Holocaust denial costs bishop £10,000

Controversial cleric claimed Nazis did not kill Jews in gas chambers. A renegade British Catholic bishop who claimed that no Jews were killed in gas chambers during the Second World War was found guilty of Holocaust denial in a German court yesterday. Bishop Richard Williamson, 70, a leading figure of an ultra-orthodox Catholic sect, the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), made the comments during an interview on Swedish television in 2008. The interview was conducted at a seminary in Germany, where denying the Holocaust is a criminal offence. The court, in the Bavarian city of Regensburg, officially convicted the bishop of Holocaust denial and fined him £10,000 after he refused to attend a public trial.

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siehe auch: British bishop Richard Williamson fined £9,000 for denying Holocaust. A British Roman Catholic bishop was convicted yesterday by a German court of denying the Holocaust. Richard Williamson, 70, excommunicated for his extreme views, was fined €10,000 (£8,700) after he said in a TV interview broadcast in Sweden last year that it was “lies” that Jews were murdered in gas chambers by the Nazis and that only “200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in concentration camps”; Bischof Williamson verurteilt. Richard Williamson von der ultra-konservativen Piusbruderschaft wurde vom Amtsgericht Regensburg zu 10.000 Euro Strafe verurteilt. Der Geistliche hatte den Massenmord an den Juden in Nazi-Gaskammern bestritten. Wegen Leugnung des Holocausts muss der Brite nun 10.000 Euro Strafe zahlen. Das Amtsgericht Regensburg verurteilte ihn am Freitag (16.04.2010) in Abwesenheit wegen Volksverhetzung. In der Urteilsbegründung heißt es, er habe billigend in Kauf genommen, dass seine Äußerungen, die er bei einem Interview mit einem schwedischen Fernsehsender gemacht hatte, auch in Deutschland verbreitet würden.

BBC – Gavin Hewitt’s Europe: Hungary’s woes favour far-right

It is one of the scripts of European history. A weak and corrupt government. Widespread unemployment. A shrinking economy. Crime. A political party emerges. It offers certainty. Solutions. A cleansing. Crime to be “eradicated”. Scapegoats identified.Members of the Hungarian National Guard wait for a Jobbik meeting in Budapest, 7 April 2010 So with the rise of Jobbik in Hungary. In Sunday’s elections the party came a strong third, winning almost 17% of the vote. Its popularity has been built on railing against what it calls “gypsy crime”. The Roma, who make up between 6-7% of the population, are cast as thieves who top up their thieving with benefits. As a party they draw on the language and images of the past. They are linked to the Hungarian Guard, whose uniforms are reminiscent of a wartime pro-Nazi group. They deny they are anti-Semitic and yet they speak of “foreign speculators” who control the country – a group that includes Israel. Supporters refer to Budapest as “Jewdapest”.

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siehe auch: ‘Openly antisemitic’ party gains power in Hungary. The centre-right and far-right won big in Hungary’s elections Sunday, initial results showed. The right-wing Fidesz party took 52.77 per cent of the vote, and the far-right Jobbik party took 16.71. The incumbent Socialist party took only 19.29 per cent. Runoffs will be held later in the month in districts where no candidate received a majority of the votes. The results were a cause for concern for European Jewish groups, which have accused Jobbik of antisemitism and racial hate. One Hungarian Jewish group labelled Sunday’s election the first time “a movement pursuing openly antisemitic policies” has gained power in Hungary since the Nazi era. The victory for Fidesz and Jobbik came as Hungary faces increasing poverty and unemployment. The country recently turned to the International Monetary Fund with a request for aid, becoming the first European Union country to seek an IMF bailout. On Sunday, Hungarian Jews protested in Budapest against the antisemitic climate in the country in advance of the elections. Recent antisemitic incidents have included vandalism, a neo-Nazi rally, and an attack on a rabbi’s home over Passover. In 2009, Jobbik candidate-for-parliament Judit Szima was accused of approving an article for publication that referred to antisemitism as “the duty of every Hungarian homeland lover,” and called to “prepare for armed battle against the Jews.” Another candidate, Krisztina Morvai, allegedly responded to criticism by saying, “I would be glad if the so-called proud Hungarian Jews would go back to playing with their tiny little circumcised tail rather than vilifying me.”; Hungary battles black-sheep status in Europe with rise of extreme-right party. Prime-minister-elect forced to devote every moment since his victory distancing himself from third party. It was a celebratory speech that has sent a chill across Europe. Gabor Vona, whose far-right Jobbik party attracted almost 17 per cent of the vote in the first round of Hungary’s national elections on Sunday, made front pages across the continent Tuesday after exultantly declaring that his party “is not preparing to conduct peaceful and near-invisible politics. … We are preparing to conduct very distinct and very spectacular politics, not only in words and appearances.” Specifically, he said, that meant he would wear the uniform of the illegal neo-Nazi Hungarian Guard to the opening of parliament and crack down on what he described as “Gypsy crime” – a phrase widely understood as a physical threat to the country’s Roma minority.


The leader of a far-right party that won 16.7 per cent of votes in the Hungarian elections has pledged to “eradicate Gypsy crime”. Gabor Vona, the head of Jobbik, also pledged “very distinct and very spectacular politics”. He said that he would wear the uniform of the Magyar Garda (Hungarian Guard), Jobbik’s banned uniformed wing, at the opening of Parliament.  After a series of court cases the Garda has been declared illegal and police have arrested its members at public gatherings. Viktor Orban, the leader of the centre-right Fidesz — and almost certain to be the country’s next Prime Minister — said in response that Hungary was a country of law and order, and that any breaches of the law would be firmly dealt with.


Report: Michelle McGee Investigated in Murder Plot Against Ex-Husband, Sandra Bullock

After hearing that the FBI investigated her for ordering a hit on Sandra Bullock, we can officially say Michelle “Bombshell” McGee is in a class by herself. Not a good class, either. As if cheating, stripping, porn, and Nazi pics weren’t enough, this confirms she’s one of the shadiest people we’ve ever covered. Luckily, she wasn’t tied to any actual wrongdoing in this case. But the fact that it was even investigated is crazy enough, and given her reputation … The FBI recently investigated a tip about a murder plot against Sandra Bullock that was allegedly arranged by the heavily-inked Jesse James’ mistress. Law enforcement sources say roughly two weeks ago, McGee’s ex-husband, Shane Modica, reported that he received a call from some man in Missouri.

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siehe auch: Jesse James Brought His Nazi Tattooed Biker Friends to Sandra Bullocks Wholesome Austin Restaraunt. Sandra Bullock’s Austin Texas Restaurant was visited on a few occasions by Jesse James and his biker friends. The staff at the restaurant noticed that a few of his friends sported swastika tattoos, according to RadarOnline. This restaurant visit was a few years before the story of James broke in his Nazi poses. The staff at the time thought it was odd that Sandra Bullock’s husband was affiliated with people who would bare Nazi tattoos.

US-Militär: Wikileaks-Sprecher kündigt neues Enthüllungsvideo an

Mit der Veröffentlichung eines US-Militärvideos aus dem Irak hat Wikileaks weltweit für Schlagzeilen gesorgt – jetzt legen die Macher der Website nach: Im SPIEGEL-ONLINE-Interview kündigt Sprecher Daniel Schmitt eine neue Enthüllung an und erklärt, wie das Netzwerk arbeitet.

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Fünf Neonazis nach Brandanschlag in Wetzlar festgenommen

Rund sechs Wochen nach einem Brandanschlag auf ein Wohnhaus in Wetzlar hat die Polizei fünf Neonazis festgenommen. Gegen die 17- bis 23-Jährigen wird wegen versuchten Mordes und schwerer Brandstiftung ermittelt, wie Polizei und Staatsanwaltschaft am Mittwoch mitteilten. Die jungen Männer zählen zum Kern der rechtsextremen Szene im Raum Wetzlar. Alle sind bereits wegen verschiedener Straftaten aufgefallen. Einer von ihnen hat die Tat gestanden: Der Anschlag sei gegen den Hausbesitzer und dessen Aktivitäten gegen Rechtsextremismus gerichtet gewesen.

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siehe auch: Mittelhessen: Fünf Nazis festgenommen. Bereits gestern wurden fünf Nazis im Raum Wetzlar festgenommen. Bis auf eine Person befinden sie sich weiterhin in Haft. Die 17 bis 23 jährigen waren wohl an dem Brandanschlag auf das Haus eines Mitglieds des “Bündnis gegen Nazis Wetzlar” beteiligt. Die festgenommenen Personen stammen, wie von AntifaschistInnen von Anfang an vermutet, aus dem Umfeld der “Autonomen Nationalisten Wetzlar”; Rechtsextremer gesteht Brandanschlag. Mehrere Neonazis sind offenbar verantwortlich für den Brandanschlag auf ein Haus in Wetzlar Anfang März. Der Brandanschlag auf das Haus eines Wetzlarer Kirchenmitarbeiters ist offenbar aufgeklärt. Fünf Neonazis wurden festgenommen. Einer von ihnen gab zu, die Tat begangen zu haben.

«Große Naivität»

Eine neue Studie empfiehlt eine verschärfte Auseinandersetzung mit der rechtspopulistischen Pro-Bewegung. Es gebe leider bei Kommunalpolitikern teils eine «große Naivität» gegenüber lokalen Ablegern von Pro NRW, sagte der Politologe Frank Überall am Mittwoch in Düsseldorf bei der Vorstellung einer empirischen Studie über Pro Köln. Eine Zusammenarbeit mit Pro-Gruppen dürfe es nicht geben. Laut Medienberichten hatte es in einzelnen Kommunen Kontakte von CDU-Vertretern zu Pro-Politikern gegeben. Die NRW-CDU lehnt jegliche Form der Zusammenarbeit mit Pro NRW kategorisch ab.

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