Edathy: Strafbefehl für Nazi Kusters

Der niederländische Rechtsextremist Constantin Kusters ist wegen seiner volksverhetzenden Äußerungen in Bad Nenndorf mit einer Geldstrafe in Höhe von 3000 Euro belegt worden. Das hat der Schaumburger Bundestagsabgeordnete Sebastian Edathy in Erfahrung gebracht und dem Bündnis „Bad Nenndorf ist bunt“ mitgeteilt. Er löst damit ein Versprechen ein, dass er bei einem Besuch des Verfassungsschutzpräsidenten im vergangenen Juli gegeben hatte. Bei dem Diskussionsabend war gefragt worden, wie weit denn die Strafverfolgung bei Kusters sei. Dieser hatte sich beim Neonazi-Aufmarsch im Sommer 2008 in Bad Nenndorf volksverhetzend geäußert. Edathy sagte zu, der Sache nachzugehen.

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Brit hired Swedish Nazis for Auschwitz raid: report

A Swedish right-wing extremist group agreed to help a wealthy UK-based collector and Nazi sympathizer acquire the “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the Auschwitz concentration camp in exchange for “huge money”, according to a British newspaper. “The collector wanted it as a trophy – and used his neo-Nazi contacts to put word out he was prepared to pay huge money for it,” a source based in Sweden told the Sunday Mirror newspaper. Last week, Polish justice officials sought assistance in the investigation from their Swedish counterparts in order to follow up on suspicions that the heist was masterminded by someone outside of Poland.

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siehe auch: Auschwitz sign was stolen for wealthy British Nazi. A wealthy British Nazi ­sympathiser was behind the theft of the ­infamous sign above the Auschwitz death camp; Swedish Nazi – I would have got millions for Auschwitz sign. A former Swedish neo-Nazi group leader has claimed that he intended to sell the stolen Auschwitz “Arbeit macht frei” sign for several million crowns, but changed his mind and helped catch the five Polish thieves instead. The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet says the man belonged to an illegal fascist group which planned violent attacks against politicians.  (…) “Money for the plate would go to Nazi activities,” the man tells Aftonbladet. “We had someone who was prepared to pay several million crowns for the sign, that person has no political agenda. These kinds of objects have a great value to collectors.”; Auschwitz theft Swedish connection named. The Krakow Prosecutor’s Office is issuing arrest warrants for a Swede and a citizen from former Yugoslavia in connection with theft of the “work makes you free” sign from the Auschwitz museum last month. One of the suspects is 35-year-old Swede, Anders H, a neo-Nazi group leader who admitted yesterday that his group had arranged to sell the sign on to a dealer in another country for “millions of crowns”. The other suspect is a 40-year-old immigrant to Sweden from former Yugoslavia. The Krakow Prosecutor’s Office is to issue a European arrest warrant for the two men. The document, recently forwarded to the Stockholm police, included a request for a cross-examination of the suspects; Poland seeks Swedish help in Auschwitz theft probe. Sweden said Tuesday it had got a request from Poland for help in probing the theft of the infamous Nazi German “Arbeit Macht Frei” sign from the former Auschwitz death camp; Neo-Nazis trying to finance assassination plot are behind theft of Auschwitz sign. The alleged instigator of the theft of the “Arbeit macht frei” (“Work will set you free”) sign from the former concentration camp at Auschwitz, a man living in Sweden, is said to have intended to use the proceeds of the sale of the sign to finance an assassination plot at the Swedish Parliament and at the prime minister’s headquarters in Stockholm. The news was reported in the Swedish media on 2 January with reference to that country’s intelligence services; Brite steckt hinter Diebstahl von Auschwitz-Schild. Die Spuren führen in die Neonazi-Szene in Schweden und Großbritannien.Der Diebstahl des Schriftzuges „Arbeit macht frei“ aus dem KZ Auschwitz nimmt internationale Dimensionen an. Wie das britische Boulevard-Blatt „Sunday Mirror“ berichtet, soll hinter dem Coup ein englischer Nazi-Sympathisant stecken. Das Schild war kurz vor Weihnachten wahrscheinlich von fünf Polen vom Eingang des Konzentrationslagers geraubt worden und sollte an schwedische Mittelsmänner aus der rechtsradikalen Szene übergeben werden.

Auschwitz sign was stolen for wealthy British Nazi

A wealthy British Nazi ­sympathiser was behind the theft of the ­infamous sign above the Auschwitz death camp. (…) Now a Sunday ­Mirror investigation has ­revealed that the sign – recovered in three pieces by police – was destined for a rich UK collector of Nazi memorabilia, via an extreme-right group in Sweden. Five Polish men have been arrested by police in Poland, but well-placed ­underworld informants say they were just bit-part players in an operation designed to sneak the sign across Europe to Britain. “The collector wanted it as a trophy – and used his neo-Nazi contacts to put word out he was prepared to pay huge money for it,” a source in Sweden said. “Arrangements had been made to hide the sign in a cellar in Stockholm, waiting for the British man to collect. The plan was to use the British guy’s money to fund neo-Nazi hate attacks in Sweden.” Had the British buyer gone ahead with the deal, his cash could have funded dissident Nazi ­sympathisers in Sweden who are advocating terrorist acts to disrupt this year’s elections there.

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Former Ku-Klux-Klan head to visit CzechRep again

Former Ku-Klux-Klan head David Duke, who was expelled from the Czech Republic last April but the prosecution was later halted, will again arrive in the country in end-January, Tyden.cz reports today. The police accused Duke of denying the Holocaust in his book My Awakening that was also published in the Czech Republic. Duke’s forthcoming visit is again organised by Filip Vavra who is often linked with the neo-Nazi organisation National Resistance, Tyden.cz writes.

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Neo-Nazi bomb plot linked to Auschwitz sign theft

Thieves contracted by a neo-Nazi group that planned to sell sign to fund attacks in Sweden, newspaper claims. It sounds like the plot of a Steig Larsson thriller: a band of eastern European criminals is contracted to steal an iconic piece of Nazi memorabilia, which is then sold to a mysterious collector to finance a neofascist bomb attack on the Swedish parliament. But today it emerged that Swedish investigators are helping Polish detectives investigate the theft of the sign from Auschwitz, amid reports that the robbery was linked to a rightwing terror plot. (…) Separately, the Swedish security service Säpo, confirmed that it was investigating an alleged neo-Nazi plot to blow up the Riksdagen, the parliament building in Stockholm, as well as the foreign ministry and the home of the prime minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt. The aim of the plot, according to Säpo, was to create as much disruption as possible ahead of the 2010 parliamentary elections. It would not confirm or deny reports of a possible connection between the plot and the Auschwitz sign theft. Polish investigators, who said from the start of the inquiry that they suspected the mastermind of the robbery operated outside Poland, would only say today that he or she “came from a European country”. The five suspected robbers, aged between 25 and 39, all have criminal records but none is suspected of having a neo-Nazi background. They were reportedly set to receive a total of 20,000 zlotys (£4,320) to share between them for the theft. The police told the Polish press agency PAP that they believe a foreign national, possibly the person who ordered the theft, visited the former death camp prior to the robbery in order to be able to plan it in detail.

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siehe auch: Auschwitz theft linked to Swedish neo-Nazis. Members of Sweden’s neo-Nazi scene were behind the theft of the “Arbeit macht frei” sign from the Auschwitz concentration camp, according to media reports. Poland has requested help from Stockholm in its investigation; Auschwitz-Ermittlungen: Schwedisches Neonazi-Komplott. Sollte gestohlenes „Arbeit macht frei“-Schild Terror finanzieren? Die Spur des Schildes des Nazi-Vernichtungslagers Auschwitz führt nach Schweden. Der Verkauf sollte zum Kauf von Waffen verwendet werden.