Rassismus im Dorf Rosarno: Alle Afrikaner vertrieben

Anschlag, Krawalle, Treibjagd: Italienische Behörden und Bürger vertreiben mehr als 1000 afrikanische Arbeitsimmigranten aus dem Dorf Rosarno. Jetzt herrscht Feierlaune. Mit der kompletten Vertreibung der Afrikaner aus der Stadt endeten am Samstag die Zusammenstöße zwischen Immigranten und der einheimischen Bevölkerung im süditalienischen Rosarno. Mehr als 1000 Afrikaner wurden mit Bussen der Polizei in Aufnahmelager in Crotone und Bari verbracht, weitere Hunderte machten sich individuell auf den Weg nach Neapel, nach Rom oder Richtung Norditalien. Erst ein Anschlag auf zwei Afrikaner, dann am Donnerstagabend Krawalle der Immigranten, schließlich am Freitag eine wahre Treibjagd, veranstaltet von italienischen Bürgern gegen die Einwanderer. (…) Am Freitag konstituierte sich ein Bürgerkomitee, besetzte das Rathaus und forderte unumwunden, “alle Schwarzen” müssten aus Rosarno verschwinden. Die Jugend der Stadt machte sich sofort an die Umsetzung der Forderung. Mit Knüppeln und Schusswaffen bewaffnet zogen sie auf die Jagd. Einige Bürger von Rosarno versuchten, Schwarzafrikaner, die ihnen über den Weg liefen, mit dem Auto anzufahren, andere machten sich mit Benzinkanistern auf, um Unterkünfte der Immigranten abzufackeln. So setzten sie ein abbruchreifes Gehöft in Brand, in dem zehn Afrikaner nächtigten. Am Ende der Hetzjagd wurden etwa 30 Verletzte gezählt, fünf kamen ins Krankenhaus.

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Rechtspopulist Halme 47-jährig gestorben

Der finnische Rechtspopulist und ehemalige Show-Ringer und -Boxer Tony Halme ist am Wochenende 47-jährig gestorben. Laut der Boulevardzeitung “Ilta-Sanomat” beging Halme Selbstmord. Halme zog im Jahr 2003 mit einer rekordverdächtigen Menge an Vorzugsstimmen für die ausländerfeindliche Partei “Wahre Finnen” ins Parlament ein. (…) Halme schied nur wenige Monate nach seiner Wahl ins Parlament aus der aktiven Politik aus, nachdem er in seiner Wohnung unter Einfluss von Alkohol und Drogen um sich geschossen und daraufhin mehrere Wochen im Koma liegend im Spital verbracht hatte.

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Experts: Roma are victims of Europe’s ‘undeclared Apartheid’

Violence, poverty and widespread discrimination have made Roma communities the “punchbags” of Europe and victims of an “undeclared Apartheid” system. These were among the conclusions reached by an expert panel which took part in the Council of Europe’s ‘Viewpoint’ human rights talk show. Gwendolyn Albert, a political analyst based in the Czech Republic, claimed on the television programme that the current plight of Roma confirmed the “undeclared Apartheid” which marginalises Roma communities throughout Europe. “This is probably Europe’s biggest untold story and most unrecognised social situation,” she said. “The levels of violence that Roma face across Europe at the hands of their fellow citizens are medieval in nature. Their human rights are being violated every single day all across Europe.”

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Alleged white supremacist charged with killing convicted sex offender

An alleged white supremacist has been charged with using California’s Megan’s Law registry to track down and kill an convicted sex offender, it was reported today. Steven Banister, 28, had been free from prison less than one month when he killed a 75-year-old Palm Springs man in his house on Aug. 28, according to Palm Springs police quoted in the Desert Sun. The victim, Edward Keeley, had apparently been convicted in years past of an undetermined sex crime. Keeley’s address was listed as the home of a convicted sex offender on the publicly-available roll of such properties created by Megan’s Law. Banister had reportedly boasted while in prison that he was planning to hurt or kill people who had sexually abused children.

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Lawyers want bombing suspects moved

Lawyers for two alleged White supremacists charged in a 2004 bombing that injured a Black city official in Scottsdale want their clients moved from a county jail to a federal prison because they say the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office violated their rights. Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon are being held at the county’s Fourth Avenue jail. The brothers are charged in a bombing on Feb. 26, 2004, when a package detonated in the hands of Don Logan, Scottsdale’s diversity director at the time, injuring his hand and arm and hurting a secretary. Dennis Mahon’s lawyer, Deborah Williams, said in a court filing Dec. 11 that sheriff’s deputies have repeatedly denied her client access to pertinent documents in his case and violated attorney-client privilege by reading them. (…) Authorities found assault weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and White supremacist material in the home

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Blood and Honour plant ‘We Are Back’-concert

De neonazi-organisatie Blood and Honour Vlaanderen plant komend weekend ergens in België een ‘We Are Back’-concert. Dat meldt De Morgen. Eind vorige week raakte nog bekend dat het federaal parket drie leden van de extreemrechtse organisatie wil vervolgen op basis van de racismewet. Op 2 februari verschijnen drie Blood and Honourverdachten voor de raadkamer van Veurne. Ze riskeren maximaal een jaar cel. Het trio maakt deel uit van de ‘traditionele tak’ van Blood and Honour Vlaanderen, die tegenover de hardere afscheuringen als Combat 18 of het ter ziele gegane Bloed, Bodem, Eer en Trouw staat. Ook de organisatoren van het aankomende ‘We Are Back Event’ zouden deel uitmaken van die traditionele tak.

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Prvnízprávy.cz: Czech neo-Nazis training assassins

The analytical section of the League against Anti-semitism (Liga proti antisemismu – LPA) says it has discovered an instruction portal on the web called Zone18 that is accessible to members of neo-Nazi organizations. The professional site was launched at the start of December 2009. “The LPA analytical section is a group of our co-workers who perform their activity in total anonymity. They never participate in our public actions, they don’t speak to the media,” LPA chair Věra Tydlitátová said in an interview for Prvnizpravy.cz. The LPA has delivered information on the website to Deputy Interior Minister Col. Jiří Komorous. Prvnizpravy.cz reports that he has submitted the information to the Organized Crime Detection Unit. The Zone18 portal contains a number of instruction manuals for terrorist groups and individuals. Materials entitled “Preparing Assassins” describe how to dispose of people: “… once the gunman is a few meters away from the victim, he then shoots him dead. On a busy street, no one will notice anything suspicious. The victim, collapsed on the ground, may just look like someone in temporary discomfort to passers-by,” says the manual. The instructions list many other approaches to murder. “Poison can get into the victim’s body orally, with his food, or can be absorbed through the skin when mixed into cosmetics. The recommended method is to use poison as an auxiliary to causing the victim’s death by other means. Stabbing the victim with a poisoned knife basically increases the possibility of his potential death even if the wound itself is not fatal,” the instruction manual says. The instructions for producing Molotov cocktails are very detailed and are almost identical to manuals which have appeared on other neo-Nazi portals in the past. It is more than likely that the perpetrators of the arson attack in Vítkov last spring drew on information from these sources. Prvnizpravy.cz reports that the text entitled “Partisan Experience” was allegedly developed by a former member of a WWII-era rebel group and describes armed warfare in natural settings. The neo-Nazis express their thanks to the author for providing the information.

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