Neo-Nazi Who Helped Organize Charlottesville Rally Was A Marine

Posting under the alias “Tyrone,” 36-year-old Michael Joseph Chesny sent more than 1,250 messages to other neo-Nazis using the Discord chat service. Activist-run media organization Unicorn Riot has revealed that a prominent neo-Nazi who instructed white supremacists how to fight in Charlottesville and helped organize the “Unite the Right” rally last year was an active duty Marine based in Havelock, North Carolina. Posting under the alias “Tyrone,” 36-year-old Michael Joseph Chesny sent more than 1,250 messages to other neo-Nazis using the Discord chat service.  Chesny offered violent protesters advice on how to most effectively harm counter protesters. “[Are] you trying to impale people,” he posted just weeks before the Charlottesville rally. “Put a 6-8 inch double threaded screw into [two] 3 ft axe handles. If s*** gets real unscrew the bottom and go to town.” He also posted an image of a combine harvester, which is used in farming, overlaid by the text “Introducing John Deere’s New Multi-Lane Protester Digestor” and the caption “sure would be nice.” Chesny posted other messages disparaging Islam, talking about “final victory,” and describing himself as “a US Marine who was born to kill.” His messages were part of a lawsuit initiated in October that claimed white supremacists had organized the events in Charlottesville intending to engage “in unlawful acts of violence, intimidation, and denial of equal protection.”

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Ukip councillor claims ‘Norse rune’ tattoo on his leg which was used on Nazi uniforms – is just a tribute to his father

Councillor Richard Leppington got Nazi-linked ink on his leg over a decade ago. Othala rune once worn by SS mountain division accused of civilian massacres. UKIP councillor says ‘it’s to do with family’ in Facebook debate with activist. Councillor Richard Leppington said his tattoo is symbolic of heritage and his father – and not meant to represent a brutal division of the Nazi regime in the Balkans during WWII Councillor Richard Leppington said his tattoo is symbolic of heritage and his father – and not meant to represent a brutal division of the Nazi regime in the Balkans during WWII A UKIP councillor has denied paying homage to the Nazi party, claiming the ‘ancient Norse rune’ tattoo on his leg is in fact a tribute to his father. Councillor Richard Leppington has insisted he was totally unaware the ancient Odal inking was linked to a brutal armed division of Hitler’s Nazi SS accused of horrific war crimes. The Norse rune is a diamond-shaped symbol with serifs which was seen during WWII as being symbolic of Hitler’s belief in an Aryan race. The symbol, often referred to as the Othala rune, has more recently been used by far right groups including the US’s National Socialist Movement, to replace the swastika. Ethnic Germans of the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division in Croatia proudly wore the symbol on their uniforms in 1941. The division, referred to as the Prinz Eugen, was made up of ethnic German volunteers and conscripts from the Balkan nations, including the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), Hungary and Romania.

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Nazi submarine that ‘smuggled #Hitler to South America’ discovered near Denmark – #U3523

A missing German submarine said to have taken the defeated Nazi leaders to South America after the second world war has been discovered after 73 years. The U-3523 – one of Hitler’s Type XXI submarines – was found off the coast of Denmark by researchers at the Sea War Museum Jutland working on a project to map and salvage wreckages in the North Sea according to Danish TV2 reported. The submarine was the first class of U-boats designed to sail submerged for a prolonged period of time and had a range which allowed it to sail non-stop to South America. It was sunk by a British B-24 Liberator bomber on May 6, 1945, the very day the Allied Forces liberated Denmark from the Nazi German occupation. All 58 crew members died. But the inability to locate the wreck of the U-boat fuelled rumours it had escaped. It was finally located ten nautical miles north of Skagen – Denmark’s northernmost town – and nine miles west of the position reported by the British bomber.  Missing Nazi submarine U-3523 has been discovered after nearly 73 years amid rumours it ferried Germany?s WW2 leadership to South America. After the war, there were many rumors about top Nazis, including Hitlet, who fled in U-boats and brought Nazi gold to safety. But those who found the wreckage said there was no evidence of Nazi leaders or loot on board. Gert Normann Andersen, the museum’s director, said: ‘Rumour has it that the submarine had great valuables from Germany because it was heading away from Germany even though the war ended. ‘I think the rumour developed because U-3523 was a very modern, long-distance U-boat and some Nazis tried to escape with valuables in the last days. ‘But the submarine was going to Norway, and not to South America with Nazis and valuables.’

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siehe auch: U-Boot aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg im Skagerrak gefunden. In der dänischen Nordsee ist ein deutsches U-Boot aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg entdeckt worden. Trotz zahlreicher Gerüchte, in dem Untersee-Boot könnten sich Wertgegenstände befinden, gibt es keine Pläne für eine Bergung. In der dänischen Nordsee ist das Wrack eines seltenen deutschen U-Boots aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg gefunden worden. „Das ist ein ganz besonderes U-Boot. Es war das modernste U-Boot, das die Deutschen im Krieg gebaut haben. Topmodern und seiner Zeit weit voraus“, sagte der Direktor des Seekriegs-Museums Jütland der Nachrichtenagentur Ritzau. Forscher des Museums untersuchen und kartografieren Wracks in der Nordsee. Bei einem Scan des Meeresbodens sei das Boot mit der Kennung U-3523 etwa zehn Seemeilen nördlich von Skagen aufgetaucht, teilte das Museum am Freitag mit.
Das U-Boot sei am 6. Mai 1945 – zwei Tage vor Kriegsende in Europa – von einem britischen Flieger versenkt worden. Einen Tag zuvor hatten die deutschen Truppen in Dänemark, Norddeutschland und den Niederlanden bereits kapituliert. Deshalb gehen die Museums-Experten davon aus, dass das U-Boot nicht im Kriegseinsatz, sondern wohl auf der Flucht war. Nach dem Krieg habe es viele Gerüchte gegeben, dass Nazis mit U-Booten und wertvoller Fracht wie Gold und Gemälden in Richtung Südamerika geflüchtet seien. „Doch ob das auch das Ziel der letzten Fahrt dieses U-Bootes war, weiß niemand. Genauso wenig wie, ob das U-Boot Wertgegenstände oder Passagiere an Bord hatten, die nicht zur festen Besatzung von 58 Mann gehörten“, erklärte das Museum. Pläne, das U-Boot aus 123 Metern Tiefe zu heben, um diese Fragen zu beantworten, gebe es zunächst nicht.

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Neo-Nazis Are Fleeing Discord, Heading To Messaging App Popular With ISIS Supporters

Andrew Anglin, who runs the infamous neo-Nazi blog called “Daily Stormer,” is encouraging his fellow white supremacist and anti-Semitic activists to flee their online homes on chat servers popular with gamers in favor of an end-to-end encryption chat service called Telegram. In a post published this morning, Anglin asserted that Discord, a chat service widely used in the gaming community that served as a safe space for alt-right extremists to organize, “is potentially very dangerous.” “I think we should all stop using it,” Anglin wrote. “Immediately.” Anglin went on to note that the Daily Stormer’s own Discord room was removed after the violent white nationalist Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year, and claimed that he personally stopped using Discord soon afterward. The post also mentions an article written by Kelly Weill at The Daily Beast, who reported that Discord was partnering with the Southern Poverty Law Center to root out hate groups using the service and that independent media houses, primarily the Unicorn Riot media collective, had begun publishing data ripped from alt-right Discord servers. Anglin expressed worry over Unicorn Riot’s claims that they have between 50 and 60 more leaked chat logs to publish. Anglin has urged his fellow right-wing extremists to install virtual private networks (VPNs) on their devices and then move their conversations over to Telegram, which is an end-to-end encrypted communication app.

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Lancashire ‘Nazi’ jailed for anti-Semitic hatred

Judge Robert Altham said the defendant seeks to “ultimately bring about genocide”. A self-confessed Nazi who called for the genocide of Jewish people has been jailed for three years. The 22-year-old Lancashire man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was found guilty in January of two counts of stirring up racial hatred. Preston Crown Court heard he committed the offences in speeches at far-right gatherings in 2015 and 2016. Judge Robert Altham said the defendant’s comment had been “intended to mobilise others”. He said the intent of the man, who was involved with the now banned group National Action, was “clear”. Judge Altham said: “He seeks to raise street armies, perpetrate violence against Jewish people and ultimately bring about genocide.” He said they were “not idle comments said in the heat of the moment” and he was “resolute in his original views and withdraws nothing”. ‘Shocking and inflammatory’ The judge described an apology submitted in mitigation as “meaningless” at best, and “dishonest” at worst. He sentenced him to 18 months in prison for each offence, to be served consecutively.

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Hass-Kommentar: Saftige Geldstrafe

Eine 60-jährige Dresdnerin hat im Netz zum Ausrotten von Muslimen aufgerufen. Der ungezügelte Hass in den „sozialen“ Medien beschäftigt noch immer die Justiz. Nun musste sich eine 60 Jahre alte Frau erneut vor dem Amtsgericht Dresden wegen Volksverhetzung verantworten. Schon Ende 2016 hatte es einen ersten Prozess in dieser Sache gegeben. Doch damals hatte die Richterin die Hauptverhandlung abgebrochen und Nachermittlungen veranlasst, weil es Ungereimtheiten bezüglich der Frage gab, wie die Dresdnerin überhaupt ins Visier der Polizei geraten war. Es hatte mit einer anonymen Anzeige in Baden-Württemberg, wo die Beschuldigte mehrere Jahre gelebt hatte, begonnen. Laut Anklage soll die Deutsche im Mai 2015 auf der Facebook-Seite von Pegida einen dort geposteten Zeitungsartikel der Augsburger Allgemeinen kommentiert haben. Es ging um den völlig harmlosen Moschee-Besuch einer Neu-Ulmer Grundschulklasse. Die 60-Jährige habe darunter unter anderem kommentiert: „Die einzige Lösung ist ein Kopfschuss in die Muslimenschädel“ und „Rottet dieses Dreckspack aus, ehe es uns ausrottet.“

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Racist white lady filmed assaulting a pregnant black service member. The internet is done.

Oh, COME ON, white people. Another terrible incident of racism, this time courtesy of one Mrs. Judy Tucker, a 71-year-old woman who assaulted a pregnant black army officer (in uniform!) over a damn parking space. GREAT JOB, JUDY. Apparently the fight started outside a Cheddar’s in Macon, Georgia on Saturday afternoon. As the pregnant black army officer, Treasure Sharpe, and her companion (also a service member), Stephanie Mitchell, backed into a parking space in the Cheddar’s lot, they were treated to verbal abuse by Mrs. Tucker’s son, Robbie, who told them they needed to learn how to park and called them “dumb bitches.” The argument continued inside, with Robbie calling the ladies “black lesbian bitches.” As one of the women began to film, Mrs. Tucker reacted violently, seemingly trying to grab the phone. Mrs. Sharpe, who had already announced she was pregnant in an attempt to diffuse the situation, ended up getting hit in the face by Mrs. Tucker. Yep, you read that correctly — Tucker reached out and hit the pregnant officer directly in the face. According to reports, Mrs. Tucker tried to play victim, but the video clearly shows she’s the aggressor, and the police report portrays her as such. The police report read, “With all the lunging and slapping happening, it was never shown through cell phone video that Mrs. Mitchell or Mrs. Sharpe did anything wrong.” Mrs. Tucker was arrested and charged with battery, and released on $650 bail. However, more charges could be pending, as the Bibb County deputies wrote in the police report that they were still investigating.

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siehe auch: Racist old lady arrested for punching a pregnant soldier while her son hurled antigay slurs. A white Georgia woman and her adult son were caught on video attacking two black, female soldiers after having made racist and homophobic comments about them. Judy Tucker, 72, and her son Robbie were mad at two U.S. Army Reserve captains, Stephanie Mitchell, 34, and Treasure Sharpe, 27, over an incident in the parking lot of the Cheddar’s restaurant in Macon, Georgia. Tucker and Robbie followed the reservists into the restaurant and started making comments while they were waiting to be seated. Robbie called them “dumb bitches” and “black lesbian bitches.”

White Georgia Man Unloads On ‘N****r’ In Road Rage Tantrum

In Trump’s America, it seems almost perfectly normal to see yet another story about a white guy attacking an African-American man over something nonsensical, and this latest incident of racially-motivated violence comes from — unsurprisingly — Georgia, where Trump took more than 50% of the vote. 49-year-old Eric DeKeyser was arrested after he screamed racial epithets at teacher Terrence Stover last week in the parking lot of a shopping center. The incident began at a red light nearby, where the History teacher says DeKeyzer “was driving erratically and following too closely” before he began hurling racial slurs. Stover drove to a nearby shopping center parking lot to get away from the crazy on the road, but DeKeyser followed him. Video of the parking lot portion of the incident shows DeKeyser admitting to hurling the slur, saying “Yes, because I knew it would get a f*cking rise out of you, because you’re acting like one!” when asked about it. “F*ck you, n*gger,” the white man added during his tirade. In a Facebook post, Stover says he suspected DeKeyser was carrying a handgun and was trying to provoke him into attacking so he could take advantage of Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law to commit murder.

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#Charlottesville – Anti-racist activist Corey Long’s trial delayed

Charlottesville organisers pledge support of African Americans on trial for ‘self-defence’ at white nationalist rally. The trial of Corey Long, an African American man who was allegedly shot at by a white nationalist during last August’s “Unite the Right” Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia has been granted a continuance. Community organisers gathered outside the courtroom on Tuesday morning wearing all black in support of Long, whose lawyers asked for the continuance. Organisers told Al Jazeera they believe the trial will take place in June. Long has been charged with misdemeanour assault and disorderly conduct related to his use of a “flamethrower” at the rally. Long’s lawyers asked for the delay after being offered a plea deal, which they did not accept, activists said.  Organisers feel Long was unjustly charged after white nationalists present during the August 12 rally told law enforcement they were assaulted.  Video from the incident shows a white nationalist firing a gun in Long’s direction.  Long “never should have been charged with a crime in the first place”, Charlottesville activists said in a statement sent to Al Jazeera. (…) Counterprotesters and anti-racist demonstrators gathered to confront those gathered for the rally, and in the ensuing violence, 32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed when James Fields Jr allegedly drove his car into a crowd.  photo of Long using a lighter to ignite a stream of spray paint to keep back a man attempting to beat him with a Confederate flag – a common symbol of white nationalists – went viral in the days following the rally.
Solidarity CVille, a network of community organisations, said the photo became “a symbol of resistance to the violent white supremacist attack on Charlottesville”. A video later released by the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia showed white nationalist Richard Wilson Preston screaming a racial epithet at Long and firing a gun in his direction during the “flamethrower” incident. Preston has been charged with unlawful discharge of a weapon, a felony, and his trial is set for early next month.

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Where the World’s Ultra Rich Population Lives

We’ve recently broken down data on the global population of millionaires by city, and even the residences of the world’s top 50 billionaires. But still, there’s something extremely interesting about dissecting the lifestyles of the ultra rich — particularly in looking at where they live, and also how they tend to migrate when local conditions are not conducive to wealth-building or the safety of their fortunes and families. Today’s infographic comes to us from, and it breaks down the population of ultra high net worth individuals that have personal wealth levels exceeding the $500 million mark. It uses information from the 2018 edition of the Knight Frank Wealth Report.

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