Judge Eduard Chuvashov was gunned down Monday outside his apartment in central Moscow. His colleagues said the murder was retaliation for long prison sentences he gave several months ago to members of White Wolves, a group of mostly teenage neo-Nazis that killed and assaulted dark-skinned non-Slavs. Chuvashov also was included in a group of judges for the upcoming trial of two ultranationalists who were arrested and charged with the January 2009 murder of lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova. Their lawyer, Alexei Baranovsky, said a ballistic examination showed the same gun was used in all three murders. He said he had learned that through his contacts in law enforcement agencies.

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Antifascists clash with BNP outside Lunar House

Anarchy has broken out on the doorstep of Croydon’s Lunar House immigration centre as anti-fascist protesters clashed with members of the BNP. The planned BNP demonstration took just minutes to collapse into chaos as 20 hooded and masked members of the ‘Anti Fascists Hooligans’ broke through police lines and grappled with national party supporters. About 30 riot police swooped to stop the brawl escalating beyond minor scuffles after violence broke out just after 2pm this afternoon.

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White Supremacist Group To Hold Rally: Thousands Expected To Protest

Dueling rallies are expected Saturday outside Los Angeles City Hall, held by the National Socialist Movement and various groups opposing the neo-Nazi organization. The planned NSM rally has drawn fire from activists and community leaders. Members of the Jewish Labor Committee, Union del Barrio, the Southern California Immigration Coalition, riKu Matsuda and 25 other groups asked Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa to pull the plug on the National Socialist Movement’s rally. An LAPD spokeswoman said a permit was issued in March to the group. According to NSM leaders, the rally is being held to remember the birthday of Adolph Hitler, the former German leader of the Nazi Party. Hitler’s actual birthday is not until the 20th of April.

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Warning on racist gig

A WHITE supremacist festival scheduled for the Gold Coast today could signal the rise of neo-Nazi groups similar to those in the US and Europe, an expert warns. The Hammered Festival, billed as the first of its kind in the region, is sponsored by the Southern Cross Hammer Skinheads, the local arm of Hammerskins Nation, an international white pride network. It is co-sponsored by race-hate group Blood and Honour, which was banned by German authorities in 2000 for spreading Nazi ideology. Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke said yesterday he “absolutely opposed” the festival and he expected police would crack down on any part of it that spilled on to public property. But police said yesterday they had no plans to stop the event. “As long as it’s a lawful gathering and the group abides by the appropriate regulations and laws, it’s not a police issue,” a spokeswoman said.

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Neo-Nazi cuts deal with prosecution

A Member of the neo-Nazi organization Nacionalni Stroj has admitted to attacking participants of an anti-fascist forum in Novi Sad. The man, named as Dolf Pospiš, thus made a deal with the prosecution and will spend 16 months in prison. Pospiš admitted to participating in the attack on the forum in Novi Sad in October 2007. According to the deal, which has been accepted by a Novi Sad court with jurisdiction in the case, he will spend 16 months in prison, Public Prosecution Spokesman Tomo Zorić confirmed for B92.

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Nazi organisation leader acquitted

Court finds that the head of Danish Nazi organisation, Jonni Hansen, did not distribute racist propaganda Jonni Hansen, head of the Danish National Socialist Movement (DNSB), was acquitted of racism charges by Roskilde lower court yesterday. Hansen had two previous convictions linked to his involvement with the DNSB and faced a possible two years in prison if he had been convicted of spreading racist propaganda. He made no excuses for his connections and beliefs, but argued that the DNSB flyers distributed to homes in Gladsaxe and Bagsværd were not racist.

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