Judge rules that Nazi-obsessed East Bay man must face trial – #terror #GreatReplacement

A Contra Costa County judge ruled this week there is enough evidence to try Ross Farca, a 24-year-old Concord man who used the internet to share detailed fantasies about killing Jews, on six criminal counts. Five are felonies. Police say they found an illegal AR-15–style assault rifle, high-capacity magazines and other weapons accessories in his … Read more

Far-Right Groups Are Behind Most U.S. Terrorist Attacks, Report Finds

White supremacist groups have carried out a majority of “terrorist plots and attacks” this year, according to a report by a think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. White supremacists and other like-minded groups have committed a majority of the terrorist attacks in the United States this year, according to a report by … Read more

#FBI arrests armed white supremacist plotting against Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza – #terror

The activist said the FBI found a list in the Idaho man’s home with her name on it. Alicia Garza, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement, revealed on Twitter that she received a visit from the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday (Oct. 23) who informed her of a possible plot against her … Read more

#Kroatien: Die neue Rechte wird immer extremer – #terror

Seit einem Anschlag auf den Sitz der Regierung wird in Kroatien intensiv über den Umgang mit Rechtsextremen diskutiert. Auch die national-konservative Regierungspartei HDZ hat das Problem erkannt. Die Überwachungskameras haben alles aufgezeichnet: Am 12. Oktober 2020 gegen acht Uhr morgens geht ein junger Mann entschiedenen Schrittes über den malerischen, zu dieser Tageszeit noch fast leeren … Read more

Right-wing #extremism: The new wave of global #terrorism

In April 2020, the United Nation’s Secretary-General, António Guterres, addressed members of the Security Council by warning them that the COVID-19 pandemic could threaten global peace and security . If the health crisis was not managed effectively, he feared that its negative economic consequences, along with a mismanaged government response, would provide an opportunity for … Read more

White Supremacist Had List of #Feds to #Kill and #Doxx: Unsealed File – #terror #gab

Newly revealed court documents show threats against law-enforcement officials who dared to go after racist thugs. When members of a white supremacist street-fighting gang caught charges for their participation in a deadly riot, fellow travelers on the website Gab had a suggestion: Doxx the U.S. officials involved in the case, or maybe just kill them. … Read more

#Anklage wegen versuchtem #Sprengstoffanschlag – #terror #DieRechte #ThorstenHeise

Die Generalstaatsanwaltschaft Celle hat gegen zwei südniedersächsische Neonazis Anklage wegen Sachbeschädigung, versuchter schwerer Brandstiftung und versuchter Herbeiführung einer Sprengstoffexplosion erhoben. Mit einem Sprengsatz wollten sie im Juni eine Frau in Einbeck einschüchtern, die sich gegen Rechts und für Flüchtlingshilfe engagiert. (…) Er habe eine Explosion mit einer Rauchwolke an einem gegenüberliegenden Haus wahrgenommen. Eine andere … Read more