Norman Bordin: Faust in der Tasche – München –

Der Neonazi Bordin gibt sich geläutert. Unbeeindruckt davon verbietet das KVR eine für den 9. November geplante Nazi-Demo
Neonazi Norman Bordin will ein besserer Mensch geworden sein. Das erklärte er gestern jedenfalls Richtern, die seine vielen Vorstrafen wegen Raubes, Körperverletzung und Beleidigung angesprochen hatten. Damals sei er im „heranwachsenden Alter“ gewesen, winkte der Rechtsradikale ab. „Inzwischen habe ich mich sozial gefestigt, bin verheiratet, zum Jahreswechsel steht ein Kind ins Haus.“ Im Gefängnis war er gar bei einem Anti-Aggressionskursus. Was er dabei gelernt habe? „Lieber macht man die Faust in der Tasche.“
Bordin kennt man in München: Er war im Januar 2001 beim Überfall auf einen Griechen in der Zenettistraße dabei. Zwar konnten ihm konkrete Taten nicht nachgewiesen werden. Trotzdem wurde er im März 2002 zu 15 Monaten Haft verurteilt. Seit Oktober ist der heute 29-Jährige Mitglied der NPD. Innenminister Günther Beckstein nannte Bordin einen „gewaltbereiten Menschen, der auch Reden führt, die andere Menschen dazu bringen können, Gewalt für berechtigt zu halten“.

Union of Councils for Soviet Jews: Israeli Diplomat Beaten and Robbed in St. Petersburg

An Israeli diplomat was beaten and robbed in St. Petersburg Tuesday, a Russian news agency reported. Micky Boguslavsky, a secretary in the Israeli Embassy in Moscow, was returning home Monday night when several unidentified assailants assaulted him in downtown St. Petersburg, the Interfax news agency said. He was beaten and robbed of his valuables, including cash, credit cards and a digital camera, Interfax quoted the Israeli Embassy as saying.
The diplomat temporarily lost consciousness. He reported the attack to the local police on Tuesday, Interfax said, citing the embassy. Calls to the Israeli Embassy in Moscow and police officials in St. Petersburg went unanswered on Tuesday evening. Yevgeniya Lvova, the head of the Russian Jewish Congress’ St. Petersburg branch, confirmed that Boguslavsky, who heads the Israeli Cultural Center in St. Petersburg, had been robbed by unidentified assailants. The Wannabe

Former National Alliance ‘intellectual’ Kevin Strom wants to be a boss
On a hot Saturday in the middle of June, a crowd of white supremacists gathered in a town near Tampa to celebrate the arrival of a new summer and the emergence of a would-be leader in their movement — Kevin Alfred Strom. (…) The event, the Summer Solstice Festival, marked a special moment in Strom’s long and dreary career as a professional racist and anti-Semite. He was finally coming out of the shadows after decades of thankless labor in the musty back offices of the neo-Nazi movement.
Strom had long played a key but subservient role to William Pierce, founder of the National Alliance — until recently the most important neo-Nazi group in the country — and then to Erich Gliebe, who was anointed over Strom as Pierce’s successor, even though it was Strom, not Gliebe, who had created the Alliance’s well-known weekly radio show; Strom who convinced Pierce to venture into the white power music business; and Strom who edited the Alliance’s flagship publication in his role as the group’s in-house “intellectual.”
Now, at long last, it was Strom’s turn to shine, to be shown respect, to be treated like a leader. Last spring, Strom and other disgruntled Alliance principals were summarily expelled from the Alliance after they tried but failed to overthrow or curtail the power of the Alliance’s current leaders. Soon after he was ejected, Strom formed his own group, National Vanguard, lifting the name from the Alliance magazine he had edited for years. When Strom left the Alliance, hundreds of other members left with him, most of them at least temporarily joining National Vanguard (NV). The Alliance’s old Tampa unit, now an NV chapter loyal to Strom, organized the Summer Solstice Festival. Radical Radio

Talk show host calls for violence
The American radical right has produced more than its share of violence. Nonetheless, the last few years have seen key groups making pronouncements in favor of legality. David Duke’s latest organization has pledged to use nonviolence. Groups like Mississippi’s Nationalist Movement routinely lecture others on the perils of violence. Even the current leaders of the National Alliance, a neo-Nazi group whose founder spoke of murdering Jews by the thousands, have said that theirs is a legal struggle.
Not Hal Turner. Always given to racist histrionics, the New Jersey shortwave radio talk show host has in the last year come to openly advocate murder.
Turner’s descent seemed to really begin after the husband and mother of Joan Lefkow, a federal judge in Chicago, were murdered in February, not long after neo-Nazi leader Matt Hale was convicted of soliciting Lefkow’s murder. While many right-wing extremists cowered, fearful of the federal agents who were investigating the possibility that a Hale follower had carried out the killings, Turner went on the air to say that murdering judges could be a very good thing for America. He was quickly denounced in neo-Nazi Web forums as a provocateur, and two of them actually kicked him out. Strange Bedfellows

Disgraced Holocaust denier hosted by Alabama atheist
David Irving, a writer whose Holocaust denial activities caused a British judge to label him “a right-wing, pro-Nazi polemicist,” has been repeatedly hosted by the largest neo-Nazi group in America. David Duke, the famous former Klan leader, has organized talks and book sales for him. Others who’ve tried to help Irving sell his wares — the judge called them “deliberate” falsifications designed to slander Jews and hold Hitler up as a hero — include a host of other white supremacists.
And then there is Larry Darby. Darby is not your typical host for Holocaust deniers. He is president of the Alabama-based, nonprofit Atheist Law Center. The bespectacled Darby is normally a lonely voice in supremely conservative Alabama, arguing against religion in all forms. But in early July, Darby hosted Irving — who he described as “an expert on World War Two, the Nazi era and the erosion … of free speech” — and about a dozen atheists at a meeting in the Holiday Inn of Prattville, Ala. Most of those who attended seemed to know little about Irving’s background. Others, who heard about the appearance by e-mail, expressed their shock privately.

The BG News – Nazis might return

City officials may not be able to prevent more Nazi rallies
The city has a slim chance of legally stopping neo-Nazis from demonstrating again in a neighborhood where rioters looted businesses and launched bricks at police, law experts say. Mayor Jack Ford said this week he expects that the white supremacist group will try again to stage a rally in the city. He has asked his legal team to look into whether they can do anything to limit where the neo-Nazis demonstrate.
The worst violence broke out after the march was called off Saturday and rioters turned their anger toward police because they felt officers were protecting the neo-Nazis and did nothing to stop their plan to walk through their neighborhood. Smashing the Shamrock

A massive federal indictment names the senior leadership of America’s most frightening prison gang. But will it work?
Within the Ronald Reagan Federal Building and United States Courthouse here is a courtroom called the “Nuremberg room” for its resemblance to the famous chamber in which 22 leaders of the Third Reich were tried in 1945 and 1946 for crimes against humanity.
Both halls of justice have three-tiered docks where multiple high-profile defendants are shackled to anchors in the floor by chains hidden from view behind tables and podiums. Like the docks in Germany’s Palace of Justice 60 years ago, the docks in Santa Ana this year have filled with self-avowed Nazis, Aryan warriors, and followers of Hitler.
But the Nazis standing accused in California are Nazis of a wholly different strain than Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal defendants like Hermann Goering and Rudolf Hess. They are white supremacist pimps, drug dealers and backstabbing shower-stall killers, glorified thugs with swastika tattoos. They covet power and oversee a criminal empire, but they are motivated less by furthering their die-hard racist ideology than satisfying their crude greed. They are the leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), the most notorious, powerful, and violent prison gang in America. Also known as the Brand or the Rock — a reference to the Shamrock tattoos AB members favor in addition to Nazi insignia — the gang in recent years has established criminal networks outside prison walls in cities, small towns, and suburbs across the country.

How we stopped Nazis in 1970s – Socialist Worker

The BNP’s attempts to organise mean the lessons of a previous movement against the Nazis need to be learned
Who Shot the Sheriff? — Alan Miles’s excellent new film charting the history of the Rock Against Racism and Anti Nazi League movements of the 1970s — is set to go on tour in January, sponsored by the Amicus union.
If the reaction from the film’s launch gig in London last month is anything to go by, it is sure to be a hit with audiences around the country. It is a fascinating look at how politics and music came together to defeat the Nazi National Front (NF) in the 1970s.
Its release is timely. Today’s major Nazi organisation — the British National Party (BNP) — is gearing up for council elections in England and Wales next May. As part of its campaign the BNP has called its first national demonstration in years. The Nazis hope to attract a mob of racist thugs to Keighley in West Yorkshire on Saturday 5 November to whip up a frenzy of hatred against Asians.

junge welt vom 18.10.2005 – Ermittlungen gegen US-Agenten

Venezuela: Indizien für Beteiligung von Washingtoner Behörde an Drogenhandel und Ermordung von Staatsanwalt Anderson
Der Konflikt schwelt seit mehreren Monaten: Bereits im August waren Mitarbeiter der US-Antidrogenbehörde DEA aus Venezuela ausgewiesen worden. Zugleich stellte Caracas die Zusammenarbeit mit den USA auf diesem Gebiet ein. Nun erklärte der Generalstaatsanwalt, es lägen Hinweise für die Verwicklung von US-Funktionären in Drogenhandel und Korruption in Venezuela vor. Ermittlungen wurden gegen zwei DEA-Mitarbeiter sowie gegen zwei hohe Beamte der Nationalgarde (GN) eröffnet.
Auch im Prozeß wegen der Ermordung des Staatsanwaltes Danilo Anderson vor einem Jahr gäbe es ernstzunehmende Hinweise auf eine Beteilung von US-Behörden, hieß es weiter. Zeugenaussagen bestätigten, daß die Täter sich in der Vorbereitung des Anschlages mit CIA-Mitarbeitern getroffen haben. »Die CIA leitete diesen terroristischen Akt mit all ihren Erfahrungen in umfassender Weise beratend an«, erklärte Generalstaatsanwalt Isaías Rodríguez am Freitag vor venezolanischen Medien. Dies würde von Personen bestätigt, die »unmittelbar« mit Planung und Durchführung des Mordes betraut gewesen wären.

junge welt vom 18.10.2005 – Eier auf Faschisten

Kein Durchkommen für Juschtschenkos braune Wahlhelfer. Ehemalige Helfer deutscher Besatzer marschierten in Kiew
Kiew glich am vergangenen Wochenende einer Stadt im Ausnahmezustand. Tausende Polizisten wurden von den Behörden zusammengezogen, um eine Demonstration von Veteranen der »Ukrainischen Aufständischen Armee« (UPA) zu sichern, die den 63. Gründungstag dieser Kampforganisation nutzen wollten, um ihre offizielle Anerkennung als »Veteranen« des Zweiten Weltkrieges anzumahnen. Den betagten, ehemaligen UPA-Kämpfern standen Mitglieder der faschistischen »Ukrainischen Volkspartei« und etlicher rechtsradikaler Jugendorganisationen zur Seite.
Kampf gegen Rote Armee
Die UPA kämpfte während des Zweiten Weltkrieges, vorwiegend in der Westukraine, gegen kommunistische Partisanen, die Rote Armee sowie die polnische Zivilbevölkerung. Im Jahr 1943 hatte die UPA über 100000 Mann in ihren Reihen. Verbände der UPA waren an zahlreichen Massakern gegen Polen und Juden beteiligt, über weite Zeiträume hinweg kollaborierten sie mit den deutschen Besatzern. Die UPA gilt bis zum heutigen Tag in der Ukraine als faschistische Organisation, deren ehemalige Mitglieder keinerlei Anspruch auf Veteranenrenten oder ähnliche Vergünstigungen haben.