‘I mean you no harm’: From troubled teen to neo-Nazi foot soldier – #terror #fkd #FeuerkriegDivision #accelerationism

How a global white supremacist movement is recruiting American teenagers. When Conor Climo was winning plaudits for his sharp intellect in Arbor View High School’s class of 2014, no one imagined he would soon be storing bomb-making material in his bedroom closet in preparation for a race war in the name of Adolf Hitler. “He … Read more

US #solider pleads guilty to plotting #rampage with neo-Nazi occultists – #terror #OrderOfNineAngles #O9A #RapeWaffenDivision #RWD #AtomWaffenDivision #AWD #FeuerKriegDivision #FKD

The admission to murder conspiracy and three counts of terrorism heads off what was to be a jury trial early next month. An Army paratrooper with ties to a neo-Nazi occult group pleaded guilty Friday to charges that he aimed to ignite a race war beginning with a plot to massacre fellow U.S. soldiers in … Read more

To drenge på 15 og 16 terrorsigtet for at lade sig hverve til voldelig nynazistisk gruppe – #FeuerkriegDivision #FKD

De to drenge anklages for at tilhøre den højreradikale gruppe Feuerkrieg Division. To drenge på henholdsvis 15 og 16 år er sigtet for at have ladet sig hverve til en terrorgruppe. Det kom frem under et grundlovsforhør i Retten i Holbæk torsdag. Den ene af de to drenge er desuden sigtet efter paragraf 114c, der … Read more

#Terrorpläne: #Oberpfälzer Rechtsextremist muss ins Gefängnis – #fkd #FeuerkriegDivision

Ein Rechtsextremist aus dem Landkreis Cham muss für zwei Jahre ins Gefängnis, weil er sich im Internet mit Gleichgesinnten über Terrorpläne ausgetauscht hat. Ein entsprechendes Urteil des Landgerichts Nürnberg-Fürth ist jetzt rechtskräftig. Das deutschlandweit erste Urteil gegen ein mutmaßliches Mitglied der international agierenden rechtsextremen Gruppe “Feuerkrieg Division” ist rechtskräftig. Der 23 Jahre alte Angeklagte aus … Read more

First picture of Britain’s youngest terrorist: Teenager, 14, gives Nazi salute at his grandmother’s Cornish cottage from where he led far-right extremist cell – as he collapses into her arms after judge SPARES him jail – #fkd #feuerkriegDivision #terror

Britain’s youngest convicted terrorist led a neo-Nazi cell from his grandmother’s cottage in rural Cornwall . He was found with a manual giving instructions on how to make bombs, Molotov cocktails, and build an AK47. Teen pleaded guilty to 12 offences and  handed a 24-month youth rehabilitation order at the Old Bailey today. Was sentenced by … Read more

Neo Nazi #FeuerkriegDivision – which counted Britain’s youngest terrorist among its members – is run by a 13-year-old #Estonian boy who calls for the ‘#rape of Christian nuns in #Hitler’s name’ – #terror #FKD

Feuerkrieg Division was founded by an Estonian boy, 13, known as ‘Commander’. Group calls for a ‘white jihad’ against Jews, Muslims and the LGBT community. Britain’s youngest terrorist set up a UK branch of the group when he was just 13. The far-right Feuerkrieg Division was founded by a 13-year-old Estonian schoolboy, who calls for … Read more

LUKE HUNTER: profile of a Nazi #terror propagandist – #atomwaffendivision #awd #feuerkriegdivision #fkd #ironmarch

A young Nazi closely monitored by HOPE not hate is behind bars for terror-related offences. Today Luke Hunter, 23, of High Callerton, Newcastle, was sentenced today to four years and two months for seven terror-related offences, including encouragement of terrorism HOPE not hate identified the extremist, who went by various pseudonyms online, during a yearlong … Read more