Four investigated over neo-Nazi links

Police officers stand guard outside the home of suspected white supremacist Ian Davison in Burnopfield, County Durham, after the deadly poison ricin was discovered in a jam jar in Davison’s kitchen, following his arrest TWO suspected neo-Nazis due to appear in court tomorrow are alleged to belong to the same extreme right wing organisation as … Read more

Aufruf zu Protest gegen Neonazi-Aufmarsch in Dresden

Über Sachsen hinaus formiert sich nach Informationen des Tagesspiegels ein breites Bündnis von Nazi-Gegnern, das in der Tradition der Friedensgebete der Kirchen in der DDR den rechtsextremen Aufmarsch am 13. Februar in Dresden nicht hinnehmen will. Einen “Aufruf zum Friedensgebet für alle Menschen guten Willens” haben bis zum heutigen Mittwoch zahlreiche Prominente unterschrieben, darunter Bundestagsvizepäsident … Read more

Prvnízprá Czech neo-Nazis training assassins

The analytical section of the League against Anti-semitism (Liga proti antisemismu – LPA) says it has discovered an instruction portal on the web called Zone18 that is accessible to members of neo-Nazi organizations. The professional site was launched at the start of December 2009. “The LPA analytical section is a group of our co-workers who … Read more

Nazis Recruiting At Gun Show

One of the most notorious domestic hate groups in the United States has become active in the Sacramento area. Members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance are selling books and recruiting racists at the Cal Expo Center Gun Show this weekend, Jan 2 and 3, 2010. The latest National Alliance Membership Bulletin has a detailed cover … Read more