Czech Republic: #Neo-Nazi bands play secret concert in #Prague

The website reports that the neo-Nazi bands Summer Heroes and Violence Station are scheduled to perform this evening in a secret concert at the Na Slamníku restaurant in Prague. The choice of venue is shocking, as the pub has previously been understood as a place for punk or rock music concerts that share a certain esprit du corps with the underground music era during communism, not with neo-Nazism. Neo-Nazi bands, however, have begun performing at the venue during the past year and are scheduled to perform there in the future. The concert organizers have not publicized tonight’s event, which is not listed on the pub’s website. reports that the band Violence Station comes from Děčín and has been on the music scene a little longer than Summer Heroes. Violence Station performed, for example, at a memorial concert for Ian Stuart Donaldson, the founder of the international neo-Nazi organization Blood and Honour, side-by-side with the flower of the Czech and Slovak neo-Nazi scenes in September 2013.  Violence Station has also performed several concerts alongside the skinhead band Randall Gruppe. “Even though the band is essentially a newcomer to the larger Czech scene, it is a seasoned matador of the local scene in Děčín. Its first member of note is the drummer, who performs under the name Pepi and who also drums for the National Socialist Black Metal band Sekhmet in Děčín, who have never concealed their admiration for the legendary White Power band from Děčín, Ortel, which was the first to use this name (not to be confused with the band of the same name from Plzeň). The bass player for Violence Station, Jaroslav “Giovanni” Langer, was once the drummer for Ortel and also a former owner of the Thor Street shop in Děčín,” reports.

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Greek neo-Nazi suspects on trial for murder of Pakistani

Two suspected members of the Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn went on trial on Wednesday accused of stabbing a 27-year-old Pakistani man to death. Dionyssis Liakopoulos, 25, and Christos Steriopoulos, 29, risk a life sentence if found guilty of the drive-by killing of Shehzad Luqman in Athens last January. They were arrested a few hours after the murder when a taxi driver who witnessed the attack reported their motorbike numberplate to police. According to the driver, the pair drove up behind the victim and assaulted him as he cycled near the Athens Acropolis. A search of Liakopoulos’ home uncovered leaflets from the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, according a to a police source. Both men deny being members of the party.

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Italian football fans pay homage to Greek neo-Nazis

Dozens of Italian football fans raised huge Neo-Nazi banners across the “Curva Nord” Olympic stadium in Rome to pay homage to Manolis Kapelonis and Giorgios Foundoulakii, the two Golden Dawn militants killed recently in Athens. The police are investigating.

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