Far-Right Terrorism: What is the “Feuerkrieg Division”? – #terror #fkd #awd #atomwaffendivision

Far-right enthusiasts with an interest in terrorism are increasingly organising themselves in “divisions” online – from the “Atomwaffen Division” in the USA to the “Sonnenkrieg Division” in the UK. These international networks also have members in Germany: On February 5, 2020, a 22-year-old man was arrested in the Bavarian district of Cham and is alleged … Read more

Teenager, 17, joined neo-Nazi group #FeuerkriegDivision after online ‘test’ where he expressed #hatred for #Jews and discussed making #ammunition that could ‘smash heads’, court hears – #terror #FKD

Court hears teenager tried to join group ‘that believes mass shootings are good’ Unnamed 17-year-old said he wanted to provoke a race war, prosecution alleges The defendant has already denied a single count of preparation of terrorist acts. A teenager joined neo-Nazi group Feuerkrieg Division after taking an online ‘test’ where he expressed hatred for … Read more

New neo-Nazi #terrorist groups will emerge as #government bans ‘not effective’, experts warn – #FKD #FeuerkriegDivision

Exclusive: Feuerkrieg Division was banned this month but its members are already active in different groups as extremists ‘evolve’ New neo-Nazi groups will continue to emerge as online communities of extremists adapt to government bans, it has been warned. Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) became the sixth far-right network to be proscribed as a terrorist group by … Read more

Britain outlaws white-supremacist #FeuerkriegDivision as #terrorist group – #FKD_GB

The neo-Nazi organisation advocates the use of mass murder ‘in pursuit of an apocalyptic race war’ and UK supporters can be jailed for 10 years. Far-right group Feuerkrieg Division has been proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the UK, meaning that its supporters could face up to 10 years in jail. The British government described … Read more

UK government bans #Feuerkrieg Division, a vile white supremacist group linked to a sinister plot to blow up a gay bar – #terror

The UK government is set to ban Feuerkrieg Division, a vile white supremacist group that was linked to a plot to blow up a gay bar last year. Home secretary Priti Patel has asked parliament for permission to ban the group, which operates in North America and Europe and is known for its attempts to … Read more

IntelBrief: Examining #Atomwaffen Division’s Transnational Linkages – #terror #awd #sonnenkrieg #feuerkrieg #skd #fkd

Recent discussion about white supremacy extremist groups has focused on the Russian Imperial Movement, but the Atomwaffen Division (AWD) deserves closer scrutiny for its transnational linkages and global aspirations. Atomwaffen members maintain links to Canada, Germany, Ukraine, Estonia, and elsewhere. Atomwaffen has cultivated linkages to other white supremacy extremist groups abroad, including the Sonnenkrieg Division, … Read more