White Supremacists Still Have a Safe Space Online – #charlottesville

Discord is a hub for 150 million gamers—as well as some of the worst people on the web. When more than 500 white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and members of the alt-right marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017, they weren’t just showcasing their startling numbers and their hateful creeds but also their organizational capacity. There were guest speakers, rideshares, demonstration permits, and houses and hotels rented out—everything you’d expect from a group staging a large protest. But since the Unite the Right rally promoted a message of racism and anti-Semitism, the leaders didn’t do the bulk of their logistical planning in any kind of public forum or open Facebook group. They used a popular, and rather private, chat platform for gamers called Discord. After Charlottesville, Discord purged a number of accounts associated with the alt-right and the organizers of Unite the Right. “Discord’s mission is to bring people together around gaming,” the company stated after the march turned deadly. “We’re about positivity and inclusivity. Not hate. Not violence.” A year later, in the runup to an ultimately barely attended sequel to Unite the Right in D.C., organizers appeared to stay off the platform, opting instead to discuss logistics over Facebook Messenger and the encrypted texting app Signal. White-supremacist groups aren’t turning up publicly, in force, like they did in Charlottesville last year, but they’re still out there. And Discord in particular remains a very popular destination for communities of neo-Nazis and white supremacists to socialize, share hateful memes, boost the ideas that undergird their movements, inculcate strangers, and plan activities that take place elsewhere online. In the course of an afternoon, I found and joined more than 20 communities on the platform that were either directly about Nazism or white supremacy or reveled in sharing anti-Semitic and racist memes and imagery. “Discord is always on and always present among these groups on the far-right,” says Joan Donovan, the lead researcher on media manipulation at the Data & Society Research Institute. “It’s the place where they do most of the organizing of doxing and harassment campaigns.”

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Four members of Rise Above Movement indicted in #Charlottesville , one went to Europe to meet with white supremacist groups before ‘Unite the Right’

A member of racist and antisemitic Rise Above Movement (RAM) spent time in Europe meeting with white supremacists there before returning to the United States and taking part in the violent melee at the “Unite the Right” rally. Michael Paul Miselis, a 29-year-old Lawndale, California, resident, went to Italy and Germany to meet with groups there, U.S. Magistrate Judge Jean Rosenbluth concluded. Rosenbluth, a Los Angeles-based judge, ordered Miselis and 34-year-old Walter Gillen of Redondo Beach, California, held without bail on charges of traveling across the country to riot and conspiracy to riot. Two other members of RAM, 25-year-old Benjamin Drake Daley of Redondo Beach, and 24-year-old Cole Evan White of Clayton, California, have also been arrested. All four were indicted Thursday in Charlottesville, Virginia, and detained pending a yet-unscheduled court hearing there. None of the men had attorneys listed for them. All four are charged with traveling from California to Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 11-12, 2017, to take part in the “Unite the Right” rally and become violent. U.S. Attorney Thomas Cullen, whose district covers Charlottesville, referred to the men as “serial rioters.” RAM, which refers to itself as the “premier MMA (mixed martial arts) club of the Alt-Right,” has been making entreaties to Europe in recent months. Based in Southern California, RAM boasts over 50 members and fashions itself as a fight club. Its members train in various combat sports such as MMA and boxing, which they later apply during street fights and protests. They conceal their identities using skull masks and goggles, wrapping their hands with tape in preparation for physical altercations. They then glorify their antics in propaganda videos posted on social media. RAM also appear to have their own gym, though the location remains a secret. Who Miselis met with while in Europe and how long he was there remain unclear. Court records don’t give an indication of either. But Daley, the owner of a tree-trimming business in California, has been identified by ProPublica as a RAM leader who recently made an excursion to those same countries and met with far-right extremists while there.

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Feds arrest Montana man on assorted firearms, explosive charges

Multiple federal firearms and explosives charges have been filed against a Montana man who has past affiliations with the tea party and has publicly displayed antigovernment sentiments. Bruce Boone Wann, 61, was arrested by federal agents in late September and indicted last week by a grand jury in Missoula, where he remains in custody. He is charged with nine counts, including distribution of explosive materials, illegal possession of a machine gun and an unregistered silencer, possession of firearms with obliterated serial numbers and possession of a stolen firearm. In 2009, Wann showed up at a tea party tax day protest in Kalispell, Montana, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, a signature for antigovernment and anti-establishment sentiment, the Flathead Beacon reported at the time. Wann held a sign at the demonstration that read, “Nazi Checkpoint Ahead.” He told the newspaper that he “regularly used it to warn motorists when local law enforcement set up checkpoints,” which he claimed violated constitutional rights. “Wann also railed against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the Federal Reserve and gun control legislation introduced in Congress,” the Flathead newspaper reported. Two years ago, Wann posted a public comment under an interview with antigovernment novelist Matt Bracken, a man who last February warned there would be “100 Ruby Ridges every week” if the government tried to restrict gun ownership. Bracken also drafted an Islamophobic essay that alleged jihadists were teaming up with international socialists to bring down Western civilization. In his comments, Wann told fellow readers to “keep you powder dry” because “moron” Islamic jihadists might deliberately start Montana’s public forests on fire. Wann’s current motivation for allegedly possessing and selling illegal firearms and explosives may come to public light if federal authorities seek his pre-trial detention and are required to put on testimony at a detention hearing.

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DFLA march in London: Far-right protest spills into violence as police officers attacked

A far-right “football lads” march through central London spilled into violence on Saturday afternoon. Hundreds of supporters of the Democratic Football Lads’ Alliance (DFLA) were marching from Park Lane to Whitehall before some started to push through police escorts. Dozens could be seen fighting officers, with one seen threatening a policeman and screaming: “I’ll kill you.” Meanwhile, several hostile-looking men had to be held back from joining the fighting by their friends. The DFLA march was met with a large number of counter protesters (Enfield Stand Up To Racism) Many of the DFLA activists could be heard chanting, as they marched down Pall Mall: “Whose streets? Our streets.” Scores of police on horseback, wearing riot gear, tried to control the swelling groups with police vans trying to block them in. Far-right protest spills into violence as police officers attacked in central London The march was met with a number of counter protesters, including from Stand up to Racism and the Jeremy Corbyn-affiliated Momentum group. Skirmishes continued in Trafalgar Square. Some masked counter-demonstrators shouted: “Nazi scum off our streets.”

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Polizei muss Homosexuellen-Demo schützen

Feuerwerkskörper, Steine, Anfeindungen: Bei einem Marsch für die Rechte von Homosexuellen in der Stadt Lublin ist es zu Übergriffen gekommen. Die Polizei setzte Wasserwerfer und Tränengas ein. Unter intensivem Polizeischutz ist ein Marsch für die Gleichberechtigung von Homosexuellen durch die Straßen der ostpolnischen Stadt Lublin gezogen. Wie die Agentur PAP am Samstag berichtete, setzte die Polizei Wasserwerfer und Tränengas ein, um etwa 200 Gegendemonstranten unter Kontrolle zu halten. In Richtung der Beamten seien Steine und Feuerwerkskörper geflogen. An dem Marsch für mehr Toleranz beteiligten sich etwa 1500 Menschen. Im überwiegend katholischen Polen finden Gay-Pride-Paraden seit Jahren in Warschau und vielen anderen Städten statt. Seit die konservative PiS-Partei in Polen regiert, haben Anfeindungen gegen Homosexuelle jedoch zugenommen. Es sei einzig der Arbeit der Polizei zu verdanken, dass es während des Gleichberechtigungsmarsches in Lublin nicht zu einem Drama gekommen sei, sagte der Bürgermeister der größten polnischen Stadt östlich der Weichsel, Krzysztof Zuk. Er hatte zuvor versucht, die Parade zu verhindern und hatte auf Sicherheitsbedenken verwiesen.

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Who are the Proud Boys, ‘western chauvinists’ involved in political violence?

They wear Fred Perry shirts and say they’re a men’s club who hang out and drink beer – but the SPLC lists them as a hate group. On 30 June in Portland, Oregon, a rally staged by the rightwing Patriot Prayer group degenerated into a riotous fight with leftwing counter-protesters. The violence was extensive but rightwing media and activists have lavished attention on a single punch. Ethan Nordean, a muscular 28-year-old from Washington state, was captured on video fending off two baton blows from a masked counter-protester. He then flattened his assailant. The video has been used to buttress the preferred rightwing explanation for the Portland riot: leftwing aggression. It has also been seized on as a recruiting tool by a group, the Proud Boys, which has risen to prominence on the far right since the 2016 election and which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) lists as a hate group. Nordean was wearing a black and gold Fred Perry polo shirt – the uniform of the Proud Boys. Under his alias Rufio Panman, he was named Proud Boy of the week by the organization’s magazine. The article concluded with a group slogan: “They fucked around. They found out.” In the first of many tweets referring to the incident, the same slogan was used by the founder of the Proud Boys, Gavin McInnes. Social media accounts associated with the Proud Boys have spread the video. The group’s verified Twitter account has used a still of the punch as its header image; it also incorporated footage into a so-called “sizzle reel” of the violence in Portland. Since early 2017, a core group of Proud Boys from the Pacific north-west have been active participants in a number of rightwing rallies. Nordean has attended events in Portland and Seattle. Before the 30 June rally, Patriot Prayer founder and Republican Senate candidate Joey Gibson issued a national call for participation. At least 60 Proud Boys answered. Some came from other states, including California and Texas. Many wore body armour, helmets and gas masks. Keegan Hankes, an SPLC researcher, said the group had “been open and very consistent about using violence as a tool”. Its use of the footage from Portland, he said, showed how “a good bit of this is about attention-seeking as well. They live on the internet to promote their brands, and that includes Gavin McInnes.” McInnes claims his group does not promote violence at all. In a post in which he denied that his group is part of the “alt-right”, he said it was simply “a men’s club that meets about once a month to drink beer”. ‘Justified violence is amazing’ McInness, who was born in Britain and moved to Canada at a young age, was a co-founder of Vice Media, which he left in 2008. After a stint with the Rebel Media, a far-right Canadian company, and a decade as a columnist for the “paleoconservative” Taki’s Magazine, he is now a host on CRTV, a conservative network. He founded the Proud Boys, which he calls a “fraternal organization”, in 2016. As well as items from a growing range of official merchandise, members often wear red Donald Trump caps. Their Fred Perry shirts have a history in subcultures including football hooliganism; black and gold are the colors of anarcho-capitalism, a libertarian ideology which seeks to abolish government in the interest of free markets. The group’s magazine has published a list of its political commitments, which echo talk-radio style constitutional conservatism and add libertarian touches such as opposition to the war on drugs and an antifeminist veneration of traditional gender roles. The group thus falls in line with McInnes’s views, which are broadly Trumpist. In Canada, the Globe and Mail summarized his beliefs as: “Libertarian politics, father-knows-best gender roles, closed borders, Islamophobia and something he calls ‘western chauvinism’.”

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Ex-Nazi David Mulas jammert nach Töffli-Busse – «Polizei hetzt meine Frau gegen mich auf»

Es ist ein skurriler Fall, der die Berner Polizei zurzeit beschäftigt. Es geht um ein Töffli, den Gründer der rechtsextremen Nationalen Partei, David Mulas, und ein Telefonat an seine Frau. Erst fährt er ohne Billett Töffli – dann jammert ausgerechnet er über Hetze. Die Geschichte des Berner Rechtsextremen David Mulas klingt nicht nur skurril, sie ist es auch. Die Odyssee beginnt am 28. September. Der Gründer der Nationalen Partei (NPS) fährt gegen 22 Uhr in Interlaken BE auf dem Töffli seiner Frau herum. «Ich habe sie beim Joggen begleitet, damit sie nicht alleine unterwegs ist, um diese Uhrzeit», sagt der 43-Jährige zu BLICK. Dabei gerät das Pärchen in eine Polizeikontrolle. Beamtin G. hält das Töffli an. Schnell wird klar: Mulas ist ohne gültigen Führerausweis unterwegs. Er bekommt eine Anzeige verpasst. Vier Tage vergehen. Dann klingelt plötzlich das Telefon, erzählt Mulas. Polizistin G. soll sich gemeldet haben. «Sie hat mir gesagt, dass ich meinen Mann wegen Diebstahls anzeigen soll. Er hätte das Töffli gegen meinen Willen gefahren», erinnert sich Stefanie Mulas. Die 20-Jährige will aber unter keinen Umständen gegen ihren Mann vorgehen. Doch die Beamtin insistiert, so erzählt es das Pärchen. Sie versuchte, Stefanie Mulas unter Druck zu setzen. «Wenn ich keine Anzeige erstatte, würde ich selber angezeigt werden. Sie wollte unbedingt, dass ich meinem Mann in den Rücken falle», sagt die junge Frau. Polizei bestätigt Anzeige Für das Paar ist klar: So ein Verhalten ist nicht akzeptabel. Deswegen dreht Mulas den Spiess kurzerhand um. Jetzt zeigt er wiederum die Beamtin an. Und zwar wegen Amtsmissbrauch und Nötigung. «Es kann doch nicht sein, dass die Polizistin versucht hat, meine Frau gegen mich aufzuhetzen.» Gegen so etwas müsse man sich wehren.

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Baden-Württemberg: Datenschutzbeauftragter prüft Beschwerden wegen AfD-Plattform

Nach zahlreichen Beschwerden über eine Meldeplattform gegen AfD-kritische Lehrer in Baden-Württemberg prüft der Landesdatenschutzbeauftragte die Angelegenheit. Der Landesbeauftragte für Datenschutz in Baden-Württemberg hat eine Voruntersuchung wegen der umstrittenen AfD-Meldeplattform gegen Lehrer eingeleitet. Wie die Behörde am Samstag mitteilte, gibt es mehr als 100 Beschwerden, die sich gegen die Freischaltung richten. Auf der Plattform sollen Schüler anonym Pädagogen melden, die im Unterricht gegen die AfD hetzen. Zunächst müsse aber die Zuständigkeit geprüft werden, heißt es weiter. Denn der Landesbeauftragte sei für den parlamentarischen Bereich selbst nicht aufsichtsbefugt. Die Abgeordneten des Landtags hätten ein freies Mandat und sollten ihren demokratischen Auftrag ohne eine externe Überprüfung wahrnehmen können, hieß es in einer Mitteilung. Mit dem Landtag solle nun geklärt werden, ob die Meldeplattform im Rahmen von mandats- oder von parteipolitischen Aufgaben betrieben worden sei. Im letzteren Fall sei der Landesbeauftragte die zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde.

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Alternative für Deutschland Weidel will Gedeon nach Kritik an Juden-Vereinigung aus AfD werfen

Der baden-württembergische AfD-Mann Wolfgang Gedeon hält die Vereinigung “Juden in der AfD” für problematisch. Fraktionschefin Weidel will Konsequenzen ziehen. Nach seiner Kritik an der Vereinigung der Juden in der AfD will Fraktionschefin Alice Weidel den Stuttgarter Landtagsabgeordneten Wolfgang Gedeon loswerden. Die Vorsitzende der Bundestagsfraktion sagte der Deutschen Presse-Agentur am Samstag: „Nach Gedeons neuerlichen Ausfällen gegen die Vereinigung der Juden in der AfD ist es an der Zeit, dass er endlich aus der Partei fliegt“. Gedeon hatte die Gründung der Vereinigung als „problematische Angelegenheit“ bezeichnet. Auf seiner Facebook-Seite schrieb er: „Im günstigsten Fall ist diese Gründung überflüssig wie ein Kropf, im ungünstigsten Fall handelt es sich um eine zionistische Lobbyorganisation, die den Interessen Deutschlands und der Deutschen zuwider läuft.“

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Mann am Pfandautomat rassistisch beleidigt und bedroht – #schauhin #kaltland

Als der Pöbler mit einer Flasche zum Schlag ausholte, ging ein Zeuge dazwischen. Der Angreifer entkam. Ein Unbekannter hat am Freitagnachmittag einen Mann in einem Supermarkt in Lichterfelde rassistisch beleidigt. Den Aussagen zufolge stand der 52-Jährige gegen 17.45 Uhr am Pfandautomaten des Supermarktes am Teltower Damm, als ein anderer Mann vorbeikam und eine rassistische Beleidigung äußerte. Der Kunde reagierte jedoch nicht darauf, sondern setzte seinen Einkauf fort. Später kam ihm der Pöbler in den Gängen erneut entgegen. Diesmal hielt er eine Flasche in der Hand und hob seinen Arm bereits zum Schlag. Nur das Dazwischengehen eines Zeugen verhinderte den Aussagen zufolge das Zuschlagen.

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