He Led a neo-Nazi Group Linked to Bomb Plots. He Was 13 – #terror #feuerkrieg #awd

The Anti-Defamation League has described Feuerkrieg Division as a group that advocates for a race war and promotes some of the most extreme views of the white supremacist movement. He called himself “Commander” online. He was a leader of an international neo-Nazi group linked to plots to attack a Las Vegas synagogue and detonate a … Read more

#LEAKED: Neo-Nazi Terrorist ‘#Feuerkrieg Division’ Organizing Chats – #terror #fkd

In early 2020, the more violent and radical end of the neo-nazi movement has come under increasing scrutiny and legal prosecution. Members of Atomwaffen and The Base, both neo-nazi groups that openly embrace terrorist tactics, have recently been arrested in ongoing high-profile criminal cases. The US State Department has recently moved to have Atomwaffen designated … Read more

Mitglied der rechtsextremen “#FeuerkriegDivision” in U-Haft – #schauhin #terror #fkd

Die international vernetzte rechtsextreme Gruppe “Feuerkrieg Division” (FKD) soll auch in Deutschland aktiv sein. Der “Spiegel” berichtete am Mittwoch unter Berufung auf interne Chats, in Deutschland verfüge die Organisation über mindestens sechs Mitglieder. Demnach wurde am 5. Februar in einem Dorf im bayerischen Landkreis Cham ein 22-Jähriger verhaftet, der im Verdacht steht, eine führende Rolle … Read more

#FeuerkriegDivision Exposed: International Neo-Nazi #Terrorist Network

After a long term, intensive investigation into an international neo-Nazi terrorist network calling itself the Feuerkrieg Division (FKD), we have compiled a detailed report which provides an overview of the network’s ideology, history, structure, membership, activity, and legal entanglements. This lengthy report features numerous profiles of former and current members. Area antifascist crews, researchers, and … Read more

Vegas man to plead guilty in plot to bomb synagogue, bar – #terror #atomwaffenDivision #awd #FeuerkriegDivision

A white supremacist will plead guilty to a federal weapons charge in a case alleging he planned to bomb a Las Vegas synagogue or shoot people at a fast food restaurant or a bar catering to LGBTQ customers, court records show. Conor Climo’s court-appointed attorneys did not immediately respond Friday to email messages about his … Read more

#Feuerkrieg Division (#FKD)

A small international neo-Nazi group that advocates for a race war and holds some of the white supremacist movement’s most extreme views. Feuerkrieg Division, or FKD, calls for violence against their perceived enemies and destruction of “the system,” or society at large, which they believe is controlled by the Jews. Established in late 2018, FKD … Read more