#Italian neo-Nazis were plotting to #bomb #NATO base, police say – #OrdineArioRomano #terror #misshitler


Carabinieri raided the homes of 12 alleged members of an extremist group on Monday. Italian carabinieri police have raided homes of 12 alleged members of the Roman Aryan Order, a Nazi-inspired white supremacist group. Officers accessed a WhatsApp group whose members had allegedly shared instructions on how to make explosives as part of a plan to bomb a NATO base. Anti-terror police in Italy say they have dismantled a far-right extremist group that was allegedly plotting to bomb a NATO base. Carabinieri seized photographs of Hitler, swastikas and a book listing Jewish surnames during coordinated raids on Monday on the homes of 12 alleged members of the Roman Aryan Order, a Nazi-inspired white supremacist group. One of the accused was voted the winner of an online Miss Hitler beauty pageant in 2019, calling herself Miss Eva Braun. The investigation began in 2019, as part of a wider probe into white supremacist and far-right movements. Police said in a statement that this group was “dedicated to publishing racist and discriminatory, Nazi-inspired, anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denying content, videos and images on social media.” A specialized police web investigation team focused on the exchange of extremist material on Facebook pages and communities on the Russian social media site VK, where group members allegedly incited one another to commit violent actions against Jewish people and immigrants. Investigators said that the police decided to strike after accessing a WhatsApp group called the Judenfrei League — “judenfrei” being a term Nazis used to describe areas “cleansed” of Jews during the Holocaust — in which members allegedly shared instructions on how to manufacture homemade explosives as part of a plan against a NATO base. A judge has ordered 12 people — who have been accused of inciting racial and religious hatred — to report to the police station weekly until it is decided if they will be formally charged.

via politico: Italian neo-Nazis were plotting to bomb NATO base, police say

siehe auch: OrdineArioRomano, “difensori della razza”, ecco chi sono i neonazisti che istigavano a odio e violenza – #terror. “Difendi la razza, devasta il resto”. Pagine Facebook e una community VK riconducibile alla sigla Ordine Ario Romano e gruppi social pieni zeppi di post, video e immagini dal contenuto razzista: sono sei gli indagati residenti nel Lazio, tra Roma, Frosinone e Latina, che devono rispondere a vario titolo per i reati di associazione finalizzata alla propaganda e all’istigazione per motivi di discriminazione etnica e religiosa, perché coinvolti nell’operazione dei carabinieri del Ros che riguarda complessivamente 12 persone; Italy: Police dismantle antisemitic neo-Nazi group planning NATO facility attack. Italian police have dismantled an online hate group dedicated to antisemitic and racist propaganda targeting young people. The group was in the early stages of planning an attack on a NATO facility. (…) Twelve people were present on Facebook and Russian social network VK under the name, “Ordine Ario Romano,” which is believed to be a reference to the racist writings of fascist author Julius Evola, a Carabinieri police statement said. The group’s social media postings were “inspired by Nazi, antisemitic and Holocaust-denial ideologies, as well as by anti-Jewish conspiracy theories,” the statement added.  (…) Police said the 12-person hate group, along with help from members of a Portugese far-right political movement, was in the early stages of planning an attack on an unnamed NATO facility using homemade explosives. (…) Several of the individuals allegedly involved were already known to police for far-right activities. According to reports in Italian media, 39-year-old Francesca Rizzi was one of those targeted by police. Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper reported Rizzi has a tattoo of a Nazi eagle and a swastika on her back. In 2019, Rizzi won a “Miss Hitler” contest, which encourages women to post Nazi-themed selfie-style photos along with an explanation as to why they “love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler,” pageant organizers from the so-called World Truth Historical Revisionism requested of entrants on their website before the page was removed by a web hosting company.  The 12 suspects involved in the online network have been charged with criminal association aimed at spreading propaganda, incitement with ethnic and racial discrimination motives and must regularly report to police while the investigation against them continues, authorities said.


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