The BNP’s £10m fallout

There’s not much fun in being the former leader of the British National Party (BNP). All of your old friends turn against you. If he wasn’t dead, I’d say “ask John Tyndall” about it. Tyndall founded the BNP in 1982 and led/owned it until Nick Griffin unceremoniously ridiculed him out of a job in 1999. Tyndall founded the party after quitting the National Front in 1980. The NF said he was a Nazi. He said it was being overrun with militant homosexuals. Tyndall was a notoriously workshy bludger who lived a life of luxury perilously close to Brighton (also overrun with militant homosexuals, apparently), living off bequests made to the movement by old Nazis and a generous father in law who shared a name with a famous Jazz musician. Like Tyndall, Griffin did very well out of the BNP. Not that Griffin did not come from a wealthy background of his own, but once he’d spent all of his inherited wealth and travelled the world like some kind of Alf Garnett cum Citizen Smith, he did find himself for a while eating road-kill and lodging with his Mother in law. Seizing control of the BNP from Tyndall, quite naturally, Griffin built an extension to his farmhouse with BNP monies. Like Tyndall was, Griffin himself has now been dumped by the party (although the members got to vote Tyndall out). Griffin’s legacy to the far-right in this country was proving that Nazis could get elected if they would just hide their jackboots and pretend they were not mad jackboot wearing, workshy cranks. I won’t however, bother linking to all of the numerous articles on this site and others about how Griffin also proved that workshy, Nazi bludgers are notoriously untrustworthy around other people’s money.

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New UKIP Recruit Is Former BNP Man

Dudley UKIP announced in their local newspaper that a former Labour Party branch chairman has defected to the Euro sceptic party. Steve Daniels has been selected to stand for UKIP in the coming local elections in the Netherton ward where he hopes to win a seat on Dudley Council. Daniels said: “I have decided to accept the invitation to join UKIP because their values match mine”. We wonder which values Daniels refers to as we can reveal the new UKIP recruit appeared on the leaked BNP membership list.

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The State of Hate in 2013

Arrests for violence, growing evidence of involvement in terrorism, the re-emergence of the old Combat 18 factions, confrontation on the streets again over Northern Ireland; it was almost as if we were in 1993, not 2013 last year. Our research has provided us evidence that even suggests that the BNP actually had a larger paid-up and active membership in 1993 too. As we begin 2014, a total and complete electoral demise of the extreme far right in this country is within our grasp. (…) Yet the decline of the BNP and EDL does not mean the threat has disappeared. We are likely to see a fracturing of the movement, with actions being more localised and perhaps more militant. Thousands of young men have been radicalised by the BNP and EDL and these people will not vanish overnight. In some cases we will see EDL supporters drift into UKIP while others appear to be moving over to the more hardline and confrontational National Front. Others, as we have seen in Leicester and Lincolnshire, will get involved in local community actions against migrants and campaigns against mosques. The EDL and its satellite “counter-Jihadists” groups are a serious disengagement from civil society. The levels of violence they are capable of, the intimidation of progressive people and a complete and a serious rejection of a multicultural Britain for a society, sees them now advocating increasingly serious levels of violence, murder and terrorism like their founder Stephen Lennon prophesised would happen after the Breivik massacre in 2011.

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Far-right group at heart of Ukraine protests meet US senator

Protests continue in the Ukrainian capital after an endorsement from US Senator John McCain but at the heart of the movement in Kiev lies an extreme right wing party with links to the BNP. Ukraine’s pro-EU protests show no sign of stopping – US Senator John McCain dined with opposition leaders this weekend, including the extreme far-right Svoboda party. During his trip the former US presidential candidate met with government and opposition figures, but gave his endorsement to the pro-Europe protesters. Senator McCain later waved to protesters from the stage in Independence Square during a mass rally in Kiev, standing with Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the anti-Semitic Svoboda party. Growing far-right Svoboda, meaning freedom, has been enjoying a boom in success in recent years winning their first parliamentary seats in 2010, taking just over 10 per cent of the vote to become Ukraine’s fourth biggest party with 36 seats out of 450. The ultra-nationalist group is aligned with other European far-right parties including the BNP, but their radical stance has made them a central force in the ongoing street protests. The party was registered in 1995, initially called the Social National Party of Ukraine and using a swastika style logo.

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